Create Your Own Mobile Application in 5 Simple Steps!

Create Your Own Mobile Application in 5 Simple Steps!

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Updated on Jan 2, 2023 11:55 IST

Mobile applications have become the de facto mode of using the internet on mobile phones for majority of the smartphone users in India. These mobile applications serve varied purposes in a user’s life, ranging from entertainment to convenience. An innovative & creative application that offers a unique solutions to an issue has the potential to become popular overnight. So, if there is an idea dwelling in any part of your mind, here are some resources & tools that will be of tremendous help in mobile application development.



The Platforms


Choose the platform you wish to design the App for. Android and Apple iOS are the two most frequently used platform:

  • Android: An application can be created in Android with its free software development kit available for no charge. The kit contains emulators, source codes, samples and developer tools for the application. Android even supports application creation with videos, instructions and so on. Once it is done, $25 is what it takes to register for application distribution in the marketplace i.e. Google Play.


  • Apple iOS: iOS, another huge platform for application development, requires $99 for registration and distribution. As the charges are high, so is the elegance & functionality it offers. iOS also provides a wide range of tools, instructions, tips, debugging tests & guidance for application creation.





Next, the tools you must master for developing an application. Few of the most popular ones are:

  • AppMakr: This tool is based out of browser and it is crafted to build customised iPhone applications real swift and easy. Features offered by AppMakr are push notifications, location- aware GeoRSS, custom CSS and JavaScript capabilities. It is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.


  • GENWI: This tool provides publishing platform for smartphones as well as tablets, offers rich graphics, photos, video, audio and other forms of interactivity and permits to establish & grow one’s presence on mobile devices encompassing iPad, iPhone, Android and HTML5 apps. Another significant aspect of GENWI is that it enables to revise your apps in accordance with the changing revenue-generating options and promoting subscriptions and it charges prices eventually based on the required feature to be included.


  • Mippin: This London based tool for application development permits application building for Android, iOS and Windows along with the flexibility in designing. A major advantage it provides is that the developed application can be distributed to the iTunes, iOS, Android & Windows, even on Amazon stores. With Mippin, application can cost around $999 for a year.




Once we have the platform and tools, we need the development methods in accordance with the application requirement. Some leading & different methods are:

  • MobBase: This application permits to utilize an RSS feed to keep target audience up-to-date on news and events, allows to upload data for audience and facilitates in information search, updating about upcoming events, buying tickets and getting assisted with directions. Activation for the same requires around $250 for iOS, $20 for Android, hosting fee of $15-$65 for a month and extra payment for support services.


  • MobiCart: This is the method preferred by e-commerce stores looking to also expand to a mobile site. It proceeds by getting linked with PayPal in order to assist businesses or clients through an e-mail address for securely, easily sending & receiving payments online.


  • MyAppBuilder: All that is required by MyAppBuilder to build an application is content like videos, books, audio, documents & so on and then it will be taken care of by the method. Also no technical background is required to develop an app with MyAppBuilder




Other significant Software to develop mobile applications is:

  • ShoutEm: This is a very user friendly and easy-to-use platform which is specifically designed for bloggers, students, sports fans, news portal as well as local publishers. No knowledge about coding is required as it also handles the marketplace submission for iTunes & Android.


  • SwebApps: It’s a very simple & affordable method of creating, tracking & updating an application as it creates an iOS & Android application online. On completion of development, download the same via iTunes/Android marketplace. The content can also be updated in real time through this application.


Creating your own mobile app can be an effective way to distinguish a brand, to explore new revenue generation channels & to foster relationship with clients. With all these above tools, a suitable application in accordance with the business can be developed effectively.


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