How Can Great Learning Positively Impact Your Career

How Can Great Learning Positively Impact Your Career

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Great Learning offers the ideal job placement support through relevant, high-quality courses and top-tier university partnerships. Its tri-monthly career fairs and integrated online learning solutions are more reasons to choose a certification on the platform. 


Higher online education is the buzzword among current professionals, freshers and students. According to a Statista forecast, the online education market in India is to be at USD 2 billion this year. It is a striking 52% growth rate from USD 250 million in 2016.

Many online education platforms today in India cater to the evolving job market. The competition to land a job is becoming tougher even after an online certification. A further educational certification in a high-demand domain alone may not be a redeeming resume-shining quality.

Recruiters, at least, want to check the employability by finding out:

  • How well have you grasped theoretical concepts?
  • Who are the faculty members offering you training?
  • What kind of industry-related projects have you participated in?.
  • Has the course provider collaborated with any top-ranking university in India or abroad?

So if you want to check all the above tick boxes, choose India’s award-winning ed-tech platform, Great Learning.

About Great Learning

Great Learning was formed in 2013. Its aim is to provide the best further education for career transitioning professionals. It collaborates with renowned technical universities and B-schools in India and abroad to offer high-quality courses in today’s high-growth sectors.

Students here get the best opportunity to learn from faculty members from around the world with extensive knowledge and experience. Hands-on learning experience aside, the platform has a number of renowned hiring partners. It also offers frequent career fairs, recruitment drives, and hackathons for endless opportunities.

Top Reasons Why Great Learning Will Help You Professionally

Here are some of the best aspects of the Great Learning platform.

Collaboration with Top Universities

Among the most important criteria for choosing an online education platform is a partnership with a recognised university. Great Learning has the following partners in India and in international waters:

  • Great Lakes Institute of Management
  • IIT Madras
  • IIT Roorkee
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology
  • MIT Institute of Data, Systems, and Society (IDSS)
  • Northwestern School of Professional Studies
  • Deakin University
  • McCombs School of Business in University of Texas

Courses in High-Demand Job Sectors with Multiple Projects

Some of the in-demand jobs of this decade are business analytics, data science, machine learning and digital marketing. Great Learning provides a number of postgraduate online programmes in these fields. Among them are also the top-ranking courses in India the platform offers.

  1. PGP – Business Analytics and Business Intelligence (India’s no.1 programme in Analytics according to Outlook and Business Standard, among other magazines)
  2. PGP – Cloud Computing
  3. PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing
  4. Executive PG Program in Management
  5. Stanford Executive Education Design Thinking: From Insights to Viability
  6. National University of Singapore – Practical Decision Making Using Data Science
  7. IIIT Hyderabad – Post Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering for Data Science
  8. Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Engineering (Full-Time)

These courses also come with a variety of projects and assessments to reinforce learning.

For instance, the 12-month Executive PG Program in Management comprises 22 projects and one Capstone Project. The Capstone Project measures the skills the student acquires during the course duration. The best part is that industry experts guide and assist students with all these projects. Students in this course get to indulge in preparing for mock interviews, building resumes and joining career fairs.

Advanced Interactive Learning with Olympus Digital Campus

Great Learning offers its teaching partners and students an integrated, all-in-one online solution – Olympus Digital Campus. Through this tool, teachers are able to teach up to 1000 students in a single, classroom-like setting. Students can give tests, participate in group projects, and record lectures with it, as well.

Olympus Digital Campus also helps evaluate students through monitored live tests. Faculty members can schedule classes and track student’s performance. The tool generates scorecards of individual students so that lecturers don’t have to waste time checking quizzes and exam assessments separately.

Renowned Hiring Partners and Expanding

Great Learning provides maximum job guarantees to its students with its hiring partner companies. Currently, it has over 500 partners. The most popular ones are HSBC, Amazon, Mahindra, FedEx, HCL, Flipkart, Cartesian, eClerx,, etc.

GL Excelerate with Major Industry Sponsors

GL Excelerate is the platform’s career initiative programme. Held every three months since 2019, companies including IBM, Accenture, and other hiring partners in different industries recruit students. The major companies also sponsor hackathons and develop live projects for learners to highlight their relevant skillset. GL Excelerate also helps students gather familiarity with what the industries demand in professionals.

Comprehensively Structured Courses with Thorough Active Mentorship and Encouragement

Great Learning courses provide a methodical learning approach. University partners coordinate with the platform’s own program directors or other industry experts to design the curricula. They start with the fundamentals and gradually move up in the complexities of the respective domain. The courses go into every technical or conceptual detail required for the student to solve the real-world business problems of today. In fact, students from varied educational backgrounds can become domain experts.

Although the assignments may be challenging, they are output-oriented where students get adequate deadlines to complete them. Even when any student scores low, the mentor-guided projects help them become better. The projects also encourage students to learn other tools related to their industries to increase their overall efficiency.

In most courses, either industry experts from renowned companies or senior university professors offer mentorship on course projects. Do note that the projects are based on trending and interesting case studies. Students get to dive deeper into core concepts in their respective industries even more with the weekly mentorship sessions.

The mentors clarify errors with practical examples from their own previous experiences. Such mentoring is also done batch-wise where students from various backgrounds get to learn from each other’s mistakes. Mentoring sessions differ with the difficulty level of courses. In some, the batches are smaller to provide more individual attention.

Maximising Success with Mock Interview Preparation

As Great Learning curates jobs, students also get to prepare with mock interviews. You will learn everything ranging from how much time you should spend answering a question to maintaining good body language. The mentors guide how you can improve upon existing pain points. A few Great Learning students in the past have also booked career counselling sessions with mentors after getting their jobs.

Further, as a student, you will get resume templates and tips to draw the attention of recruiters. You will learn how you can focus on your strengths, cover what the job description demands, format correctly and write concisely.

Better Career Transition With Great Learning

Great Learning continues to expand its courses by collaborating with renowned universities and recruiting partners. All the programmes come with specialised projects to let your learning be a fulfilling experience. Along with industry-relevant courses, initiatives such as GL Excelerate help you fast track your career in the most convenient way.


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