5 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

5 Steps To Becoming A Great Leader

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Leadership comes from experience and learning. Learning and experience are interconnected — one experiences things to learn and in the same way learns something to get a new experience. Leadership is not just a quality that someone possesses but also a process of learning how to gain the trust, respect and confidence of those under you.


A leader is someone who guides a team towards success by establishing a clear vision for the team. Turning into a good leader overnight is not an easy thing. Skills that make a good leader are hard to come by but not impossible with the right mindset of how strategy and leadership work. Here are five steps that can help you in becoming a leader:

How to Become a Great Leader in 5 Steps?

Check out the five necessary steps that will make you a leader in your professional life.

Be the Person to Whom People Lookup to

This is the basic criterion for a leader. If you are someone to whom people come to get solutions, you are already on the path to becoming a good leader. It will also depend on how you respond to the attention while mentoring and maintaining your responsibilities at the same time. So, you will need to work on your time management skills along the way in order to not wander away from your daily job objectives.

Also, for people to actually come to you for ideas or suggestions, you need to move to that level. It will be through the consistent upgrading of your skills and knowledge. Never lose the thirst to learn new skills related to your job profile.

Be a Person Who Takes Responsibilities

A leader never shirks away from their responsibilities and is willing to share the load instead of delegating it completely. A leader leads the team and defines the responsibilities of each member of the team, including their own.  To move to a leadership position, you need to be able to make decisions for your team and own the results of those decisions. 

Owning up to the results of a team is what defines a leader from managers. Analyse your decisions and make your move accordingly so that you will make informed decisions every step of your career life. 

Never Lose an Opportunity to Show Your Skills

The chance to show your leadership skills may come anytime and anywhere. Never let an opportunity to show your capabilities slip up. Is your manager on a holiday, giving you the responsibility of managing the team for that period? This is your ticket to getting the approvals from your seniors of your managerial and leadership skills.

Is there a project that no one is willing to take? Check out the possibility of you getting it done. If you feel you can handle it, go for it. At least, you are brave enough to take it up. These are all little opportunities that will add up to the real one.

Always Have the Confidence

The fear of failure is always there and even the best of leaders get intimidated by the idea of failing. In today’s competitive world, there is a lot of adversity that you will have to face. The key to overcoming all fears is the confidence that you have in yourself. Confidence can help you to go further than you expect and you will have to instil the same confidence into your team members.

A Little Training Always Helps

Nowadays businesses, private or public sector, want results quickly as the work environment is a rapidly changing one. In this kind of highly competitive work ambience, you will need to grow your leadership skills fast and strong. For this, professional training on the behaviours or patterns that one should follow to harness their leadership skills is a perfect one.

Become a Great Leader Today

Becoming a leader is tough. But, it is easier when you have some tips with you and good training. You may also have a look at general management courses for developing some necessary leadership and important soft skills at various managerial functions.


What defines a good leader in professional life?

Exploring the fundamental qualities that distinguish a competent leader, including the ability to inspire, mentor, and manage responsibilities effectively.

How can I develop leadership skills in the workplace?

Strategies and steps to cultivate leadership attributes, focusing on taking responsibilities, displaying leadership during challenges, and seizing opportunities for skill display.

Why is confidence integral to effective leadership?

Understanding the significance of confidence in leadership roles, overcoming fears of failure, and instilling confidence in oneself and team members to navigate a competitive work environment.

What role does continuous learning play in leadership development?

Emphasising the importance of ongoing learning and professional training to augment leadership skills in an evolving and competitive work landscape.

Where can I find resources for leadership development and management skills?

Exploring avenues such as specific courses and training programmes, including strategy and leadership courses, that cater to developing leadership qualities and essential soft skills crucial for managerial and leadership roles.

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