Boost Your Career With Online Learning

Boost Your Career With Online Learning

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Jaya Sharma
Senior Executive Content
Updated on Oct 3, 2023 12:43 IST

Online learning has become key to your professional growth. Gone are the days when you could feel settled in with just being employed. Now, it is all about results. You can only climb up professionally with improved skillsets. Learning has become a consistent activity. 


Online Learning: Do it right now!

You can start improving/enhancing your skills at any time from anywhere. There are a number of e-learning courses available online which can be completed from the comfort of your home. You can complete them at your pace. You just need to schedule some time out and that skill/certification that you wish to pursue will be done in no time.

 Benefits of Online Learning

  1. Update and upgrade your knowledge with the help of the latest courses without the need to go to an institute. 
  2. Learn courses that are not offered by regular Institutes.
  3. Complete the course at your convenience. 
  4. Save travelling costs with no need to visit any institute. 
  5. Revise the chapters as many times as you want.
  6. Recorded lessons allow you to clarify doubts by revisiting that problem area.
  7. Enhance your learning experience with multiple learning methods including videos, assessments, quizzes and project work.
  8. Get experienced faculty mentorship to broaden your learning experience. 
  9. Receive certificates from renowned institutes at the end of every program.
  10. Keep the resume up to date by acquiring the latest skills of your domain.

Types of Online Courses

Online courses are available according to skills, industry and even a topic within your domain. You can gain in-depth knowledge on a single query. This will allow you to become an expert in your domain. There are many courses available. Let us discuss them in detail.

Domain-Specific Online Courses

You can become your domain’s expert through online courses. As a part of online learning, we have segregated courses based on your industry. We have four major categories including:

‘Others’ is a miscellaneous category that has courses based on finance, Finance, Creativity and Design, Emerging Technologies, Engineering-Non CS, Healthcare, Energy and Environment, Social Sciences, Personal Growth and Degree Programs.

Skill Specific Courses

You can also go for skill-based courses such as learning Python, Big Data, Hadoop, etc. 

Designation Specific Courses

Online learning also allows you to go for designation specific courses such as data scientist courses and project manager courses among other professions. 

Price Based Courses

You also get a choice to opt for either paid or free course based on your budget. There are many options available for you to go for. 

Vendor-Specific Courses

You get to choose courses from your favourite e-learning platform via Shiksha Online. The process to enrol is extremely simplified. You can also gain a lot of information on the vendor of your choice. 

While we are keeping ourselves updated with the latest developments in the world, it is now equally important to upgrade our skills for scaling up professionally. In fact, many organizations demand you to get certified. Since after such a tiresome day at the office, you might neither have energy nor time to do certifications. For a very long time, there was a need for a learning method that will allow you to learn at your convenience. This brought in the culture of online learning in the 21st century which has now become a part of our growth process.

As Henry Ford says, “The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young” which highlights the importance of learning in our daily lives.  Regardless of your age or designation, there is always a scope to learn and grow.


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