Difference between Cyber Security and Network Security

Difference between Cyber Security and Network Security

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Cyber security and network security are the two most popularly emerging fields in the tech world. With the number of cyber-attacks increasing, professionals with knowledge and expertise in these fields are in growing demand. If you are considering a career in the security field, it is important that you understand the difference between cyber security and network security. In this blog, we will understand what do the terms cyber security and network security mean and explore the differences between them.


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Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a part of information security. It is the practice of safeguarding critical systems and sensitive information from unauthorized access and digital attacks. Cybersecurity measures are designed to protect networked systems and applications against threats that originate from inside and outside of an organization.

Cybersecurity professionals manage and monitor any attacks and intrusions to protect an organization from unauthorized exploitation of systems. They recognize potential threats and collaborate with internal network teams to ensure the closure of vulnerabilities.

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Network Security

Network Security is a subset of cyber security. It deals with securing an organization’s computer network and data using hardware and software systems. Network security is a combination of tools and techniques that work together to protect an organization’s network. It is focused on safeguarding the confidentiality and accessibility of the data and network, mainly from internal threats. Organizations that handle a huge amount of data ensure need security solutions against internal cyber threats.

Network security professionals analyze the risks and vulnerabilities in the network. They safeguard the organization’s network infrastructure, both internally and externally, by building and implementing procedures and policies.

Information security vs cybersecurity vs network security

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The major differences between cyber security and network security are:


Cyber Security is a subset of information security. It is a mechanism that protects an organization’s systems, devices, and data from damage, misuse, attack, or unauthorized access.

Network security falls under cyber security. It is the process of protecting data in a network of computers against misuse and unauthorized access. In other words, it protects the integrity of an organization’s data and network against unauthorized access.


Cyber security safeguards an organization’s systems, devices, and data from cyber threats. It protects an organization from different types of attacks such as phishing, pretexting, and social engineering.

Network security, on the other hand, protects an organization’s IT infrastructure from network-related or online threats such as viruses and worms.

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Cyber Security is a broad term while network security is a subset of cyber security. Cybersecurity protects all the digital data of an enterprise against cyber attacks. Network security offers limited protection and safeguards the network and transmit data only.

Role of Professionals

Cybersecurity professionals are experts in the recovery, response, and detection of all threats. They deal with defending and protecting the system. Some cybersecurity professionals are also ethical hackers who assess the organization’s security and find vulnerabilities in systems, networks, or system infrastructure.

Network security professionals play a more proactive role in leveraging tools to prevent attacks. They are focused on protecting a company’s IT infrastructure and managing an organization’s password security, firewalls, and encryption.

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Cyber Security vs Network Security: Comparison Chart

Both cybersecurity and network security aim to improve a company’s security system. They use different methods and objectives to keep a system safe. Here are the key differences between cyber security and network security.

Cyber Security Network Security
It is a part of information security. It is a part of cyber security.
Cybersecurity safeguards entire digital data in the devices and servers. Network security protects only the transit data that is flowing over the network.
It protects anything in cyberspace. It protects anything in the network space.
Cybersecurity deals with defending an organization’s data from cyber-attacks and cybercrimes such as phishing and pretexting. It deals with the protection from DOS attacks, Trojans, Viruses, and Worms.
Cybersecurity measures include securing sensitive data, website authentication, and up-to-date information. Network security includes multi-factor authentication, software updates, and strict password policies.
Popular job titles include Cyber Security Architect and Cyber Security Analyst. Popular job titles include Network Security Engineer and Network Security Architect

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In this article, we discussed the differences between cybersecurity and network security. Cybersecurity is a broader category of online and digital security, whereas network hacking is considered a subset of cybersecurity.

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What are the different types of IT security?

There are five main types of IT security, Network Security, End-Point Security, Internet Security, Cloud Security, and Application Security.

What is the difference between information security and cyber security?

Information security refers to the measures designed to protect any kind of sensitive data and information (print or electronic) from unauthorized access. Cyber security is a subset of information security and network security is a subset of cybersecurity. Network security safeguards the integrity of an organizationu2019s network and the data that is flowing in that network.

How to start a career in network security?

To start a career in network security, you will need to gain a basic understanding of networking concepts, fundamentals of computer networks, architecture, communications, components, technologies, and more. You can take up online network security courses or certifications to learn about network security concepts in-depth.

Are Cyber Security and Network Security certifications worth it?

Yes, Cyber Security and Network Security certifications are worth it as they can give you a competitive advantage in your career. Nowadays, every organization looks for skilled professionals with a sharp skill set and knowledge, who can protect the organization against cyber-attacks and unauthorized access. With a security certification, it will be easier for you to showcase to potential recruiters that your knowledge and skills align with the job role.

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