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AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals 

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AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals


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AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals

  • Flexible deadlines Reset deadlines in accordance to your schedule.
  • Shareable Certificate Earn a Certificate upon completion
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  • Beginner Level Considerable experience with AWS Cloud. Understanding of different query languages for the databases.
  • Approx. 18 hours to complete
  • English Subtitles: English
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AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals
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More about this course
  • Amazon DynamoDB Fundamentals is a skill enhancement course designed for candidates aiming to enhance their knowledge as Database professionals. This course will help learners understand working with NoSQL databases. Furthermore, fluency in basic concepts of AWS DynamoDB brings long-term opportunities with a specialization in database designing on the cloud.
  • This course provides 7+ hours of training videos which are segmented into modules. The course concepts are easy to understand through lab demonstrations. Learners could find a total of 55 lectures in the training course with comprehensive coverage of the features and concepts of DynamoDB. The course is divided into 6 Modules and each module is further split into lessons. In order to test the understanding of learners, every module includes Assessments in the form of Quizzes and In Video Questions. A mandatory Graded Questions Quiz is also provided at the end of every module.
  • Module 1: NoSQL Introduction
  • Module 2: DynamoDB Tables
  • Module 3: DynamoDB Items
  • Module 4: DynamoDB Indexes
  • Module 5: DynamoDB Global Tables
  • Module 6: DynamoDB Backups
  • This course aims to achieve multiple AWS Certifications. Some of the important benefits of achieving these certifications include:
  • - Validating your knowledge and understanding of serverless NoSQL databases.
  • - Providing you with global recognition for your knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • - Getting more chances of being promoted in your current job or getting a new job with a high paycheck.
  • So, enroll in our Amazon DynamoDB Fundamentals Course and attain career growth by becoming a Database Professional. In addition, you can also explore many other opportunities in various job roles in the AWS landscape.
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AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals

NoSQL Introduction

Introduction - Course Overview

NoSQL Overview

DynamoDB Overview

Syllabus Outline

Week 1 Outline

Practice Quiz 1

Graded Quiz 1

DynamoDB Tables

Tables Introduction

Table CRUD operations - Console

Table CRUD operations - CLI

Table Level Operations

Table Level Operations - Lab

Provisioned Capacity

Provisioned Capacity Demo Part 1

Provisioned Capacity Demo Part 2

On-Demand Capacity

On-Demand Capacity Demo

Partitions, Adaptive Capacity & Burst Capacity

Auto Scaling

Auto Scaling Demo

TTL Concept

TTL Demo

Week 2 Outline

Practice Quiz 2.1

Practice Quiz 2.2

Practice Quiz 2

Graded Quiz 2

DynamoDB Items - Part 1


GetItem Demo

PutItem & DeleteItem

PutItem & DeleteItem Demo

BatchGetItem & BatchWriteItem

BatchGetItem & BatchWriteItem Demo Part 1

BatchGetItem & BatchWriteItem Demo Part 2

BatchGetItem & BatchWriteItem Demo Part 3


Transactions Demo

Items Lab

Items Lab Solution Part 1

Items Lab Solution Part 2

Items Lab Solution Part 3

Items Lab Solution Part 4

Week 3 Outline

Practice Quiz 3.1

Practice Quiz 3

Graded Quiz 3

DynamoDB Items - Part 2

Scan concept

Scan Demo


Query Demo


UpdateItem Demo Part 1

UpdateItem Demo Part 2

UpdateItem Demo Part 3

Expressions - Part 1

Expressions - Part 2

Expressions Demo - Part 1

Expressions Demo - Part 2

Week 4 Outline

Practice Quiz 4.1

Practice Quiz 4

Graded Quiz 4

DynamoDB Indexes and Global Tables

Indexes Overview

Local Secondary Indexes

Local Secondary Indexes Demo - Part 1

Local Secondary Indexes Demo - Part 2

Global Secondry Indexes

Global Secondary Indexes Demo - Part 1

Global Secondary Indexes Demo - Part 2


Indexes Demo - Part 1

Indexes Demo - Part 2

Global Tables

Global Tables Demo - Part 1

Global Tables Demo - Part 2

Global Tables

Global Tables - Lab

Week 5 Outline

Practice Quiz 5.1

Practice Quiz 5

Graded Quiz 5

DynamoDB Backups

On-Demand Backups

On-Demand Backups Demo - Part 1

On-Demand Backups Demo - Part 2

PITR Backups

PITR Backups Demo


Backups - Lab

Week 6 Outlilne

Key Takeaway from the course

Practice Quiz 6

Graded Quiz 6

AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals
Admission Process

    Important Dates

    May 25, 2024
    Course Commencement Date

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    AWS DynamoDB Fundamentals

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