Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist 

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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
Course details

Who should do this course?
  • For Medical Professionals
  • For anyone seeking a new career opportunities as an Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
What are the course deliverables?
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Medical Billing & Coding for the EHR
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical Terminology
  • Medical Law and Ethics
  • Health Insurance in the United States
More about this course
  • The Electronic Health Records Program is designed to provide students with the skills necessary for entry-level positions in a medical office, hospital, insurance office, or any type of medical facility utilizing EHR
  • Students will be exposed to real-world exercises using software to create patient records, lab reports, notes, and code setting
  • Students will gain a solid understanding of the legal aspects of patient confidentiality and disclosure of medical records

Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

Unit 1: Welcome: Getting Started

Introduction to Electronic Health Records

What to Expect

Unit 2: The Health Care System

Lesson 1: Understanding Health Systems: Historical Evolution of Health Services

Lesson 2: Health Information Technology (HITECH)

Lesson 3: Introduction to Health Insurance

Lesson 4: Federal and State Plans

Lesson 5: Laws and Regulations

Check Your Understanding: Understanding Health Systems: Historical Evolution of

Unit 3: Medical Terminology

Lesson 1: Introduction to Medical Terminology

Check Your Understanding: Introduction to Medical Terminology

Lesson 2: Medical Terminology Systems

Check Your Understanding: Medical Terminology Body Systems

Unit 4: Anatomy & Physiology

Lesson 1 : Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology

Lesson 2: Anatomical Terms, Planes, Abdominal Division

Check Your Understanding: Anatomical Terms, Planes, Abdominal Division

Lesson 3: Homeostasis

Check Your Understanding: Hemostasis

Lesson 4: Cells

Check Your Understanding: Cells

Lesson 5: Tissue

Check Your Understanding: Tissues

Lesson 6: Skeletal System

Check Your Understanding: Skeletal

Lesson 7: Muscular System

Check Your Understanding: Muscular System

Lesson 8: Integumentary System

Check Your Understanding: Integumentary

Lesson 9: Nervous System

Check Your Understanding: Nervous System

Lesson 10: Special Senses

Check Your Understanding: Special Senses

Lesson 11: Endocrine System

Check Your Understanding: Endocrine System

Lesson 12: Cardiovascular System

Check Your Understanding: Cardiovascular System

Lesson 13: Respiratory System

Check Your Understanding: Respiratory System

Lesson 14: Lymphatic and Immune System

Check Your Understanding: Lymphatic and Immune System

Lesson 15: Gastrointestinal System

Check Your Understanding: Gastrointestinal System

Lesson 16: Urinary System

Check Your Understanding: Urinary System

Lesson 17: Reproductive System

Check Your Understanding: Reproductive System

Unit 5: Introduction to Electronic Health Records

Lesson 1: History of the EHR

Lesson 2: Steps to EHR Implementation

Learn how to use EHR Software

Lesson 3: EHR Framwork

EMR Administration Process

Lesson 4: EHR Record and Content

Clinical Assessment Process

Lesson 5: Patient Visit Management

Patient Scheduling

Lesson 6: Consent & Acknowledgments

Lesson 7: Problem, Medication, and Allergy Lists

Outpatient Clinical Intake

Lesson 8: Examination/Assessment Notes, Graphics, and Charts

VistA CP Flowsheets Module, Shift Handoff Tool, and Progress Notes

Lesson 9: Treatment Plans, Orders, and Results

Lesson 10: Medication Orders and Administration

Lesson 11: Patient Communication

Inpatient Vista

Lesson 12: Coding, Billing and Practice Reports

Lesson 13: Research, Registries, and Reportable Events

Lesson 14: Personal Health Records and Continuing Care Records

Admission Assessment



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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
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Sneha Pande
Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist
Learning Experience: Course content is good. Hands on software provided. It has not greatly impacted career but definitely new skill to be learned.
Faculty: It was okay Course Structure involves assignment and software
Reviewed on 24 Dec 2022Read More
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Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist

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