Why do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

Why do Search Ad Extensions Matter?

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Apr 3, 2023 18:45 IST

Search ad extensions help a business increase visibility by informing more about its USPs. Learn more.


Search ad extensions or assets contain the most relevant information on Google SERP about a business. This includes the phone number, location, images, and multiple links for important landing pages. Such information helps a business engage and acquire more qualified traffic than ads with only text. Let’s explore why do search ad extensions matter. 

What are Search Ad Extensions?

Search ad extensions refer to the additional information on a search ad in Google Ads. Free and highly effective, they use more space in the ad to provide relevant and instantly clickable business details. They are also referred to as asset-based extensions.

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Of late, ad extensions are now changing to or being called asset-based extensions. 

How do Search Ad Extensions Appear to the User?

The screenshot below shows an example of a search ad extension. Details such as Admission Requirements, Application Process, and so on are additional details, along with the image on the right.

Note that not every extra detail will appear in the ad. The quality score, ad rank, and landing page experience are common factors determining the appearance of information in the search ad. 

Top Reasons Why Search Ad Extensions Matter

Apart from being completely free, search ad extensions have these benefits. 

Increasing Visibility through Relevance

There are a reasonable number of options for your target audience when searching for products or services online. The way to stand out is by using ad extensions that direct consumers to the most relevant links or phone numbers. 

Ad extensions can provide more context and detail about your products or services, making your ads more relevant to users searching for specific information. Seeing these links will increase the likelihood that users will click on the most useful link and get their pain points resolved.

Greater Click-through Rates = Higher Conversion Rates

By providing more information and options to users, ad extensions can increase the likelihood that users will click on your ad. A study from Google shows that adding extensions can boost CTR by 10-15%.

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They can help users decide whether to click on your ad, leading to higher conversion rates once they land on your website. 

Good CTRs also mean your search ad is of good quality and meets the users’ expectations. 

Convenient for Adding More Information

Search ad extensions can solve your user’s queries without them having to visit the site separately and find the specific info they are looking for. For example, if your contact number appears in the search ad, they can directly call instead of visiting your contact page or emailing you.

Types of Search Ad Extensions

Now that you know the importance, here are some search ad extensions (aka asset-based extensions) to use. 

Type Description Why do they matter
Sitelink  Two or four additional relevant links below the text ad similar to the search query Improves CTR, helps users know more about the website
Image A high-quality square (1×1) or landscape (1.91×1) image below or beside the text ad copy For promoting a product or service that defines the business
Call A valid phone number of the business beneath the text ad One can directly call your business for queries 
Callout  Pricing, discounts, or free shipping/customer support information without links within 25 characters that appear below text ad descriptions Allows you to provide USPs about your business
Location  Address of the business below text ad Best for brick-and-mortar business
App  App promotion below text ad Best for app developer businesses
Structured Snippets Customisable headers for listing specific products or services – catalogues, amenities, headers, courses, etc. Lets a business highlight the best products or services on the website 

Parting Thoughts

Search ad or asset-based extensions are of various types, and each has benefits in predicting what potential customers may be looking for when searching on Google. 

Get started with learning about Google Ads. Or, take up useful Google Ads courses offering hands-on experience on practical concepts with capstone projects.

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