Why Should You Choose Coursera For Digital Marketing Courses?

Why Should You Choose Coursera For Digital Marketing Courses?

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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There are several MOOCs that offer valuable digital marketing training. But not all are equal. So, find out the top reasons why you should choose Coursera for digital marketing courses.


Coursera needs no introduction when it comes to online courses. It has over 7000 courses and 100 million learners worldwide. For choosing digital marketing courses too, you can always consider Coursera. Be it, for learning basic content marketing or advanced SEO strategies, this MOOC platform has it all. 

Today, you will know more about why you should choose Coursera for digital marketing courses.

  1. Top Partnering Institutes and Companies Offering the Latest Digital Marketing Training 
  2. Trending Digital Marketing Certifications 
  3. Learning Benefits of Coursera For Digital Marketing Courses 

Top Institutes and Companies Offering The Latest Digital Marketing Training on Coursera

Coursera partners with the top international universities to make high-quality online learning accessible to all. Some of the most reputed institutes include the following. 

  • The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign – This public university has the Public Ivy recognition and has eight courses in the field. All the eight digital marketing courses on the official Coursera site have rankings above 4 out of 5. 
  • University of California, Davis – This is another premier university that has partnered with Coursera. 
  • Northwestern University – It is another renowned private research institution offering a range of digital marketing courses and certifications on the platform. 
  • Digital Marketing Institute – It is one of the leading digital marketing certification providers. Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) offers the latest courses on the platform.

You will also find valuable digital marketing courses from Meta, Google, and Goldman Sachs among other companies as well. 

See below to find out the trending courses offered by the top university and company partners. 

  1. Digital Marketing Specialization offered by The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Specialization offered by the Digital Marketing Institute
  3. Facebook Social Media Marketing Professional Certificate offered by Meta
  4. Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising, Public Relations, Digital Marketing and more offered by IE Business School
  5. Advanced Content and Social Tactics to Optimize SEO offered by UC Davis

And the list goes on. 

Learning Benefits of Coursera For Digital Marketing Courses 

Here are some top benefits of learning digital marketing on Coursera. 

Flexibility To Add More Specialisations

Suppose, you want to learn the latest trends in the digital world. You can take up that Digital Marketing Specialization mentioned above. It is also part of the iMBA programme the institute offers with Coursera. Now, if you just want to learn digital marketing, you can still get a certificate without pursuing the iMBA course. 

The specialisation also covers seven different courses. You can take up any one of them or complete all seven. 

Coursera says that you are subscribed to the whole when you take up one course from the specialisation. You can take the whole course or end the subscription after you complete one specialisation. 

Focus on High-Quality Training 

Let’s take the example of the same course mentioned above. This specialisation in digital marketing has been celebrated since 2015 by top business magazines such as Inc. mag. 

Four industry experts teach this course. They are professors at the institute from interrelated departments – business administration, advertising, etc. They teach with case studies to help you grasp complex online marketing solutions and tools. 

Overall, they provide a holistic perspective of the digital medium instead of discussing trending marketing concepts first. The instructors take a deep dive into how the new digital channels have changed marketing. 

They explain the differences between the traditional and online modes of marketing. Also, you get to learn how the ‘analog world’ has been affected by the digital revolution. 

This is covered in the first specialisation, and you learn from plenty of real-world examples.  Then there is a hands-on project after each course.

By the end of the sixth specialisation, you will learn the best ways to go about creating a digital marketing strategy. Know about the different ways of collecting data, making the best decisions, etc. 

You also have a capstone project that lasts for four weeks, and that covers the seventh specialisation in the course. The university has partnered with a highly reputed B2B company, Grainger to provide the capstone project. 

Apart from that, the capstone project will act as a real-world online simulation. Here you will have to execute a digital marketing campaign. You will have learned how to create one and about metrics in the previous specialisations. 

In the final capstone project, you will also be involved in creating an email marketing campaign. Then the instructors will provide you with feedback on how you could have done better. 

Now, this was an example of just one digital marketing course on Coursera. 

Every course on Coursera comes with downloadable videos and video transcripts. The videos can be downloaded in different formats depending on your internet quality. You can also transcribe the text in different languages. These options are available even when you haven’t bought the course. 

Auditing Digital Marketing Courses to Stay Updated

Coursera provides a fine option for auditing a course. You won’t get a certification. But you can brush up on knowledge or learn new skills by enrolling in a course. 

Of course, you will not have any proof of certification. But learning valuable skills whenever you want is always a welcoming option for many digital marketing professionals. 

Suppose you want to audit the Marketing analytics: Know your customers course. Macquarie University in Australia offers this course. You can go for the subscription or just enrol for free and audit the entire course. 

Auditing a Coursera course

You will not be able to do the graded assignments that help you get a certificate when you pay. But you are still free to download the course materials for yourself. Those resources will always be there for you. 

Auditing any digital marketing course like this one also means you have enough time to learn the concepts. Revisit them at your own pace. 

2-Hour Guided Projects in Digital Marketing 

Coursera provides 2-hour-long guided projects in digital marketing and in various other domains. These projects are completely free to enrol. Some are beginner-friendly, while others are for intermediates. 

On the Coursera platform, there are about 19 guided projects under the digital marketing category. 

Guided Projects Coursera

These guided projects on digital marketing cover the following topics 

  1. Google Ads and Facebook Ad Campaigns
  2. Social Media Engagement
  3. Email marketing tools such as MailChimp
  4. Landing pages 

Now, these guided projects help you know where you are lacking, and you can update your knowledge on the fly. 

Flexible Costs of Digital Marketing Courses 

Coursera’s digital marketing courses are quite well-priced for a large audience. They are not too cheap nor too pricey. Coursera also provides a one-time payment plan that is categorised into three pricing tiers. 

This tier system comprises a one-time payment in one, three, and six months. Under the pricing, you will also find how they are dividing the payment. It is based on how many hours it will take for the completion of the course in these separate timelines. So you can choose based on your comfort.

Parting Thoughts

These are among the top reasons why you should choose Coursera for digital marketing courses. Further, you may also check up on the blogs mentioned below. 

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