Create an Amazing Digital Marketing Strategy For a Brand

Create an Amazing Digital Marketing Strategy For a Brand

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Syed Aquib Ur
Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Feb 10, 2022 23:30 IST

The consumer’s trust determines the success of any small or big brand. But how do you think brands maintain a lasting online presence among 5 billion internet users in the world? 


It is true, effective digital marketing cuts through the noise. All sizes of companies need it to meet short- and long-term business goals. 

Marketing departments of brands today develop, test and choose from the top digital marketing strategies. And, all their marketing efforts cater to the needs of the customer through every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

But, branding is also integral to a digital marketing plan. The customer does not see it but feels or has a sense of it.

Businesses need to concentrate on digital branding to offer a value proposition. They have to offer a unique reason why they market their products or services online. 

Let’s see how to create a digital marketing strategy for a brand. 

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Digital Marketing Strategy For A Brand

In the world of online advertising, there are many common aspects. You have content marketing, pay per click advertisements, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. 

Every brand creates content with a target audience in mind and uses similar social media platforms. 

But, a digital marketing strategy differs from one industry to the next. For instance, a real estate digital marketing strategy will be different from the digital marketing strategies in automobile companies

Also, there are different digital marketing tactics within the same industry.  

As an example, see how the Zomato digital marketing strategy engages customers compared to other food-tech platforms. 

This is where digital branding comes in. 

The Meaning of Digital Branding

Digital branding helps you create an online personality of a business. It defines what the company stands for. 

With digital marketing strategies, you acquire the consumer’s attention. Digital branding sustains that attention. 

As an important tool of brand management, it utilises digital channels to communicate and nurture a positive relationship with customers. 

Important Components of Digital Branding

Digital branding aligns with the long-term goals and the overall business strategy. Here are some important elements. 

Brand Identity

To build a brand identity these are the main factors to consider. 

  • Market – The size and growth of the market for your brand
  • Target Audience – The segmented buyer personas and their interests
  • Difference – It is to see how your brand’s mission and vision statements make you unique in the market.  For that, you need to perform competitor analysis. You can research brands that sell the same products in the same region of your business.  
  • Image – Your brand image defines how your customers perceive your company. It is essential to have a consistent brand voice across all digital platforms. 

Brand Positioning

Your brand can be valuable when you answer the following questions. 

  • Are you able to deliver the product or service as you promised to your customer?
  • Does your brand purpose benefit the customer?
  • How is your brand a better alternative than your competitors?
  • Does your customer understand the branding message easily?

How To Create A Digital Marketing Strategy For Your Brand?

After establishing your brand identity, positioning and image, it is time to create engagement. As said above there are common overlaps in digital marketing plans. 

Here are the basics of a digital marketing strategy that every brand needs. 

  • Build a Website 

Having a company website is the first step of brand communication. About  23% of small businesses did not have a website in 2021 according to PCMag. 

Your website is essential to outline your brand purpose with vision and mission statements. It should have a strong visual appeal with a unique logo, photography and font. 

Following SEO guidelines and keeping updated with Google ranking factors should get your website to achieve search engine visibility. 

For brand websites to gain organic traffic, they must be mobile-friendly. According to Statista, 54% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. India, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya have a major mobile-first online population. 

  • Invest in Content Marketing

Good content marketing offers value to the target audience. 

Develop a good content marketing strategy. A higher spending budget will be important this year, according to Content Marketing Institute. 

Keep your messaging consistent with every piece of content on your website and social media platforms. Publish on a regular basis and personalise your content to engage your target audience. 

  • Run Social Media Campaigns

Marketing campaigns on social media channels set you apart as a unique brand. They also increase brand awareness, engagement and conversion rates. 

You can research your competitors and check out A-list brands that run successful marketing campaigns. Also, research the relevant social media platform before starting a campaign. 

Brands such as Red Bull use Instagram to increase their customer base. While Facebook campaigns have made Carlsberg popular. 

Also, research how brands from different industries such as Airbnb and Apple are using social media. They run campaigns with user-generated content and they have been successful so far. You can refer to Airbnb digital marketing strategy

In a nutshell, you have to find the right platform to meet what your target audience expects. 

Parting Thoughts

Considering you are new to the field, there are many digital marketing courses that will help you learn. You also have to option to check brand management courses


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