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Palo Alto Networks - Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation 

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Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation


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Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation

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  • Course 1 of 4 in the Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity.
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Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation
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  • Course Description:
  • In this course, students will learn fundamental principles associated with the current
  • cybersecurity landscape and identify concepts required to recognize and potentially
  • mitigate attacks against enterprise networks as well as mission critical infrastructure.
  • Students will also learn how to initially setup and configure security zones,
  • authentication, and policies on a next generation firewall.

Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation

Cybersecurity Foundation: Module 1 - Course Information

Video: Cybersecurity and Why it Matters

Cybersecurity Foundation Course Syllabus

Cybersecurity Foundation Course Textbook and Candidate Information

Palo Alto Networks Certified Cybersecurity Entry-level Technician

Cybersecurity Foundation Module 2 - Cyber-Landscape

Future of Cybersecurity

Cyber 101 - NIST

Modern Computing Trends

Turbulence in the Cloud - SaaS Application Risks

Compliance and Security

Module 2 Quiz

Cybersecurity Foundation Module 3 - Cyber-Threats

Cybersecurity Threats

Social Engineering

Unit 42: Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

Unit 42: Cryptomining Attacks

Unit 42: The Shift to Cryptomining

Attacker Profiles and CyberAttack Strategies

High Profile Cybersecurity Attacks

Wi-Fi Configuration and Attacks

Advanced Persistent Threats

Module 3 Quiz

Cybersecurity Foundation Module 4 - Attack Types and Techniques


Malware vs. Exploits

Bots and Botnets

Vulnerabilities, Exploits, Spamming, Phishingg

Distributed Denial of Service and APTs

Reading: Malware

Vulnerabilities and Exploits

Reading - Spamming and Phishing

Bots and Botnets

Module 4 Quiz

Cybersecurity Foundation Module 5 - Cybersecurity Models & Design Principles

Security Models I

Security Models II

Securing the Datacenter

Securing East West Datacenter Traffic

Security Models - Zero Trust

Security Models - Perimeter Based Security

Security Models - Policies and Trust

Module 5 Quiz

Security Operating Platform

Setting up Palo Alto Networks NGFW

Reading: Security Operating Platform

PAN OS Administrators Guide

Next Generation Firewall Overview

Module 6 Quiz

Final Exam

Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation
Admission Process

    Important Dates

    May 25, 2024
    Course Commencement Date

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    Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Foundation

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