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How to Use SUBTOTAL in Excel – Shiksha Online

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The article discusses how to use the SUBTOTAL function in Excel.


SUBTOTAL in Excel is used to summarize values and exclude the filtered or hidden rows. The interesting thing is that we can indicate to the SUBTOTAL function the type of operation that we want to apply to the values. If you have a table with sales by region and city, you could calculate the subtotal for each of the regions using the same syntax. 

In SUBTOTAL, you can not only calculate the sum, but also use multiple arithmetics, and logical operations like average, maximum, or other available operations. SUBTOTAL function in Excel can be used instead of SUM, COUNT, MAX, etc. to ignore hidden rows, either by filter or manually.


What is the SUBTOTAL function in Excel?

The SUBTOTAL function in Excel helps us to calculate the subtotal of a list of values. The SUBTOTAL function allows creating a list with the SUBTOTAL command in the Outline group on the Data tab. Once you create the subtotal list, you can easily modify it by just editing the SUBTOTAL Function.

If we take a closer look at the Subtotal dialog box, we can see that we have several options. We will be able to select the field for which we want to make a total, choose one of the eleven available functions, the field to which we want to add the subtotal, replace the current subtotals, add page breaks or include/exclude the summary below the data.

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At each change in allows you to select the headers.

Use function allows you to select from functions like SUM, AVERAGE, etc.

This option serves as a kind of wizard for the SUBTOTALS function.  

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How to use the SUBTOTAL function in Excel?

The SUBTOTAL function always requires a numeric argument (1 through 11, 101 through 111) as its first argument. This numeric argument is to be applied to subtotals of the values ​​(cell ranges, named ranges) specified as the following arguments.  

Formula for SUBTOTAL in Excel


To use the SUBTOTAL function, the following parameters must be indicated:

function_num ( Required ): 1 through 11, 101 through 111 indicates the Excel function to use. For example, 1 & 101 = AVERAGE, 9 & 109 = SUM.

ref1 ( Required ): The first range or cell to consider in the operation.

ref2 ( Optional ): The second range or cell to be considered in the operation up to a maximum of 254 ranges.

Note: The numbers 101-111 ignore manually hidden rows, while 1-11 include manually hidden rows.

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SUBTOTAL Function_num

Function_num (includes hidden rows) Function_num (ignores hidden rows) Function
2 102 COUNT
3 103 COUNTA
4 104 MAX
5 105 MIN
7 107 STDEV
8 108 STDEVP
9 109 SUM
10 110 VAR
11 111 VARP

Rows Hidden by a Filter

1. For example, we use the SUM function to calculate the total profits monthwise.

2. We will now apply a filter. Here we keep the data just for Jan, Feb, and March. Let’s see how it impacts the total SUM.

We can see that the SUM function only displays the data available in the visible cells. 

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3. Now we will apply the SUBTOTAL function, which ignores rows hidden by a filter and calculates the total result.

Where you can see that the AutoComplete feature of Excel allows you to locate the function_num without having to remember it. So in this data set, we need to use the function_num for SUM, which is 109. We will select 109 and then select the cells for calculation.

You can see how the SUBTOTAL function sums up the correct data and ignore the hidden cells.

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Similarly, you can take out the Average, Count, Standard Deviation, Min & Max, etc. Here I just replaced the function_num to get the Average of the given data.

Press Enter to see the Average of the data set.

Manually Hidden Rows

1. For example, we can also calculate a range of cells using the SUM function if the rows are hidden using the Hide feature in Excel.

Now we will hide rows manually.

Now we will apply the SUBTOTAL function. The SUBTOTAL function ignores manually hidden rows and calculates the correct result.

The Subtotal Function automatically ignores the manually hidden rows.

Tip – If you are working with very large databases, the best option is to use pivot tables and use slicers to sort and analyze the data.

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