Most Paying Certifications at the Click of Your Mouse!

Most Paying Certifications at the Click of Your Mouse!

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Updated on Dec 26, 2019 13:38 IST

A global level survey rates India as having the highest growth rate (55%) in terms of adaptation to e-learning, followed by China with 52% and Malaysia with 41%. It shows the acceptability of e-Learning in today’s world. Organizations across the globe are implementing electronic learning for internal training and considering the same significantly for external hiring. Be it schools, colleges and professional corporates, e-Learning is the popular & sharpest way of equipping, sharpening your skills and eventually growing in your career. Let’s look at 10 of the many internationally recognized and popular courses.


International Business

International Business module deals with comprehension of commercial business across international borders. It includes in-depth understanding of transactions like foreign trades, treaties, laws, customs, sales, investment, and logistics and so on. Basic focus of this course is to learn the legal & political systems of different countries along with the accounting procedures, language barriers and other parameters to establish & grow business in accordance with minimal hindrances.

Software Testing

Program includes acquiring knowledge to analyze a product (software) to check the feasibility of application and risk involved in the same. Learn in detail about the errors and defects in a software and the subsequent testing & fixing of the same. Some of the crucial testing techniques include testing through lifecycle, static & dynamic testing and box approach testing. Another phase of the course contains support tools for testing and test management techniques.

Six Sigma

This is one of the most popular courses with the highest return on investment.  Six Sigma is implemented as a process enhancement tool in an organization to augment the level of quality and mitigate maximum risk. Utilizing methodologies like DMAIC, DMADV and other quality management tools, Six Sigma ensures to get the organization to a level of 3.4 defects per million. Level of authority and dexterity of application in Six Sigma is denoted by belts as in martial arts, i.e., the basic belt is Yellow, then comes Green, Black, Master Black, Champion and ultimately the Executive Leader.

Big Data

 The term Big Data is used to refer to data sets that are too big to be handled by conventional software tools & processing applications. Technologies & tools like MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Big Data Analytics and Data Sciences are some crucial part of the module. Getting skilled with such updated and in demand skill can potentially open doors of growth & success to professionals in the every industry.

Project Management

Project Management refers to the implementation of skills and knowledge to initiate, plan, perform, monitor and conclude project activities efficiently to deliver the best quality product or service possible. Qualifying a project management professional certification is a huge credentials boost and is seen with immense respect in the professional world.

MS Excel

Basic right! We all think we know MS Office suite in & out, but the practical scenario is the other way round. Most of us are not aware of what potential applications like MS Word, MS Excel, and so on hold. Excel can simplify truckloads of data mining work down to an unbelievable simplicity if we know how to operate functions like VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP, implying formulae, SUM, IF, etc. What better than opting for a fast and focused course on Excel and streamline work like never before?


Very useful and not at all terrifying as the serpent, Python is a high level programming language that provides codes much simpler & shorter as compared to C++ & Java and is highly efficient in handling small & large scale programs. The language is especially suited to work with Big Data.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the most updated technique of promoting products, services and brands. Utilizing internet as the prime medium, Digital Marketing approaches target segments through social networking platforms, e-mails, blogs and pertinent websites in addition to mobile, TV and radio to generate leads and augment revenue.

Business Analysis

Analysis of a business based on data gives insights on the present situation and assists in providing business solutions. These can be in for a software or process improvement, strategy or other measures of business development. Business Analysis is the art of scrutinizing the business and suggesting the best possible solution.

International Financial Reporting Standards

Almost all the existing organizations today are either present across the globe or aspire to be. One of the most vital issues companies face are pertaining to Finance, i.e., how to handle the change in financial standards and operations as per the region. International Financial Reporting Standards is a global set of guidelines utilized by organizations to comprehend, implement and compare accounts and procedures across international boundaries.

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