Top 10 Technology Trends in 2023 That You Need to Check Out

Top 10 Technology Trends in 2023 That You Need to Check Out

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These 10 technology trends for 2023 are in various interconnected subdomains – from AI to big data. Find out which area pertains to your business or continuing education.


Technology is perpetually changing. For businesses and building a career in the field, it can be confusing which trend is going to last long, especially when there are so many passing ones such as NFTs

Fret not! Today, the blog is going to cover the latest technology trends that will matter most in 2023. 

Internet of Behaviours

This trend comes down from IoT (Internet of Things). IoB or Internet of Behaviours is an emerging technology that gives a new spin to how devices are connected and data stored in the cloud. 

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IoB is based on the usage of data that is collected through wearable devices, electronic appliances at home or office, etc. It relies on behavioural science, data analytics and technology, to understand how individuals make a decision to purchase. 

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IoB not only can be a huge benefit to the digital marketing domain where marketers can offer more customised digital ads, but also in the healthcare industry. With IoB, it becomes convenient to monitor the heart rate, blood pressure, etc., of patients. 

Gartner predicts that 40% of the global population is going to get tracked through the Internet of Behaviors (IoB) by 2023. 

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Artificial Intelligence as a Service (AIaaS)

You are already aware of Software as a Service, which is a software licensing model used as a subscription. Now, AIaaS is much the same, but replaced with artificial intelligence

With AIaaS, companies can incorporate AI tools (mostly API) from a third party in the cloud through a one-time payment or subscription. Some examples include AWS Machine Learning, Chat GPT, IBM Watson, etc. 

One of the many advantages of using AIaaS is that coding skills are not requisite. These services are advantageous to tasks that require cognitive judgment. 

Along with that, it is highly efficient and economical as you will find pay-per-use pricing models. 

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Edge Computing

Edge computing is perhaps the biggest trend in the world of cloud computing. It is highly beneficial when it comes to data security. Further, it can be of great use in terrains without connectivity. Here, data is not sent back to a centralised data centre, instead, it is processed nearby. 

For a business, edge computing can help reduce the cost of storing data in terms of bandwidth required in cloud computing. It can also make an organisation much more secure in case of cyberattacks. And the 5G internet adoption will help edge computing even further. 

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Introduced back in 2013, datafication is about converting basic human interactions into data. This trend is largely seen in organisations that focus on being data-driven. This can make business processes effective as there will be total reliance on data for any decision-making. For that, the organisation needs to hire experts such as data scientists, business intelligence professionals, and similar.

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Quantum Computing

It utilises quantum principles that make it able to compute complex information that conventional computers cannot. To be concise, quantum computers are able to perform calculations based on conditional probability rather than binaries, 1s, and 0s. 

For example, harnessing the power of molecules in photosynthesis is impossible with a classical computer, as electrons are constantly interacting with each other. With quantum computing, such calculations can be done much faster. What a classical computer may take years, quantum computing can finish that level of task in a week or a few.

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Now, for a business, quantum computing can help in problem-solving and quality control. While there was little scope for its popularity, 2023 and beyond will see its mass commercialisation.  

According to Forbes, quantum computing will see the government’s involvement in investing for national protection this year. Another use will be for identifying complex errors in networks through prototype systems first, with the goal of making communications online fully secure and unhackable through the concept of Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). 

Apart from that, there will be a focus on applying quantum computing in the area of logistics. And according to Chintan Oza, quantum is going to be taught in undergraduate engineering in India in 2023. 

You can already tell, this is just the beginning!

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation or RPA, is used for automatic business processes, thus making them efficient. In 2023, machine learning and AI techniques will be incorporated with RPA. Along with that, it will help automate cybersecurity and prevent data breaches. 

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Also, Robotic Process Automation today has become more economical than before. According to an Intelligent Automation Network survey, 54% of respondents are adopting RPA in 2023. 

Furthermore, the global RPA market will cross USD 10 billion this year. 

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Sustainable Tech

Gartner’s Top Strategic Technology Trends of 2023 states the growing importance of incorporating sustainability in an organisation’s IT services. 

Gartner states, “By 2025, 50% of CIOs will have performance metrics tied to the sustainability of the IT organization.”

Renewable energy, reducing waste, etc., are some methods that tech brands such as Apple are already adopting. Even blockchain can help a business save resources in a variety of ways, especially, in transactions and in ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) reporting with many stakeholders who may have clashing interests. 

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Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented reality is the next big thing for businesses in 2023-2025. A Deloitte Digital and Snap Inc. report stated that in the next two years, 4.3 billion global consumers will use AR on a frequent basis. 

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AR is popular among the Gen Z and millennial population with higher familiarity, adoption and comfort rates than the older generations. For a business, AR encourages unique ways in which the product or service is marketed in a more personalised manner. 

Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) Platforms

While software development is expected to be rapid, it is not the case. There is a lack of skilled resources, still. 

This year will see the rise of LCNC platforms where little to no coding is required. These platforms are based on Python, Java, etc. The users just have to drag and drop features, which will cost less for an organisation in terms of IT infrastructure and speed up the software development cycle, further creating higher customer satisfaction. 

Such platforms will be of great use for eCommerce sites. 

But do check out some Python courses online, as the demand for Python experts is not going away anytime soon! 

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

PWAs are set to replace traditional apps altogether. A progressive web app refers to a native app and mobile browser. These do not take up any storage space and work almost like an app. 

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Parting Thoughts

So these are among the top technology trends of 2023. They are set to drive businesses further in the coming years too! 

And to upskill in 2023, simply explore and take up any of the top technology courses listed on our platform. 

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