Top 10 Social Media Marketing Skills You Must Have

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Skills You Must Have

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Sep 8, 2022 09:46 IST

Whether you are an aspiring social media manager or want your brand to have a broad reach on social networks, look at the top social media skills necessary in 2022.


What are the top skills you need for social media marketing today? If you asked this question a decade ago, it would possibly be a short list. Social media has developed over the years, and ignoring it means losing networks with audiences, clients, and leaders. There are over 4.6 billion social media users in 2022 (Smart Insights). 

Looking at it from a strategic marketing perspective, almost every organization has someone who is responsible for managing social media. Even smaller businesses new to their industries are leveraging it more than other types of digital marketing

If you are thinking of making a career in social media or in a related position, know about the social media marketing skills you must have.

Relationship Building

With the rise of social media platforms and users, relationship building has become central to scores of aspects of Search engine marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). This is an expertise that many organizations lack, resulting in spam messages on Instagram and Twitter.

If you master relationship building, social media will significantly benefit you. This can lead to links, traffic, and increased social signals. Have a look at influencer marketing and how brands collaborate. 

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Writing plays a critical role to drive growth. The ability to create unique visual content stands out in the crowd. All you require is a posting strategy that encompasses an array of amazing content. The more versatile your content profile is, the better opportunity you have of being successful as a manager.

The best easy-to-use design tool for creating ads, pictures for your social profiles and business cards is Canva. You must develop innovative initiatives and campaigns like Facebook contests to keep the followers engaged.


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Keeping track of all your contacts needs some level of organization. The professionals know which days and occasions are best to post content. Staying organized is important to keep a history of your posts and interactions with others.

Here comes the importance of project management. While it is a broad domain in management, social media managers benefit from learning the basics. It helps schedule posting, manage internal communications, budgets, and more. And you can choose from various project management tools that are readily available. 

Innovative Mindset

This approach can help you engage with your audience. It means understanding the process and not underestimating the importance of content creators who are constantly working beyond their limits. Refer to the top 10 social media content ideas

Leadership Skills

Keeping the team managed and excited is the best way of communication. Mastering emotional intelligence as a skill is required for a successful business leader. It is all about having a vision of where you want to be and working hard to achieve that vision.

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Analytical Skills

Another critical skill a social media marketer must have is analytical skills. It is the ability to analyse, articulate and visualize complex and uncomplicated issues that make sense based on the given information.

Earlier, there were no tools to provide data to make accurate decisions. This is a significant obstacle in traditional marketing as compared to digital marketing. But today, social media tools render a bounty of data to boost marketing efforts instead of depending on assumptions. You have Google Trends, Answer The Public, Google Analytics, and many more. 


Apt communication is key to success on any social media platform and for an organisation, as a whole. Good communication can help nurture customer relationships. It is also necessary for passing on requirements to the product development team or dealing with stakeholder expectations. Overall, excellent communication skills can vastly affect how your audience perceives your brand. 


This is perhaps overlooked by many businesses more than any of the abovementioned skills. It is an essential subset of communication that sets a brand apart. 

Social media professionals strive to write unique copies that are instantly recognisable as the brand’s core voice. These professionals do that by honing their craft in copywriting. 

You can even take courses such as The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro on Udemy. You can also always use tools such as Hemingway Editor, CoSchedule and many more. 

Social Listening

Posting timely on social media is just one aspect of getting attention on the platforms. You also must monitor how your customers and competitors perceive your brand in the market. This is where social listening becomes extremely important in maintaining your brand’s reputation.

Social listening is about monitoring your brand mentions across social networks. There can be discussions on forums or social media channels or as simple as customer feedback. What you can do with social listening is find opportunities by monitoring and analysing such feedback. This can be extremely useful if you are creating a social media strategy

Customer Support

Knowing customers is one thing, but helping them with their concerns after and before purchasing a product is critical. Brands generally have dedicated teams to answer customers’ social media queries quickly. 

You may check out top brands such as Domino’s and similar on their social channel, Twitter. They respond almost immediately to the concerns of the customers. Refer to Domino’s digital marketing strategy.

Parting Thoughts

Social media presence has an extensive impact on your company if executed in a thoughtful way. You can get certified with many trending social media courses for professional development and skill building. Also, have a look at the top free social media marketing courses

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