Top 20 Social Media Interview Questions and Answers

Top 20 Social Media Interview Questions and Answers

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Are you preparing for a social media interview? It is tougher than it looks and you must be well-prepared to convince interviewers that you are the person for the job. This article will cover some of the important social media interview questions and will guide you to be successful. If you want to be a skilled professional, you can always go for a certification course in social media.


Social media marketing is more than just creating posts. There are other important aspects associated with the profile. Nowadays every major organisation has a fixed social media strategy and budget to improve their marketing efforts. Thus, if you are an expert in the field, you can get to work with some of the best companies in the world. However, you need to ace the interview to get into one of those organisations.

Mentioned below are some of the most commonly-asked questions for top social media interview questions and answers:

Top social media interview questions and answers

Q1. What are the various social media platforms that you have managed in the past?

Ans. This question is to understand your knowledge in the various social media platforms and how much value you can add to your existing profile. Explain your role along with the question instead of just giving the names.

Q2. What are the different metrics that you used to measure your social media efforts?

Ans. There are different metrics for different social media platforms. It should be on the tip of your fingers and explain how it affects your decisions in creating campaigns.

Q3. How has social media benefitted your current company?

Ans. Explain how your social media marketing campaigns have resulted in building the brand, providing a good platform to connect your customers or even resulted in the increase in sales.

Q4. Do you think it is necessary for an organisation to be present in all the social media platforms?

Ans. No. It is now wise to invest resources and time on all the social media platforms. An organisation should target two or three of the major social media platforms at first and also, it depends on the type of products or services it provides. E.g. an IT services company can never benefit from having a Pinterest or Instagram account unless it has extra resources or time to waste on it.

Q5. Name some of the metrics (general) which can help in measuring your social media campaigns?

Ans. The two most important metrics in general related to social media marketing are engagements and leads. Engagements refer to how your followers (which are customers or potential customers are engaging with your campaigns) and leads are precious information which can be used to convert them into customers.

Q6. Have you ever worked with any social media tracking tools?

Ans. Tracking tools are important to measure success, without which campaigns are just a waste of time and resources. Mention the tracking tools that you have used and how you have been able to change the outlook of the campaigns to become more effective.

Q7. Is Google+ worth for a business?

Ans. You can often hear that Google+ is not worth investing your time as it will not lead to much engagement. However, it is untrue because Google can index the content you share on Google+ quickly and your content can have a better chance of ranking higher in a search result.

Q8. Name some of the important ROI KPIs

Ans. Some of the important KPIs are customer acquisition, reach, traffic, lead generation, revenue generation, and link clicks.

Q9. How will you handle if there is a lot of negative reviews about a product?

Ans. As an organisation, it is common to have negative feedback on social media. The best way to handle it is professionally asking the person/s what problems he/she/they are facing and working out a solution that is favourable to all.

Q10. What are the basic characteristics of a viral post or video?

Ans. Every viral video or post has some common characteristics:

  • Well-targeted audience
  • Focussing on the first 20 seconds of videos and focusing on the visual aspects of a post.
  • Must be well-connected to the audience
  • Starts with a catchy phrase or line
  • Perfect placement and timing

Q11. How will you divide your social media budget so that it provides the greatest ROI?

Ans. As the saying goes, do not put all the eggs in one basket. So, it is healthy to make sure that a good percentage of the budget should be set aside for the platform in which you have the most number of followers and engagements. Then the rest you can equally divide for the other platforms or do it according to the number of engagements they provide or the potential.

Q12. How is Facebook different from Twitter in terms of social media marketing?

Ans. Facebook and Twitter are completely different when it comes to marketing your product or services. Facebook offers a platform where you can have posts dedicated to building your brand or connecting on a personal level. Twitter on the other hand banks on the relevancy of the existing trends and moods of the customers. You need to be very quick to handle situations or capture a trending moment to be successful on Twitter.

Q13. Do you check what your competitors are doing? Is it necessary if you are the best in the industry?

Ans. Yes for both the questions. You need to be always on the lookout for what your competitors are doing. This way you can always be ahead and also be aware so that they cannot trump you in your own game.

Q14. Do you understand your role as a social media manager/professional?

Ans. You have to be comprehensive about your role and what your expectations are from the role that you are interviewing for. Explain to the interviewer how you have worked in the same role before and showcase your achievements. Also, tell how you feel you will be perfect for the job.

Q15. Have you ever made a mistake and how did you rectify it?

Ans. Everyone makes mistakes. It is how you come back and your attitude that shows your ability to perform.

Q16. How do you keep up with the current trends in the industry?

Ans. As a social media marketing professional, you will have to be up-to-date with the different trends and industry news.

Q17. Is it necessary to respond to every comment on social media?

Ans. No, it is not necessary to respond to every comment. Sometimes silence plays an effective role in mitigating a situation which is not related to a legitimate customer complaint and is just there for the sake of trolling.

Q18. We have this product, how will go on to make a formidable social media marketing campaign to improve its brand identity?

Ans. Brand identity is all about creating an impression about the product among the potential customers that it is something which they definitely need or benefit from. Through social media, you can reach out to the customers how that particular product is the one they need.

Q19. Which will be the best social media platform for our organisation?

Ans. Make sure that you understand what the organisation deals with and their products or services. Then suggest them why a particular social media platform is going to effectively improve their position in the market and improve sales.

Q20. How does influencer outreach work in social media marketing?

Ans. Nowadays influencers in social media can work as a great tool to reach your customers. You can ask influencers in social media to promote your brand for a certain fee.

The above top social media interview questions and answers should help you in cracking your social media interview. However, you can always get a certification to improve your chances of getting success in the interviews. Shiksha Online offers a variety of professional online social media courses which can help you become an expert.

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