Times TSW Review – Executive Education Courses for Working Professionals

Times TSW Review – Executive Education Courses for Working Professionals

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Updated on Aug 2, 2021 09:58 IST

In this Times TSW review, you will find everything you need to know about the niche executive education brand that strives to boost the careers of working professionals. Focused on providing career-defining educational programmes, this online learning platform offers top-quality courses in a wide range of categories. Read on to find out the Times TSW review, that will help you to decide whether this platform is right for you!


About Times TSW

The Second Wind (TSW) is an initiative by Times Professional Learning, the award-winning education initiative of India’s largest and most diversified media conglomerate, The Times of India Group. It strives to offer career-defining educational programmes designed for working professionals. 

TSW makes world-class education and learning accessible to working professionals through strategic collaborations with some of the world’s best educational institutions. It helps executives at every stage of their career to keep up with an ever-evolving knowledge economy. 

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Times TSW Review – Reasons to Start Learning on Times TSW Today 

1. Different Learning Modes

Times TSW Learning Modes

Source – Times TSW website


TSW has four learning modes, catering to the varied needs of working professionals. The modes are: 

  • Classroom in your city

TSW has a unique Interactive Learning (IL) platform to facilitate learning across multiple locations. Instructors conduct virtual Live teaching sessions via two-way audio/video synchronous telecommunication mode from the on-campus studios of their respective institutions. TSW has a network of 68 centers across 41 cities in India to enable learners to continue their education close to their place of work or stay.

  • Classroom on your device

Learners can attend live lectures at a location of their comfort, through devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, or desktops.

  • Self-paced online learning

TSW allows you to learn in your own time and schedule. You can control the amount of material you consume as well as the duration of time to learn the new information properly.

  • In-person / on-campus

Several TSW programmes are completely delivered on the campus of the institute. These courses can include full-time residential programmes for the duration of the programme or the campus sessions that are delivered in short-term modules staggered across the long-term to enable learners to pace their learning with flexibility.

2. Top-Quality Courses

It offers top-quality courses for working professionals, enabling them to enhance their skills, add value to their work, and have a more rewarding career. Times TSW offers courses in the following domains: 

  • Leadership & Strategy 
  • Operations & Supply Chain 
  • Marketing & Sales 
  • Human Resources 
  • Technology & Analytics 
  • Finance & Banking 
  • Healthcare 

3. World-class pedagogy 

TSW is known for its world-class pedagogy. It offers contemporary learning through global best practices and acclaimed faculty. The instructors/faculty use a variety of tools, like slide presentations, video, audio, and whiteboards to effectively communicate ideas and interact with learners.

4. Collaboration with the world’s best institutes 

TSW has partnerships with top Indian and global institutions to offer premium executive education programmes. Its partner Institutes include: 

  • IIM Lucknow
  • Stanford University
  • IIM Calcutta
  • IIM Kozhikode
  • Michigan State University
  • IIT Ropar
  • IIM Indore
  • Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • IIM Tiruchirappalli 

Times TSW Partner Institutes

5. Hands-on experience

Before enrolling in an online course, many learners wonder if the course will offer opportunities for hands-on experience? Will you be provided a variety of teaching methodologies, like written content, real-life projects, and video sessions? 

On enrolling in a Times TSW course, you wouldn’t have to worry about such questions. Many courses on the platform, especially in the Technology category, offer hands-on training and let you work on actual projects based on real scenarios and market needs. The courses consist of projects, case studies, and hackathons, enabling learners to compete to solve real business problems. 

Hands-on Learning

6. Alumni Membership

On successful completion of a program through TSW, you will be eligible for the alumni status of the top-notch partner institute. Through this alumni membership, learners can become a part of an exclusive network of performers and achievers. 

Times TSW Alumni Membership

Source – Times TSW website


7. Analytics and Dashboard 

TSW makes it easier for learners to track their progress through analytics and a dashboard. 

Analytics and Dashboard

Top Times TSW Courses

  1. IIM Kozhikode Professional Certificate Programme in Business Management
  2. IIM Indore Certificate Programme in Project Management (CPM)
  3. IIT Ropar Post Graduate Certificate Programme in Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning
  4. IIM Kozhikode – Master of Business Administration ( MBA)
  5. IIM Lucknow – Advanced Programme in Strategy for Leaders
  6. IIT Roorkee Post Graduate Certificate Program in Data Science & Machine Learning

If you are a working professional and don’t have time to pursue a full-time course, don’t let yourself get stuck in your career. Enroll in an online course on Times TSW to enhance your skills and boost your career.


We hope that you’ll find the information provided in this Times TSW review helpful. At Naukri learning, it is our mission to help you make informed upskilling decisions. For any feedback write to us on nl.feedback@naukri.com.


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