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Oscillators and Waves


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Oscillators and Waves

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Oscillators and Waves
Course details

Skills you will learn
What are the course deliverables?
  • What you'll learn
  • Learners will be prepared to evaluate real-world data regarding oscillators and wave motion.
  • Learners can solve complicated mathematical problems related to oscillators and waves.
  • Learners will be prepared for more advanced courses in physics.
More about this course
  • This first course serves as an introduction to the physics of waves and light
  • Upon completion, learners will understand how mathematical laws and conservation principles describe wave propagation and light in the context of both geometrical and physical optics
  • Learners will gain experience in solving physics problems with tools such as graphical analysis, algebra, vector analysis, and calculus
  • This first course covers the Wave Equation, Normal Modes, Wave Propagation, and Dispersion
  • Each of the three modules contains complete video lectures, conceptual quizzes, and a set of homework problems
  • This comprehensive course is similar in detail and rigor to those taught on-campus at Rice
  • It will thoroughly prepare learners for their upcoming introductory physics courses or more advanced courses in physics
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Oscillators and Waves



Oscillator Equation of Motion

Secret Mathematical Method

Oscillator Solution

Initial Conditions Example

Natural Frequency Demo

The Oscillator Equation


Taylor Expansions

The Spring of Air Equation

Spring of Air Equilibrium

The Spring of Air Linearization

"Simple" Pendulum

Field Trip!


Usefulness of Superposition

Complex Superposition

The Imaginary Axis

The Complex Plane

Simple Harmonic Motion in the Complex Plane

Superposition in the Complex Plane

Superposition Demo

Beats by Dr. Hafner

Beats Demo

Damped Equation of Motion

Some Trivial Solutions

A Good Solution

Light Damping

DYI Damping Demo

Quality Factor

Driven Equation of Motion

Steady State Solution

Dissecting the Solution

Steady State Phase and Amplitude

Resonant Amplitude

The Resonant Phase

Coupled Equations of Motion

Normal Modes

Normal Mode Solution 1

Normal Mode Solution 2

Abnormal Solution pt. 1

Abnormal Solution pt. 2

Abnormal Solution pt. 3 (with Demo)

HMNS Pendulum

Top Ten Signs It's Time for your Physics Professor to Retire

Course Introduction

Grading Philosophy and Advice

Stable Equilibrium?

Another guess

Messing with a Mass on a Spring

Weird Spring


Straw Poll

Sine and Cosine (literally)

Count the Modes

Mode Energy

Beat It

Oscillators Homework

Waves I


Partial Derivatives

Small Segment




Normal Mode Solutions

Clamped String Boundary Conditions

Clamped String Normal Modes Demo

43 Normal Modes

Colorful Normal Modes

Normal Mode Parameters

Joe Fourier

Mathematical Statement

The Trick



For Visual Learners

The Coefficients

Sloped String Example I

Sloped String Example II

Barry Manilow's Fourier Components

French's Fourier Foibles

Square Pulse Example

SPT - The Telekinetic Grad Student

Take a Partial

String Shape

Quite a String

Another Guess

Other Frequencies?

Wave Properties

Guessing Coefficients II

Waves I Homework

Waves II

Traveling Wave Equation

Traveling Wave Solutions

Wave Speed

Wave Speed Demo

The Traveling Pulse

Traveling Pulse Boundary Conditions

Wave Motion

Traveling Pulse a Better Way

Traveling Pulse Solution

The Stiff String

The Dispersion Curve

Non-Dispersive Beats

Phase and Group Velocities

Dispersive Beats

Dispersive Group Velocity

Lecture 7 - Sound in Air

Lecture 8 - Slinky Demo

Lecture 1 - A String Interface

Lecture 2 - Forces at Interfaces

Lecture 3 - Impedance

Lecture 4 - Boundary Conditions

Lecture 5 - Reflection and Transmission Coefficients

Lecture 6 - Interface Behavior (with String Demo)

Lecture 7 - Wave Machine Demo

Lecture 8 - Impedance Matching

Top Ten Phrases Rarely Used to Describe PHYS 126

Increasing Tension

Which Way?

Dispersion Relations

New Pulse

Waves II Homework

Oscillators and Waves Exam

Macro Raman of Starbase Concrete

Oscillators and Waves Exam

Oscillators and Waves
Admission Process

    Important Dates

    May 25, 2024
    Course Commencement Date

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    Oscillators and Waves

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