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Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success 

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Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 

Explore methods for qualifying prospects, listening and asking questions, and acing the meeting


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Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 

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Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 
Course details

Who should do this course?
  • For Sales managers or executives looking to effectively coach a team and build a high-performing sales engine
  • For Entrepreneurs looking to build a sales team and acquire customers
  • For Business leaders who would like to be more persuasive and influential
What are the course deliverables?
  • Learn proven techniques for being an effective salesperson
  • Assess your current knowledge, skill, and discipline as a salesperson
  • Learn best practices for recruiting, training, building and managing high-performing teams
More about this course
  • Sales are vital to a business and individuals who can sell -themselves, ideas, products, services, and solutions -are the key to any organization's success
  • Gain a comprehensive view of the entire sales process -from preparation through contact and on to scaling -by building the necessary sales and management habits that lead to success
  • Through each module you'll acquire the tools and techniques needed to improve your own sales skills and learn best practices for recruiting, training, building, and managing high-performing sales teams

Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 

Module 1 - Enhancing your Selling and Persuasion Skills

Explore the foundations of artful selling -knowledge, skill and discipline -and how to combine these to become a high-performing salesperson

Module 2 - Targeting

Learn how to identify and filter your target markets-specific pain points and create a clear vision of who your customers are

Develop your competitive talking points

Module 3 - Lead Generation Tactics

Learn how to create a sales framework, qualify leads, put together talking points and schedule a cadence

Develop a stakeholder map, prospecting script, and introductory email

Module 4 - Nurturing Prospects

Learn the questions that drive great sales conversations and qualify prospects quickly by using 4 different types of questions and 3 levels of listening

Module 5 - Telling the Right Story at the Right Time for the Right Reasons

Discover the 4 key types of stories

Module 6 - Presenting Like a Pro

Learn how to utilize your personal presentation strengths

Employ the '4 Ps-of presentation to make compelling sales pitches

Module 7 - Closing the Deal and Getting Deals Unstuck

Learn how to get a deal unstuck and understand that closing is simply the natural outcome of a sale done well

Module 8 - Going Above and Beyond

Recognize the importance of the phase that follows a sale

Utilize the tools required to truly delight your customers over the long term

Module 9 - Team Selling, Giving Feedback and Optimizing the Weekly One-on-One

Module 10 - Putting Your Powerful Sales Toolkit into Action

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Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 
Faculty details

Craig Wortmann, Clinical Professor of Marketing
Craig Wortmann is the Founder and Academic Director of the Kellogg Sales Institute (KSI). The Institute helps leaders of all types develop the skills and disciplines they need to speak their preferred futures into existence. The KSI believes that all human achievements begin as good ideas, sold to the people they serve.

Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 
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Mastering Sales: A Toolkit for Success
Northwestern University 
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