Top 10 Blog Ideas To Boost Your Traffic More in 2024

Top 10 Blog Ideas To Boost Your Traffic More in 2024

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Tired of writing the same type of content that gets no engagement? The right blog ideas can spike your organic traffic and let your target audience keep coming back for more, irrespective of your industry. Find out the formats that you can use and win shares quick. 

Top blog ideas

There are more than 600 million blogs worldwide as you are reading this (Hosting Tribunal). After all, they are the fifth-most trustworthy source for finding online information (OptinMonster). 

You may already have an idea of how to write blogs. Perhaps you have just made your website ready with all the important elements in an SEO checklist

Now it is time for you to start publishing blogs that your target audience enjoys and shares. 

Let’s look at the top 10 blog ideas that will bring you the most organic traffic

Best Blog Ideas For 2024

Successful bloggers have been using the following blog ideas to generate traffic. So should you in 2024. 


These are mostly written as tutorials. If you think from the reader’s perspective, they want to know how you can solve their problem. 

For that, you have to guide them through solutions one step at a time. You could say that these blog posts are for beginners. 

Let’s see the important elements that you must address. And there is a common format to follow here. 

Headline (H1)– The title should state ‘How to [solve a problem]’

Intro – Tell the reader how you can help the reader understand what they do not know. 

Steps –  Here you can highlight the steps from beginning to end. Ensure they are in chronological order with subheads from H2 to H4 or more.  

Conclusion – This should be a summary of what you explained in the steps. 

How-to blog posts help you gain authority over a niche. 76% of bloggers publish how-to articles, according to a recent survey from Orbit Media. 

Pro Tips 

  1. Make your intro short and specific to your audience. 
  2. Use a lot of examples to explain the steps. 
  3. Include infographics and videos within the blog. 

Listicles/ Roundups 

What you are reading right now is a listicle. When you are writing such blogs, you don’t have to stick to a particular order. 

The idea is to let the reader skim through to find what part of the list is important. 

list posts

Here is a common format you can follow. 

Headline (H1) – Start way with ‘5 [best ways to…]’, ‘Top 5 [list]’, etc

Intro – Highlight the topic you are writing about and what the reader will find here. 

List – Elaborate on your subheadings (H2) and explain the benefits of each description. 

Conclusion – Here, you can summarise your content and end it with your tip. 

There are many benefits to this blog idea. Orbit Media states 24% of bloggers use it. 

Pro Tips

  1. Choose topics only that have high keyword volume
  2. Include a table of contents in the introduction with anchor tags so that readers can click and jump to a specific section. 
  3. Use H2 and H3 for the subheads


These blogs help you gain more authority over your topic. The main reason they work is that there is a lot of false information online. Your blog can dispel such myths and get more shares in a short time. 


Here is a common format for this blog idea

Headline (H1) – Mention the number of myths around a topic

Intro – Introduce the reader to the myths and explain why they are fake

Myths – Use data to debunk them with reasons with subheadings

Conclusion – Recapitulate the myths and how you proved them wrong

Pro Tips 

  1. Make the blog conversational
  2. Place keywords in headline and subheadings logically

Case Studies

They are a great way to earn backlinks to improve your website’s domain authority and reach. Some examples of this blog idea are

Burger King Digital Marketing Strategy

Domino’s Digital Marketing Strategy

case studies

You may follow this format below. 

Headline (H1) – Use the keyword in the title like all other format examples above

Intro – Show why you are writing a case study on the topic

Body – Introduce how the product or service has been successful. Provide examples and comparisons with the business’ competitors. Include steps or areas where the business excels at. 

Conclusion – Summarise the case study. 

Pro Tips

  1. Use data throughout your blog post to justify the points
  2. Use images from the brand/business 


Also known as frequently asked questions, they are generally present after a blog. But you can create an entire blog out of FAQs. 

These blogs have a question and answer format that makes it easy to gain quick visibility on Google or other SERPs. 


The format for this blog idea will be as follows

Headline (H1) – You may start with ‘Common FAQs on [topi]’

Intro – A short intro highlight what the topic is about

Body – As you guessed, there will only be questions and answers 

Conclusion – Ask the reader if they want to know more 

Pro Tips

  1. Use Answer the Public to find the questions on your topic
  2. Don’t forget Google’s autosuggest feature when you type a query for the questions
  3. Do not answer with yes or no, or use only digits for the answer. Explain it. 
  4. Make your answers crisp and direct.


This is another type of blog idea you may want to include in your content marketing strategy for this year. More than 34% of bloggers publish them today and 27% are successful (Orbit Media). 

The point of writing this type of blog is to gain authority, especially when the interviewee is a renowned personality in your industry. 

interview blogs

A common template for this type is shown below. 

Headline (H1) –  ‘An Interview with [industry expert’s name] from [name of industry]’, ‘How [industry expert’s name] Achieved [Goal]’, ‘A Day in the Life of [professional’s name and industry]’, etc are some examples of titles that draw immediate attention. 

Intro – It is important to emphasise why you are interviewing the expert right in the introduction. Speak about the common challenges professionals in the same industry face and how the expert manages them

Body – It is will follow the question and answer format

Conclusion – Summarise the intro and the answers in a crisp manner. Encourage the reader to post more questions in the comments section. 

Pro Tips

  1. Connect with your interviewee on relevant social media channels including LinkedIn and Twitter
  2. Send an email with the questionnaire
  3. Share relevant questions that interest your readers in your niche. You may refer to the free Answer the Public tool for preparing good questions

Product Reviews and Comparisons

Product review blogs can be a great start for affiliate marketers. But it may not work when you only review the positives. You can also do comparisons of different products in the same industry and help your reader make the best buying decision. 

product reviews and comparisons

Look at a general template and the tips.  

Headline (H1) – Best [Product] Under [Price] is one example you can go for. In case you are doing a comparison, go for [Product 1] vs [Product 2]: Comparing Specs and Prices, or similar.

Intro – Introduce what the product is for without sounding like a product description on an eCommerce site. Show the reader what features you are going to write about.

Body – Discuss the features and explain how your target audience will benefit from each. While this is for a single product review, it will change when you do a comparison. You have to compare the features of each including the pros and cons and let the reader decide.

Conclusion – With comparisons offer the best options for both. For just one product summarise the pros and cons. 

Pro Tips

  1. Make the intro short and crisp
  2. Work on using high volume keywords for the subheads
  3. Experts like Brian Dean from Backlinko suggest that you should leverage features that your target readers prefer in the intro

Productivity Hacks

These blogs can cater to any industry. And their templates are close to listicle blogs. 

productivity hacks

As a pro tip, tailor your content according to your audience. 

Guest Posts

Google’s indirect but important ranking factor, E-E-A-T (Experience-Expertise- Authoritativeness-Trustworthiness) is important to take note of. Guest posts can increase your website visibility. 

Just like interview blogs, they also offer similar benefits in reaching a broader audience. They also help when you do not have enough subject matter experts in your content team. 


Glossaries are of great help to your new and growing audience. They determine your authority over a subject. 

You can help your readers find out about technical terminologies they may have never come across. Headlines such as A-Z glossary terms of [industry/skill] work. 


Parting Thoughts

These are among the best blog ideas that you can start with. Once you publish them, make sure to post on relevant social media networks where your audience hangs out most. This way you can increase your organic traffic and improve brand awareness. 


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