Best Online HR Certifications in India for New-Age Professionals

Best Online HR Certifications in India for New-Age Professionals

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Updated on Aug 21, 2023 12:22 IST

Human Resources is one of the most promising career options, which lets you be at the forefront of the businesses working across multiple departments. It is a profession that consistently ranks high on lists of best careers. Moreover, the demand for HR professionals will likely grow in the coming years. 


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), job growth is projected to increase 2028 by 7% for Human Resource Managers, 5% for Human Resource Specialists, and 8% for Training and Development Managers. 

Even if you get the HR job you love, you probably don’t want to stay in the same position forever. In an extremely competitive and rapidly changing work environment, HR professionals must keep up with technological changes and advances to stay relevant and competitive. But how can you stay current and advance in the Human Resources career? By getting certified! HR certification courses can give you the skills you need to grow and advance in your career. 

Benefits of Online HR Certifications

HR certification courses are a way for professionals to convey that their qualifications go beyond minimum job requirements. These certifications help employees to keep up with the latest trends and give them an edge over other candidates. 

  • Demonstrate commitment to the domain by expanding their skillset
  • Strengthen your resume by highlighting the top-ranking institutes
  • Acquire new skills to advance your career 
  • Increase the chance of promotions and salary hikes
  • Bridge the gap between knowledge and skills, thereby improving existing productivity.

There are a variety of institutes and online portals that provide certification programs. But the question that will come to your mind is – are they all credible? If you cannot find the best institute and the perfect online certification for your career advancement, we can help you

This post lists the 6 best HR Management online certifications for new-age professionals offered by Middle Earth HR [MEHR], one of the largest specialist training, education, and knowledge support companies for HR and Senior Management professionals worldwide. 

Online HR Certifications by Middle Earth HR

Since its inception in 1997, MEHR has been committed to providing practical, joyful learning in people management. With an unparalleled client base of over 5000 corporates and associated with over 350 companies from the Fortune 500 list, Middle Earth HR is recognized as Asia’s No. 1 Training Institute in HR and Leadership certifications. It has won 7 major global awards for excellence in design and impact.

1. Licenciate in Training and Development

This HR certification course will add a lot of significance to your resume. You will learn the best practices you need to become a leader by applying analytical concepts in various subcategories, including instructional design, training, and development management.

Skills You Will Learn

  • The ADDIE model is the acronym for Analyse, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.
  • Handling and lecturing participants in workplaces.
  • Assessing, mapping, and developing competencies.

Who Should Do This Certification?

This is one of the best HR courses for working professionals who want to apply the best HR management practices.

2. Certified HR Generalist

This course will provide a strong knowledge base in all HR functions. It will also offer practical solutions to the daily HR challenges you confront. 

Skills You Will Learn

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Induction and Engagement

Who Should Do This Certification?

Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresher, this certification is the right for you to propel your HR career in the right direction.

3. Certified Payroll Specialist

This HR certification course will help you understand all employee payment transactions for small and large businesses in nearly every industry.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Compensation System
  • Payroll System
  • Critical Legal System

Who Should Do This Certification?

This certification is suitable for all experienced and entry-level payroll professionals, HR Specialists, HR Managers, HR Admin Managers, VP HR, and Head HR. 

4. Certified Global Recruitment Analyst

This program will give you a fair idea of the best recruiting practices, the latest tools, techniques, and strategies to hire and retain the best talent in various industries. 

Skills You Will Learn

  • Recruitment Analytics
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Interviewing and Probing Techniques

Who Should Do This Certification?

This HR certification course can be considered by any fresher who wants to be a recruiter. It also benefits experienced professionals, like HR Executives, Senior HRs, Management Trainees, Recruitment Analysts, Tech Recruiters, HR Generalists, and HR Business Partners. 

You may also specialise in different HR certification courses such as Recruitment courses.

5. Certified Learning & Development Manager

On finishing this course, you will be able to identify the need for training in your organization as well as plan and organize the process of training. 

Skills You Will Learn

  • Competency Mapping
  • Developmental Planning and Design

Who Should Do This Certification?

Whether you are a Learning and Development Manager, Functional Consultant, Senior Trainer, Training Specialist, Freelancer, or Coach, this HR certification course will provide you with all the knowledge to expand your skillset. 

6. Certified HR Analytics And Metrics Professional

This certification program will help you understand the process of creating and using HR Analytics. 

Skills You Will Learn

  • Human Analytics
  • Operational Analysis
  • Predictive Analysis

Who Should Do This Certification?

HR Business Partners, Senior HR Business Partner, HR Managers, People Managers, HR Executives HR Directors, CEO, CHRO’s, Talent Managers, Talent Analyst, OD Heads, L&D Managers, HR Consultants, HR Generalists, and Project Leaders who would like to collaborate better with HR can consider this certification for a rewarding career. 

7. Certified Compensation & Benefits Manager

This course is designed to provide in-depth skills and knowledge for managing compensation functions in the organization. 

Skills You Will Learn

  • Compensation Systems Overview
  • Total Reward Systems

Who Should Do This Certification?

This certification will be helpful for Senior HRs, HR Specialists, Payroll Officers, HR Managers, HR Admin Managers, Lead PMS, Talent Management, VP HR, Deputy Manager, Senior Executive, and Head HR with over 5 years of experience. 

Why Choose Online HR Certifications from Middle Earth HR?

  • Practical Approach: These certifications let you upgrade functional skills with improved business acumen. The courses have been designed and offered by proficient faculty who are well-known global trainers. 
  • Global Validation: The Middle Earth HR Certifications are validated by 5000 global and over 300 Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Award-Winning Course Design: The course design of Middle Earth HR has won many global awards. 
  • Growth Support: MEHR offers growth support by providing the latest trend learning – post-program completion; job notification support; and an opportunity to network with successful HRM leaders. 

Ending Note

These HR Management certifications from Middle Earth HR will help your career progression by growing your skillset. If you have not enrolled in any of these courses yet, this is the right time to consider doing it. 

Disclaimer: The information shared in this article is based on the publicly available information on Middle Earth HR’s website. 



Can an online HR certification improve my job prospects?

Absolutely. While it is not compulsory to gain an HR certification, employers prefer it everywhere. An HR certification proves your domain knowledge and opens up opportunities for a higher pay scale much faster. Constant upskilling at any stage of your human resources career helps but the increase in pay also depends on your job location and the type of certification. So it is best to go for HR courses and certificates that are globally recognised.

What kind of HR courses should I go for to become an HR leader?

HR leaders need many years of work experience. You will also need licentiate and specialist certifications like the ones mentioned above, for training in leadership that are structured and practical.

How long will it take me to earn an HR certification?

The course and course provider determines the time. For Middle Earth HR courses the time taken for completing the courses is around 6 weeks and above in a live online classroom format. When you are going for human resources courses, do check if they are self-paced also.

Would an online HR certification be beneficial for a fresher?

Of course. Whether you are a fresher, a freelancer, an experienced professional, or someone who has just started your career in the field of human resources, an online HR certification will arm you with the skills and knowledge that you will need to advance your career. It is also beneficial for those professionals who would like to collaborate better with HR for a rewarding career.

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