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The world is witnessing revolutionary growth in IT sectors and computer and programming based devices have become an integral part of our lives. Today, all the sectors need IT services to run and grow their organisations. Hence, no wonder why people with software skills are in high demand across the sectors. There are many software skills that help people learn and grow their skills, Waterfall / SDLC (Software development lifecycle) is one of them. The waterfall is a traditional and one of the earliest SDLC models used in the sequential design process.

In Waterfall, the sequential design process is seen like a waterfall which is why it is known as the waterfall model of SDLC. Waterfall / SDLC has different phases including Requirement Gathering, Design, Coding, Testing, Feasibility Study/Analysis, Installation and Maintenance. Every phase of Waterfall / SDLC starts only when the previous phase is completed. It happens because the outcome gained in the previous phase act as the input in the next phase. Learning Waterfall / SDLC is the best way to enhance important skills for developers, project managers, programmers, teach lead, scrum master etc. Waterfall / SDLC is short term projects/ certification opted by the pursued by the candidates as per their requirement.

There are many ways to learn Waterfall / SDLC in India and across the globe. You can either join a Waterfall / SDLC project or go for online certification. Many famous institutes in India offer projects and certification in Waterfall / SDLC.

Waterfall / SDLC Certification/ Projects

To learn Waterfall / SDLC, one must go for a certification from a recognized institute. Apart from this, many organisations and institutes also offer projects in Waterfall / SDLC which software developers can take to grow their software development and IT skills. Space below mentions some of the popular certifications in Waterfall/ SDLC:

Software Development Lifecycle: This course helps you see how SDLC works and what methods are used in the whole SDLC process. The course mainly focuses on the following:

  • Introduction to SDLC
  • The agile concepts
  • The DevOps

Optimizing The Software Development Lifecycle: If you are a system administrator, then you must go for this course. It will help you organize your administrator job in the SDLC phase. You can learn the following during this course:

  • The integration tools
  • Github and Git
  • JIRA and Jenkins tools

Software Process Management: If you are in the business of software development and keen to have in-depth knowledge about SDLC and how it works then you must go for this programme. This is an intermediate level Pluralsight course that mainly focuses on the following topics:

  • The SDLC and its advantages
  • The rational unified process
  • The agile processes

Software Development Processes (SDLC Models): Any IT professional can take this course to understand how SDLC works. The course has some advanced concept that lets you become a skilled IT professional and make more money in your job. Throughout the course, the candidates are taught the following:

  • An introduction about SDLC
  • Diffrent methodologies of SDLC
  • The Agile fundamentals

Waterfall / SDLC Phases

The following phases are included in the Waterfall / SDLC model:

  • Requirement Gathering & Analysis: In this very first phase, all the possible needs of the system which are expected to be developed during the whole process are figured out. Moreover, the expected developments are documented in a requirement specification document during this phase.
  • System Design: On completion of the first phase, requirement specification documents are studied in the next phase. During the second phase, system design is prepared that helps in stipulating hardware requirements and helps in formulating the system architecture.
  • Implementation: After gaining inputs from the design phase, firstly, the system is developed in units that are integrated into the next phase. Then, the developed units are tested which is known as unit testing.
  • Integration and Testing: Now, the testing of each developed unit is done and then all the units are integrated into the system. After integration, the entire system is tested to check failures and faults.
  • Deployment: After the system is tested, the product is deployed in the customer environment and prepared to release in the market.
  • Maintenance: After the product was launched in the market, some issues come up from the clients/customer end. To solve the issue and maintain the product properly, patches and better versions are released.

When to use SDLC Waterfall?

After learning Waterfall/ SDLC Methodology, you can use it during the following situation:

  • Application is not complicated and big
  • Requirements are not changing frequently
  • Project is short
  • Environment is stable
  • The requirement is known and clear
  • Current Technology and tools are not stable and dynamic
  • Resources are available and trained

Popular Waterfall / SDLC Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Waterfall / SDLC Colleges in India. Learn more about these Waterfall / SDLC colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
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Popular Private Waterfall / SDLC Colleges in India

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