7 Interview Preparation Tips to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

7 Interview Preparation Tips to Ace Your Next Virtual Interview

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Rashmi Karan
Manager - Content
Updated on Mar 2, 2022 11:27 IST

Evolving technologies and the COVID-19 era of social distancing have largely shifted organizational functioning and operations to the virtual mode. Many companies across the globe are still working remotely, while many have adopted the work-from-home model in the long run. Teams are connecting on virtual platforms like MS Teams, Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts. Giants like Amazon, Facebook, and many others who are still hiring actively are still interacting with candidates virtually. In fact, interviewing the candidates virtually has not just been cost-effective for the companies, but has helped them reach a more diverse, global group of candidates.


It still gets a bit overwhelming for even seasoned professionals to share their views or make a pitch about their career qualifications virtually. You may have strong technical aptitude and vast knowledge about your domain, but there are specific pointers that you need to bear in mind before appearing for any virtual interview. To help you gain your confidence to perform better and succeed in your virtual job interview, we have jotted down some tips. Take a look.

Choose a Good Location

The place you choose to attend a virtual interview is crucial. Find a clean room with adequate lighting, no clutter, and no annoying outside noise. If you have children at home, then make sure you are sitting away, and you will not be interrupted during the interview.

Test the Equipment

Battery fully charged? Cable plugged in? Excellent Internet connection?

All good, great! Always check your technology before you appear in your interview. Check your internet connectivity, and confirm if your camera and microphone are working correctly. Ask any of your friends to connect with you and take their feedback about the quality of sound and video. It is always a good idea to invest in a UPS to avoid any technical interruption like electricity failure or internet drop. Before starting the discussion, make sure if the other person can hear you.

Be Punctual & Comfortable

A virtual interview does not imply that it is informal. Try to get connected at least five minutes before the interview begins. Check your posture, straight back, sit correct, and be relaxed. Always look towards the interviewer. Wear a smile, but don’t start laughing at everything the interviewer says. The most important of all, be yourself, don’t pretend!

Be Presentable for Your Virtual Interview

The last thing an interviewer would like to see is the interviewee appearing in his/her pajamas and slippers! You must understand that you need to look presentable and professional, no matter if it is a virtual interview. Get dressed in nicely pressed formals and have well-groomed hair, remember, the first impression is the last! Be comfortable and confident. Avoid bright colors and patterns, and if possible, go for softer and solid colors. Tip: your camera position and mic quality can play a great role in improving your presentation. Also try looking into the camera instead of looking at the screen.

Do Not Hustle

In virtual interviews, candidates tend to speak faster than face-to-face interviews, which, together with the spatial and technological barrier may make them appear unclear and often misunderstood.

Breathe! Take a few seconds to think about every question and then articulate your answer.


It is no secret. Succeeding in an interview requires practice. A day or two before your interview, try recording yourself with your device camera by answering some of the most typical questions of your domain or explaining your professional career. Look at your mistakes and then take measures to improve them. Never stop trying.

Turn Off Notifications for Your Virtual Interview

Your video interview won’t start with the theatrical announcement asking you to turn off your cell phone, so add this to your list of requirements before the interview. Also, be sure to turn off app notifications or calls that may distract you. Disconnect from messaging services, post the “do not disturb” sign, skip social media notifications, and close any browser that might surprise you with an auto-play video.

In Case the Things Go South

Well, technology has its limitations, and there are chances that your interview process gets interfered with because of a power cut or internet drop in your area. Here are some backup plans to help you, just in case.

Audio/Video not functioning

Don’t panic, always have the contact number of your interviewer handy so that you can continue your interview on call in case of any technical difficulties. However, before that ask your interviewer if you can continue the interview on call or if there is any need to reschedule it.

Background Noise

You don’t have any control over sound coming from sirens and construction work. If that interrupts your video interview, apologize, and excuse yourself until the noise has subsided. You can also take permission from your interviewer to mute the audio.

In A Nutshell

Virtual employment is the new normal, so it’s good that you get acquainted with the technology as soon as you can. The only important thing is that your career progression does not stagnate. We hope our virtual interview tips and suggestions help you land your new job.

All the best!

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