The 25 Most Important Questions to Ask in an Interview

The 25 Most Important Questions to Ask in an Interview

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Prepare for interviews by crafting insightful, role-specific questions. Avoid generic queries, focus on company culture, role expectations, and team dynamics. Politeness and strategic queries demonstrate genuine interest and readiness.


So you have been called for your upcoming interview for an exciting role in an organisation. After finishing the questions related to your skills and experiences, the interviewer will open up the floor for you to ask anything. 

You need to plan these questions to ask in an interview beforehand. 

Asking the recruiter questions lets you know whether you are suitable for the company and if the company is beneficial for your professional growth. 

Factors such as company culture, plans for growth, development opportunities, day-to-day responsibilities, etc., are essential to know. 

To make it easier for you, this blog lists essential questions to ask in an interview. Also, find which questions to avoid along with some tips. 

What to Consider Before Asking Questions to the Recruiter

There are a few things to consider when you approach such questions.

Craft Questions Smartly – While planning such questions to ask in an interview, you need to know how to phrase them correctly. There may be organisational challenges that the recruiter may not share directly. For instance, if you ask how they view the company culture and how long they have been around, they may be willing to shed some light on the challenges subtly.  

Keep it Professional – It is recommended to frame questions in a way that does not seem you took them off the internet. Also, consider waiting to ask what the company can do for you. You can do that later when you are in the final stages of the hiring process. Try showing that you are fit for the role by asking about your career growth and how your skills can meet the company’s goals on a day-to-day basis. 

Be Conversational –  The chance to ask the interviewer questions does not mean it is a rapid-fire round. Make it conversational by paying good attention to how the interviewer is responding to your queries. 

Essential Questions to Ask in an Interview Category-Wise

Here is a list of questions to ask in an interview across different categories. 

Questions to Ask in an Interview about Job, Duties & Responsibilities

This section covers the essential questions that you can ask based on the daily responsibilities. Try to find out what are the basic requirements that you must meet, be it, daily, weekly, or monthly. The answers to these questions of the job will cover essential areas such as performance reviews, KPIs (key performance indicators), where you will be headed after a few months, etc. 

  1. What is expected from me in this role on a daily basis?
  2. What should I accomplish in a period of three months or 90 days?
  3. How often will the performance review take place?
  4. What are the key factors that I will be reviewed on?
  5. What kind of projects should I get started with?
  6. How will my position affect the company positively?
  7. Are my responsibilities subject to change after six months?
  8. What are the main challenges in this role in this company?
  9. Do you expect overtime work?
  10. Will there be any training for the first few weeks?
  11. How does the company manage promotions?
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Questions to Ask in an Interview about the Team

The answers to the following questions will help you understand the dynamics in the team you will be working with. It is important to know what the reporting structure will be like. You should also try to know how the company’s management works and makes decisions. 

  1. What is the management style of the organisation, and how does it affect the work environment here?
  2. How many members are there in my team?
  3. Whom will I report to and what is the standard reporting procedure?
  4. Will I be working with other departments in the company?
  5. What are some of the biggest challenges in the current team?
  6. Which skills are required for the current team, and how will my skills help them?

Questions to Ask in an Interview about the Company & its Culture

It is unlikely that the recruiter will be telling everything about the internal workings of the company. But there are some broader questions you can target to get a general idea from your potential employers.  

  1. Is there any remote work policy, and how are remote workers onboarded?
  2. Are there any cross-department events?
  3. Have you observed any changes since you joined?
  4. What is the favourite part of your job in this company?
  5. What could be the least enjoyable part in this organisation, as you know?
  6. What positive differences have you noticed in this organisation compared to your previous company?
  7. What are the main company values?
  8. Where is the company headed in the next five years?

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Types of Questions to Avoid

There are some types of questions that you should avoid asking. You can avoid asking questions such as

  • What does the company do?
  • Will you hire me?
  • How did I do?
  • Will I get vacation time after I join?
  • What is the salary structure like?

These types of questions are not at all important to question. Let’s explore some of the reasons why. 

First, you should avoid questions that you can find on Google. It is essential to show your recruiter that you are familiar with the company, its mission and values.  

Second, try to avoid impatience during your first interview regarding your hire. 

Third, try not to ask questions related to salary during the initial interview. You should wait for the hiring process to begin and then negotiate about salary. 

Parting Thoughts

These are among the most important questions to ask in an interview. Hopefully, you will prepare this and find the best opportunity for yourself.

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What are the questions that can be asked when the interviewer asks "Any questions?"

When the interviewer invites you to ask questions, it's an opportunity to demonstrate your interest and gather crucial information. Some suitable questions include:

  • Can you describe the day-to-day responsibilities of this role?
  • How does this position contribute to the company's overall goals?
  • What opportunities exist for professional development or advancement?
  • Could you tell me more about the team I'll be working with?
  • What are the next steps in the interview process?

What are some relevant questions to ask a CEO of a startup during an interview?

Engaging a CEO of a startup requires thoughtful inquiries that reflect your interest and understanding of the business landscape. Consider questions such as:

  • What inspired you to start this company, and what core values drive its culture?
  • How do you see the industry evolving, and how does your company plan to stay ahead?
  • What challenges do you foresee in scaling the business, and how are you addressing them?
  • What qualities or skills are you looking for in candidates to join your team?
  • Can you share a defining moment or lesson you've learned while leading this startup?

What is a smart question to ask the interviewer?

A smart question is one that demonstrates your preparedness, interest in the role, and understanding of the company. Examples include:

  • Can you elaborate on the company's strategic priorities for the upcoming year?
  • How would you describe the company culture and its impact on employee success?
  • What are the most important qualities you're looking for in an ideal candidate?
  • How does this team collaborate with other departments within the organization?
  • Could you share an example of a recent project that had a significant impact on the company?

How do you politely ask an interviewer?

Maintaining a respectful tone is key when addressing interviewers. Here are some polite ways to ask questions:

  • "Would it be possible to learn more about..."
  • "Could you provide insights into..."
  • "I'm curious to know..."
  • "Might I ask about..."
  • "Could you please elaborate on..."

Should I ask if I got the job?

It's generally not recommended to directly ask if you got the job during the interview process. Instead, express your enthusiasm for the role and inquire about the next steps in the hiring process. You can ask about the timeline for a decision or when you might expect to hear back about the outcome. This shows your interest without putting the interviewer on the spot.

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