Cyber Attacks in History

10 Biggest 

Cyber-attacks have grown up steadily over the last few years.

Over 11.5 lakh incidents of cyberattacks were reported to India’s Computer Emergency Response Team in 2021.

Hack (2011)

Sony's PlayStation network was attacked by hackers stealing the personal information of about 77 million PlayStation gamers.

This breach has cost Sony $171 million.


Cyber Breach (2013)

Target an American retail chain suffered a cyber attack Leaking  data from 40 million credit & debit cards of shoppers.

The company says the breach costs $202 million.


 Cyber Attack (2013)

Adobe suffered a data breach in which hackers stole the personal Data of 38 Million customers.

Adobe has paid an undisclosed amount to settle customer claims and faced $1.2 million in legal fees.


Cyber Attack (2014)

Yahoo suffered one of the biggest cyberattacks in which 500 million accounts were compromised.



4.6 million usernames and linked phone numbers Were Leaked on a website called SnapchatDB.

This Hack may have cost the company founder $4 billion.


 Data Breach (2017)

An American credit company, Equifax suffered a cyberattack in which attackers stole millions of customer records.

It contained the personal data  of over 143 million American, Canadian and British customers & 200,000 credit card numbers.


 Data Breach (2018)

MarRiott hotels suffered a data breach compromising data of 500 million people who made a reservation at a Starwood hotel.

Marriott Hotels was fined £18.4 million for this.


data breach (2019)

Australian graphic design platform - Canva suffered a data breach.

Hackers stole & exposed data of over 139 million Canva users.


 Data Breach  (2019)

Data Was Leaked from Truecaller, a Mobile application for calls and messaging.

The hackers were selling the Indian users' data for around $2,000.

The price for the data from other countries was $27,000.


 Data Breach (2021)

Data of 33 million users was leaked on the dark web.

The company Says The data was scraped due to a vulnerability that the company patched in 2019.


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