Planning to Study Abroad? Here’s Why You Should Work on Your English Skills

Planning to Study Abroad? Here’s Why You Should Work on Your English Skills

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Updated on Oct 6, 2021 10:58 IST

According to a recent survey, roughly 85% of international organizations use English as one of their primary working languages. Over 80% of academic journals across the world are written in English. If English isn’t your first language then I am sure you need to sharpen your English skills as a part of your application to study abroad. The article covers why should you improve your English to study abroad.


English Proficiency Guide to Help You Study Abroad

As English has become the common language for communication across the globe, it is increasingly being perceived as a route to better education and employment opportunities as well. Whether one is planning to go overseas for higher education or wishing to sit for job interviews, perfect command of English is required in every aspect.

Role of English in International Education

Many students today wish to appear for several International exams such as GMAT, SAT, etc. in order to pursue their higher education abroad. Each of these exams requires the applicant to take English proficiency tests such as PTE Academic, IELTS or TOEFL, etc. in order to measure their English communication skills against International standards.


Following are some ways in which advanced English proficiency can act as your ticket to better academic opportunities abroad:-

English Test Exams Made Easier

Exams such as PTE Academic, IELTS, or TOEFL assess a student’s English proficiency level on several scales such as vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, etc., and hence a strong command over English can help an individual to fair these exams with greater ease.

Visa Process Made Hassle-Free

Most of the countries before granting a visa, take an English assessment test in order to determine whether the applicant is fit to migrate overseas or not. Having a good score in English proficiency tests and a stronghold upon the language makes the process of gaining a visa easier and saves an individual’s time and effort.

Opens Doors to Many Appealing Career Opportunities

While obtaining an educational degree from international universities itself opens doors to many attractive career opportunities for students abroad, it is important to make a good impression while sitting for placements and job interviews. Most of the companies today lookout for potential employees who have strong interpersonal and communication skills and thus retaining proper English language proficiency helps a candidate to excel at the corporate front.

Ease of Social Acceptance When Study Abroad

Many countries, though having English as a uniform language, have different styles and accents of speaking and communicating. An advanced level of proficiency in English enables an individual to mix up and adapt himself better to the social circles around him.


Overall Personality Development

In the modern age of technology and digitization, strong command over English not only leads to the expansion of one’s career horizons but also contributes to an individual’s overall personality development. It widens one’s thinking horizon, increases productivity, makes a person more presentable, and opens the door to a lot of opportunities that an average person may not get access to.

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