How to improve your SEO ranking?

How to improve your SEO ranking?

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Updated on Sep 20, 2021 16:34 IST

The process influencing the website visibility or of a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results considered as natural or organic or earned results is known as Search Engine Optimization. Fundamentally, the prior & more often a website appears in the search result list i.e. the higher the ranking it has on the search page result, the website will attract or receive a larger number of visitors from the search engine consumers as compared to other low ranking websites. Search Engine Optimization usually goals distinct types of search comprising an image, video, audio, local search, search specific to any industry and even news search.


There are several methods to enhance the SEO ranking of a website, some of the most significant are as follows:

“Keywords” are the keywords to an improved SEO ranking

Comprehending & sorting out the keywords used by visitors to reach a website is one of the most efficient ways to augment SEO ranking. Most relevant keywords can be included in the initial content of the web page so that it reflects on the search engine when searched by users for a pertinent keyword.

Keep it simple

Outlining & creating a simple, easy to understand & search website can do the trick. Updated tools & technologies can be utilized & implemented in order to minimize the amendments or complete formatting of the website.

Facilitate the user with easy accessibility of the website

One restriction search engines have, is that they are programmed to follow image links or smart animated flash links and they just detect & follow text links. Therefore, it is always wise to keep the website easiest to navigate and handy for users to access.

Only avail information & links from trusted sources

Getting links on your websites work in a significant way when it comes to increasing the ranking of the website but, a thing that should be kept in mind while requesting links or buying them is that these links should be of relevance to the content on the web page and should come from trusted resources. Quality must be kept in mind, not quantity.

Mind the technicalities

In spite of doing everything, a website might sometimes loose the desired SEO ranking because of loopholes in technicalities at the background. For instance, if a website is been dealt by a not so reputed web hosting firm and it bundles the client website to the same web server shared by a pornographic website then the targeted website will not be in the good list of google search. Even redirections to such content can be harmful for the reputation and ultimately ranking of a website.

Assistance from web analytics

Taking help from web analytics can be extremely fruitful. It basically makes organizations understand how their websites are being interacted by users, in what manner the traffic is increasing or decreasing and how much of that traffic is been generated by search engines. Google Web Analytics can be of great use as it is immensely trusted and free of charge.

In the end, what matters is content

Creating & publishing quality content and keeping it updated with regular amendments is a significant factor for augmenting SEO ranking. Search engines appreciate & rank high the websites rich in content. They look for content which is pertinent and refreshed regularly.  Even after generating a heap of traffic what matters is if the users landing on a page reading what they like and that content is engaging users to further go for call of action on that website.

Social Media Support

Most recent researches came with the outcome that social media is one of the most effective ways for SEO ranking. For this reason, social media is nowadays considered as a necessary element of digital marketing (specifically SEO campaign). Few major steps that social media strategy constitutes comprehending the targeted audience and their inclination in terms of content, trends and purchase choices. Choosing the social media channels on which the organizations will actually promote their business is also a crucial and wise move to be made. Influencers on social media should be targeted as they are followed by many other users, which helps in spreading awareness about a brand exponentially. Another significant factor is how to actually proceed with a specific social media channel including content to be posted, frequency of updating and so on.


If implemented wisely, SEO can be of great advantage for any organization striving to exist or get noticed on the web through their website. Benefits offered by an augmented SEO ranking comprises increased traffic, high ROI, cost effectiveness, enhanced user landing & site usability and brand awareness.

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