Master Business Communication Skills With Top Courses

Master Business Communication Skills With Top Courses

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Updated on Aug 12, 2021 10:42 IST

Ever imagined why business communication and normal communication are considered two different skills? 


Though they sound quite parallel to each other, there is a thin line of difference between them. 

While normal communication is about precision and fluency in speech and grammar, business communication is focused more on effectiveness and impact. In the corporate world, business communication is more goal-driven when compared to normal day to day communication.

There is no point in being a fluent communicator unless you can get everyone to agree on a plan, or get your team excited about a shared goal, or close that deal successfully.

That’s why it is recommended that every professional be it a fresher or a seasoned expert, must put dedicated efforts to learn and understand every aspect of business communication.

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Importance of Learning Business Communication For Work

Before we jump on ‘how to improve your business communication’, it is essential to know why you must work on this skill!

Here are 4 top reasons why it is essential for every entrepreneur, experienced professional, and even a fresher to learn business communication skill:

    1. Aids in problem-solving: especially for problems that require collaboration and partnerships, coordination, and communication gaps are two key obstacles.
    2. Assists in negotiation: in situations where your persuasion skills are tested to the maximum, having access to the right techniques will not only help you navigate to a good outcome, it’ll also help you see what levers are being used by other parties to negotiate with you.
    3. Adds value to your thoughts and ideas: having great thoughts and ideas is not of much significance unless you translate them into action. Sometimes, people are not able to pass on their conviction as a result of weak business communication and end up feeling constrained and restricted. 
    4. Helps in getting a job and in career growth: typically the first impression that you have with your recruiter is in the form of an email or a phone call. That is followed by rounds of formal interviews. This is where strong communication skills play a huge part. Also, in your work environment, how you come across in terms of communication makes a big impact on your career growth and on your readiness for leadership roles.

Hence it is rightly said that if you sincerely work on your business communication skills, it will work back for you. 

And that’s why we at Shiksha Online have penned down some of the most sought after business communication skills. Along with this, we also present a few functional tips and top business communication courses that will give you an edge at the workplace.

Popular Business Communication Skills You Must Learn To Grow Today:

Skill 1 – Get Hands-On Experience in Written Communication

From official communication to collaborative apps, written communication is widely accepted in both small and large businesses. Most of the emails showcase a formal communication tone along with a little friendliness. Also, some businesses may practice other formal communication channels, thus, as a working professional, you must know how to make your message impactful and sound logical.


  • Business documentation and report writing
  • Business letter and email writing 
  • Business presentations
  • Report writing

Which Courses Can Help?

Skill 2 – Understand Non-Verbal Communication

Most of the people speak a lot without saying a single word and for others, vice versa could be true. Also, when involved in any external communication, it is essential to remember that every company is governed by certain pre-defined notions, cultural differences, and a lot of similar things, and thus, you must honor their emotions, sentiments, views, and tone.  

An example:

As per a book by Terri Morrison and Wayne A. Conaway – Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands, Sales, and Marketing: The Essential Cultural Guide —from Presentations and Promotions to Communicating and Closing:

A US prospect will speak upfront to raise their doubts and concerns and let you know if they stuck anywhere.

However, an Indian prospect will refrain from raising any objections directly, and there I’ll try is a way to say a loud and clear ‘No’.


  • Read, examine, and understand non-verbal messages
  • Catch unsaid messages through body language, gesture, eye-contact, tone, confidence, posture, etc. 
  • Maintain eye-contact
  • Study emotional intelligence

Which Courses Can Help?

Skill 3 – Always Be Ready and Well-Read About Your Domain

It is very crucial to start planning and preparing your communication as it gives you the confidence to deal with the good and volatile situation.

Also, most of the time it happens that you have a great idea to pitch in but you forget things during your presentation, or if someone cross-questions you in a conversation, you get stuck. And that’s why planning your communication message well in advance works.


  • Draft clear message keeping in mind your audience
  • Jot down your points well in advance
  • Keep things documented and use sticky notes 
  • Don’t make any presumptions in advance

However, planned communications work well when you are giving a presentation, attending a meeting, out for a client call. Thus, when planned communication is not possible, in those cases, the below tips will help:

  • Listen intelligently and then respond
  • Stay well-read about your domain
  • Ask the right questions
  • Use persuasive communication techniques like storytelling to engage with others
  • Avoid using jargons

Which Courses Can Help?

  1. Business Fundamentals: Effective Communication
  2. Business Communication Skills Training
  3. The Art of Communicating

Skill 4 – Groom Your Presentation Skills

As working professionals have you must have the basic knowledge of tools like Powerpoint, MS Excel, and MS Word. But due to lack of time and opportunities, we miss polishing these presentation skills. 

However, as delivering enticing presentations is a must for every manager, it is essential to practice business and visual presentation skills so that you can take the stage. 


  • Practice and learn the essential points of your presentation
  • Make eye contact 
  • Identify common presentation mistakes you commit 
  • Excel in MS Office Tools
  • Learn the art of negotiation

Which Courses Can Help?

The Parting Note

The more you focus on your communication skills, the more you will grow in your career. Thus, starting today, work on your weak areas, and find ways to polish your strengths. 

Think like a leader and practice like an influencer. Also, don’t forget to read business communication books like ‘Awaken the Giant Within’ by Tony Robbins and ‘Influence’ by Dr. Robert Cialdini.

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