Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019) 

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Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)

Explore new technologies, or optimize your organization's IT infrastructure, this bootcamp offers a practical and accessible pathway to mastering Microsoft Azure cloud computing

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Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)

  • Earn a Cerificate after completion of the course
  • Compatible on Mobile and TV
  • Get Full Lifetime Access
  • Course Instructor : Varma Rudra
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Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)
Course details

Who should do this course?
  • Students who are willing to learn Azure from ground zero
  • Students who would like to make a career switch to Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Enterprise architects, Solution architects, IT developers
  • System, network, storage, application administrators
What are the course deliverables?
  • An overall understanding of Microsoft Azure services and start using Azure
  • Gain hands on experience in creating storage accounts and using blob, table and file storage services
  • Creation and configuration ofVirtual networks, Network Security Groups, User defined routes and Azure load balancer
  • Creation and configuration ofVirtual machines, Availability sets, Scale sets, Azure backup, Cloud Service, Service Fabric
  • Creation and configuration of Azure web apps, Mobile apps, API apps, App service Backup, monitoring and integrate with AAD
  • Creation and configuration of Azure SQL database, firewall rules, COSMOS DB, Data factory etc.
  • Creation and configuration of Data Lake store, Data Bricks, Data Explorer, Power BI, Data Catalog etc.
  • Creation and configuration of Azure logic apps, Functions, Service bus, On-premise data gateway, Integration account etc.
  • Creation and configuration of Event hub, IoT hub, Stream Analytics, Time Series Insights etc.
  • An overall understanding of security controls that you can apply to secure workload in Azure
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More about this course
  • This course is designed to accommodate learners with diverse backgrounds and skill levels, providing a beginner-friendly introduction to Microsoft Azure cloud services
  • By the end of the bootcamp, attendees gain practical skills and confidence in leveraging Azure's capabilities, making it suitable for IT professionals, developers, and technology enthusiasts eager to embark on their cloud journey

Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)

Introduction to course

Introduction to the course

Important lecture on how to improve lectures video qualityAzure Services overview

Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Microsoft Azure and its inner workings

Introduction to Microsoft Azure resources structure

10,000 feet view of Azure services

Lab demo: Azure portal overview

Useful links related to high level overview of Azure

Azure Storage Services

Introduction to Azure storage services building blocks

Overview of Azure storage accounts

Lab demo: Create and configure Azure storage account using Azure portal

Overview of Azure blob storage

Lab demo : Create a container and upload a blob into container and access it

Overview of Storage account and blob configuration

Lab demo: Configure custom domain for storage account

Azure storage security overview

Lab demo: Walkthrough of Azure security features using Azure portal

Introduction to Azure file storage

Lab demo: Create a file storage and Implement quotas for the same

Overview of Azure table and queue storage

Overview of Azure disk storage

Azure storage monitoring overview

Lab demo: Monitor logs & metrics using Azure portal and Azure storage explorer

Overview of tools available to manage Azure storage resources

Lab demo: Manage Azure storage resources using storage explorer

Important azure storage service resources for reading

Useful links related to high level overview of Azure

Azure Network Services

Introduction to Azure Network Services building blocks

Introduction to Virtual Network and its capabilities

Lab demo - Step 1 - Creation of Virtual network and subnets using Azure portal

Lab demo - Step 2 - Deploy a virtual machine into Azure Virtual network

Network Security groups, service tags & application security group overview

Lab demo - Step 3 - Configure an NSG at Subnet level and VM level

Introduction to Network Interfaces and IP address configuration

Lab demo - Step 4 - Associate multiple NICs and IP addresses to Virtual Machine

Introduction to delivering high availability solution on Azure

Lab demo - Step 5 - Manage high availability using Availability Zones and Sets

Introduction to Azure load balancer

Lab demo - Step 6 - Create Azure load balancer and go through important setting

Introduction to VNet connectivity scenarios and VNet peering

Lab demo - Step 7 - Configure a VNet peering between virtual networks

Introduction to VPN Gateway and connectivity scenarios

Useful links related to network services of Azure

Azure Compute Services

Azure compute services building blocks overview

Virtual machines deployment options, configuration choices & sizes

Lab: Creation of Azure virtual machine using Azure portal

Lab: Creation of Virtual machine using Azure powershelgl cmdlets

Overview of Azure VM storage

Lab: Managed & Unmanaged disks, Changing performance tiers and taking snapshots

Introduction of availability sets, zones and storage availability

Lab: Creation of an Availability set and deploying virtual machines into it

Overview of Virtual machine scale sets

Lab: Scaling of Azure virtual machines in virtual machines scale set - Part 1

Lab: Scaling of Azure virtual machines in virtual machines scale set - Part 2

Overview of Azure Backup

Lab: Taking a backup of a VM using Azure backup and restoring the same

Overview of Azure VM security

Lab: Walkthorugh of RBAC of Azure VM and managed service identity

Overview of Azure VM monitoring

Lab: Walkthrough of Azure VM metrics and configure an activity log alert

Introduction to Azure cloud service

Lab demo: Creation of cloud service using Azure portal and visual studio

Introduction to Azure Service Fabric

Lab demo: Create a secure service fabric cluster using Azure portal

Lab demo: Create a service fabric application and publish the same SF cluster

Useful links to documentation related to compute services

Azure App Services

Introduction to Azure App service building blocks

App service plan overview

Lab demo: Create App Service plan and walkthrough of key features

Lab demo: Create an Azure Web App using portal and walthorugh of key features

Lab demo: Deploying an application into Azure web app from visual studio

Introduction to Azure mobile apps

Lab demo - Create a mobile backend using portal and consume from Android app

Introduction to Azure notification hub and Mobile engagement

Introduction to API Apps & API management

Lab demo: Create an API app using portal and publish an API using Visual Studio

Lab demo: Creation of API management and walkthrough of key features

Introduction to Azure app service backup and scaling

Lab demo: Scale up of App service & Scale out of App service based on schedule

Introduction to App Service security

Lab demo: Enable authentication with Azure active directory for web application

Introduction to App Service monitoring

Lab demo: Walkthrough of monitoring features of Azure app service

Introduction of Content distribution network

Introduction to Media services and Search

Useful links to app services related microsoft documentation

Azure Database services

Introduction to Azure database services building blocks.

Azure SQL Database overview

Lab demo: Creation of Azure SQL database using Azure portal

Azure SQL Database configuration overview

Lab demo: Configuration of firewall rules & Active geo replication

Azure SQL managed instance overview

Azure SQL database security overview

Lab demo: Walthrough of Azure SQL database security features using Azure portal

Azure SQL database monitoring overview

Lab demo: Walkthrough of Azure SQL database motoring features using Azure portal

Azure COSMOS DB overview

Lab demo: Walkthrough of Azure COSMOS DB creation using Azure portal

Introduction to Azure data factory

Lab demo: Creation of data factory using Azure portal

SQL Stretch database & SQL Data Warehouse

Useful links related to database services of Azure

Deliver big data solution on Azure using Azure analytics services

Introduction to Azure big data solution building blocks

Introduction to Data Lake Store

Lab demo: Create a data lake store 2 and access the same with Storage explorer

Lab demo: Ingest data into Data Lake store using Data factory

Introduction to Azure HDInsight

Lab demo: Process the data in blob storage using Azure HDInsight hive query

Introduction of Azure Data Bricks

Lab demo: Create Data bricks workspace and Spark cluster. Prep for extraction.

Lab demo: Extract and transform the data using Spark on Azure Data bricks

Lab demo: Load the data into SQL Data Warehouse

Introduction to Power BI

Lab demo: Visualize the data using Power BI

Introduction to Azure data explorer

Lab demo: Create data explorer and ingest & query data

Introduction to Azure data catalog

Lab demo: Create data catalog and register data assets

Build Enterprise Application Integration solution on Azure using Azure services

Walkthrough of Azure Enterprise Application Integration building blocks

Introduction to Azure Logic Apps

Lab demo - Create a logic app using Azure portal and go through its capabilities

Lab demo - Extend the logic app to create sales order in SQL database

Introduction to Azure functions

Lab demo - Create an Azure function using Azure portal

Lab demo - Call Azure function from logic app to transform data

Introduction to Azure service bus

Lab demo - Creation of Service Bus namespace, Queue, Topic, subscriptions

Lab demo - Sending messages into Queue using logic apps and trigger function

Introduction to On-premise data gateway and Integrated service environment

Lab demo - Install on-premise data gateway and gateway cloud service

Lab demo - Develop Logic app to access files in a Windows server

Introduction to Enterprise Integration Pack

Lab demo - Create an Integration Account and link to logic app

Introduction to Azure Event Grid

Build IoT Solution using Azure services

Walkthrough of Azure IoT building blocks

Introduction to Event Hub

Lab demo - Create an Event hub using Azure portal and send events into the same

Overview of Azure IoT Hub

Lab demo - Creation of IoT Hub and device and apply device configuration

Lab demo - Send messages into IoT hub using a simulated device

Overview of IoT Hub communication

Lab demo - Define message routing to route messages to custom end points

Introduction to Stream Analytics

Lab : End to End events flow from device to PowerBI via IoT and Stream Analytics

Lab : Trigger an Azure function from Stream Analytics

Overview of Azure IoT Edge and Device provisioning services

Introduction to IoT Central and IoT Solution accelerators

Introduction to Azure Time Series Insights

Lab demo: Explore the IoT telemetry data using Time series insights

Azure Security - Updated May 2019

Introduction to Azure Security building blocks

Introduction to Azure Active Directory and its capabilities

Lab demo - Walkthorugh of the key capabilities of Azure Active Directory

Introduction to Azure Role Based Access Control

Lab demo - Walkthrough of roles, Custom role creation and assignment

Lab demo - Creation of Dynamic group and role assignment

Introduction to Conditional Access in AAD

Lab demo - Location based conditional access policy

Introduction to Azure policies, Intiatives and locks

Lab demo - Implement Azure policies and initiatives

Introduction to Azure Security Center (ASC)

Lab demo - Walkthrough of Azure security centre capabilities using Azure portal

Introduction to Azure Key Vault

Lab demo - Walkthrough of Azure Key Vault capabilities

Lab demo - Retrieve the secret in Azure Key vault from Web app

Azure Monitoring & Diagnostics - Updated June 2019

Introduction to Azure Monitoring & Diagnostic related services

Introduction to Azure monitor

Introduction to Activity logs and metrics

Introduction to Alerts and Autoscale

Lab demo - Walk-through of Azure monitor and configure an alert

Introduction to Azure monitor logs

Lab demo - Create and configure log analytics work space

Lab demo - Configure log search alert and import monitor solutions

Lab demo - Walk-through of monitoring solutions

Introduction to Application Insights

Lab: Walk-through of Application insights features by connecting Azure API App

Infrastructure as code - ARM Templates - Update Sep 2019

Introduction to ARM Templates

Lab demo - Step 1 - Creation of ARM template from Azure portal

Lab demo - Step 2 - Deploy a test environment using ARM template

Lab demo - Step 3 - Create ARM template from scratch using visual studio

Lab demo - Step 4 - Refer to Azure key vault secret in ARM template

Lab demo - Step 5 - Use custom image when deploying VMs

Lab demo - Step 6 - Deploy changes to existing infra using ARM templates

Lab demo - Step 7 - Deploy resources base on conditions

Lab demo - Step 8 - Deployment using Nested Templates

Lab demo - Step 9 - Carry out subscription level deployments using ARM templates

Lab demo - Step 10 - Carry out Azure policy deployment using ARM templates

Azure DevOps

Introduction to Azure DevOps

Lab demo - Step 1 - Walk-through of Azure DevOps portal

Introduction to Azure Repos

Lab demo - Step 2 - Publish Web App ARM template code into Azure Repos

Lab demo - Step 3 - Configure branch security and branch policies

Introduction to Azure Pipelines

Lab demo - Step 4 - Deploy web app infra into Azure using build pipeline

Lab demo - Step 5 - Publish web app code into Azure DevOps and build the same

Lab demo - Step 6 - Release the web app code into Azure App service

Lab demo - Step 7 - Walk-through of key pipeline settings

Infrastructure as Code - Terraform

Introduction to Terraform

Lab demo - Step 19 - Install and configure Terraform and deploy resource group

Lab demo - Step 20 - Deploy a VM and its associated resources using Terraform

Lab demo - Step 21 - Create and call modules in Terraform

Lab demo - Step 22 - Publish Web Application code & IaC config into DevOps Repos

Lab demo - Step 23 - Create CD pipeline with Terraform tasks and test the same

Azure Automation & PowerShell

Introduction to Azure Automation

Lab demo - Step 1- Create automation account and walk-through of the same

Introduction to Azure PowerShell

Lab demo - Step 25 - Install Azure Powershell and create RG using the same

Lab demo - Step 26 - Develop Runbook to stop the VM

Lab demo - Step 27 - Develop runbook to scale up VM and trigger using alert

Lab demo - Step 28 - Enable source control for runbooks

Lab demo - Step 29 - Enable Inventory, Change control and DSC on Azure VM

Introduction to Update management

Lab demo - Step 30 - Enable update management solution on Azure VM

Azure services comparison

Azure Storage Tables Vs Cosmos DB

Service bus queues vs Azure storage queues

Comparision of Authentication methods in AD

Azure Functions vs Web Jobs

Choose between Azure Messaging services

Comparison of Microsoft flow, Logic Apps, Azure functions, WebJobs

Compare message routing and Event Grid for IoT Hub

Azure storage vs Data Lake Store

Azure Functions vs Azure WebJobs

Azure app service vs Service Fabric vs Virtual machines

IoT Hub vs Event Hubs

SQL Stretch database, StorSimple, Backup, Site recovery

IoT Central vs IoT accelerators

Thank you & Bonus Lecture

Thank You & Bonus lecture

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Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)
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Ankit Mishra
Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)
Other: Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ - 104) is a prominent Course for learning how to administer cloud resources. I have gained a great learning experience and knowledge by doing this and I believe it will pave my way towards building my career in Cloud Computing.
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Microsoft Azure cloud - Beginner Bootcamp (Updated Sep 2019)

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