Learning Supply Chain Management in 2024 with the 10 Best Resources

Learning Supply Chain Management in 2024 with the 10 Best Resources

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Nov 17, 2023 14:51 IST

Get ahead in the world of supply chain management with these go-to resources for all levels of learning or experience. They will be of exceptional value when you are beginning to learn about concepts such value in supply chain, digital resilience in our times, the state of industry 4.0, and more.  


Mastering supply chain management or SCM is easier with dedicated online resources. For step-by-step learning, there are many supply chain management courses for you. But brushing up regularly on new concepts can take up more of your time. Besides training, it is also necessary for supply chain professionals to know the latest economic trends and sustainability issues shaped by industry 4.0. Fortunately, there are blogs, newsletters, books, forums and podcasts that offer some real-world guidance and update you on the current global supply chain and business processes. If you are unsure where these are available, and which of them are more reliable, just bookmark the best resources to learn supply chain management to keep learning always. 

The 10 Best Resources to Learn Supply Chain Management for All Skill Levels

Whether you are planning on learning supply chain strategies, logistics management, or updating your knowledge on risk management, the flow of goods, etc., these online and offline resources will help you. 

Supply Chain Digital

A go-to digital magazine for SCM professionals of every skill level, it covers case studies, interviews with top global contractors and much more on supply chain management best practices. You can read blogs by selecting different categories including digital supply chain, sustainability, procurement, etc. 

Supply Chain Matters

Founded by Bob Ferrari who is a well-known independent supply chain industry analyst, the website covers unprejudiced perspectives on the business processes of the supply chain worldwide. Blogs here are archived back to 2008 and you can find a wealth of relevant SCM material. Since the site is regularly updated with new content, you can map the changes or trends in business processes due to the impact of the pandemic. It is recommended that you check the podcasts available on the same website. Now on its 14th episode, gather insights from academics of MIT, authors, thought leaders and more. 

We also want you to explore some solid resources on YouTube that will give you some updated knowledge. 



Smarter with Gartner 

To learn about the latest in the industry, visit this site. Once here, select the topic Supply Chain from the drop-down menu from ‘choose your priority’. Covering all the latest tips on supply chain sustainability, workable supply chain strategy tips, and so on, you can find lots of statistics-based content and podcasts. 

Single Point of Failure by Gary S Lynch

Published in 2009, this book offers insights on effective risk management. It covers historical case studies that point out different types of risks that negatively affect supply chain processes. The author then points out how to reduce risks. 

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management 2nd Edition by John Mangan et al

This book is a must-read for beginners learning supply chain management. Go for the revised edition which includes 19 updated chapters and thirteen case studies from around the world. The four authors are industry and academic experts from Asia, Australia, Europe and North America offering holistic transnational views on practical supply chain strategies. 

MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics

Subscribe to this popular YouTube channel on SCM. Get insights on thought leadership or just head over to the playlist section and check Research Summaries. 

Talking Logistics

If you want to know how new trends are changing the supply chain and logistics industry, listen to this podcast. Hosted by Adrian Gonzales, there are 200 episodes to date, covering the recent challenges of logistics management. 

Inbound Logistics 

Offering a free digital subscription of articles, podcasts and whitepapers worldwide, it covers many topics and important industry news. Do sign up for its newsletter and don’t forget to download all 354 topical whitepapers on crisis management, carbon footprint reduction, warehouse management, and so on. 

Wall Street Journal

It is recommended that you sign up for the newsletter of the Logistics Report section of WSJ. You will find detailed analyses of the global supply chain practices, understand factors that will affect costs in the logistics industry and regular news with expert-driven insights. For instance, you can read up on how the new Omicron variant of Covid-19 is already creating bottlenecks for operations. 


This subreddit will help you develop an understanding of distribution, transportation, benchmarks, frameworks, etc. The moderators do encourage the community members to share informational blogs. So users keep sharing the most relevant written posts and useful YouTube videos. 


Parting Thoughts 

All of these resources to learn supply chain management will reinforce your knowledge of the domain. So which one are you picking up first?

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Are there are any free courses for supply chain management?

Absolutely. You can enrol for a few courses for free. Check out Coursera's Supply chain management: Be global or Alison's Introduction to Supply Chain Management.

What are the main subjects of supply chain management?

Supply chain management covers logistics management, warehouse management, marketing, business research, and more. These core competencies will vary based on the SCM course level you go for

Which SCM trends can I expect in 2024?

Awareness of supply chain sustainability, adoption of blockchain technology for security, automation in storage and delivery for supply chain optimisation are some of the key trends to look out for.

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