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UIUC - Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants 

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Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants


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Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants

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Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants
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  • Accountants perform a wide variety of activities which include, but are not limited to, accounting, auditing, tax, management consulting, and financial management. However, a professional accountant's responsibility is not exclusively to satisfy the needs of an employer or professional services client. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the accounting profession is its acceptance of the responsibility to act in the public interest.
  • This course will introduce you to professional guidance that enables accountants to uphold the obligation to act in the public interest while meeting their professional responsibilities to employers and clients. You will also learn foundational knowledge of the moral dimensions of business that are helpful for recognizing and interpreting the ethical issues embedded in situations you will encounter in your career. Topics in the course include professional standards, values and norms, ethical theories, theories of a firm and business purpose, and corporate governance.
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Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants

About the Course

Course Introduction

About Professor Curtis


About the Discussion Forums

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Orientation Quiz

The Beginning: Developing Shared Understanding

Reflections on What is Not Professional

What it Means to be Professional

What is a Profession?

Professional Responsibility

Professional Responsibility: Interview with Gretchen Winter

Module 1 Overview and Resources

CPA Profession Exploration Exercise

CPA Profession Exploration Exercise Guide

Lesson 1.1 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1.2 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1.3 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1.4 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1.5 Knowledge Check

Lesson 1.6 Knowledge Check

Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 Foundations Part II: Values and Ethics

Professional Competence

Family Experience and Personal Values

Beliefs that Drive Behavior

Values Conflicts

Revealing Values & How We Learn Values

What Are Ethics?

More About Ethics

Module 2 Overview and Resources

Ethics Unwrapped Videos

Lesson 2.1 Knowledge Check

Lesson 2.2 Knowledge Check

Lesson 2.3 Knowledge Quiz

Lesson 2.4 Knowledge Check

Lesson 2.5 Knowledge Check

Lesson 2.6 Knowledge Check

Lesson 2.7 Knowledge Check

Lesson 2.8 Knowledge Check

Module 2 Quiz

Module 3 Debate: The Purpose of Business

Ethical Responsibilities of Business

Meet the Business Owners - Part 1

Adam Smith I: Personal Autonomy & the Competitive Markets of Capitalism

Adam Smith II: Compassionate and Ethical Self-Interest

Meet the Business Owners - Part 2

Who Does Corporate Management Serve

Defense of Publically Motivated Corporate Actions

The Moral Obligation to Maximize Shareholder Wealth

Module 3 Overview and Resources

Lesson 3.1 Knowledge Check

Lesson 3.3 Knowledge Check

Lesson 3.4 Knowledge Check

Lesson 3.6 Knowledge Check

Lesson 3.7 Knowledge Check

Lesson 3.8 Knowledge Check

Module 3 Quiz

Module 4 Corporate Governance: Laws, Regulators, Boards of Directors, Codes of Ethics, Ethical Culture

Tone at the Top

US Regulations

An Economic Perspective

A Different View of Corporate Governance

Proactive Frameworks of Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

Board Committees

Ethics & Compliance Programs

Codes of Ethics

Code and Program Effectiveness

A Conversation with Jeff Lowenstein

A Conversation Continued

Gies Online Programs

Module 4 Overview and Resources


Lesson 4.1 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.2 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.3 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.4 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.5 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.6 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.7 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.8 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.9 Knowledge Check

Lesson 4.10 Knowledge Check

Module 4 Quiz

Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants
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    May 25, 2024
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    Professional Responsibility and Ethics for Accountants

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