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Direct taxation refers to the tax directly paid to the entity. The nation's top taxing authority imposes direct taxes on people and businesses. For instance, taxpayers directly fund the government by paying income tax, property tax, asset-based taxes, and gift taxes. The taxes are imposed depending upon the ability-to-pay concept. The people, who are earning more and taking advantage of more resources, will be eligible to pay more taxes. The way the direct rules are written makes taxes appear to be a way to redistribute wealth in the nation.

To get into the depth of direct taxation, various institutes/colleges offer Direct Taxation courses for less than a year duration. Direct taxation course helps in gaining basic concepts, types, and computation. The course is structured in a self-paced learning style. This course is offered for CMA students, CA intermediate students, BCom/MCom students, finance professionals, and so forth.  

Different colleges follow different eligibility criteria for admission to Direct Taxation courses. Some of the colleges offer admission on the basis of merit, while many others grant admission on the basis of entrance tests like ICAI, ICSI, SAT, DUET, and SUET.

Eligibility Criteria for Direct Taxation Course 

Direct taxation course can be pursued by the candidates, who fulfill the below-mentioned criteria: 

  • Qualified Cost & Management Accountants (Members) 
  • Other Professionals (CS, CA, MBA, M.Com, Lawyers) 
  • Executives from Industries and Tax Practitioners 
  • Students who are either CMA-qualified or CMA pursuing  

Entrance Exams for Direct Taxation Course

Interested students need to appear in the following entrance exams to get admitted in the direct taxation course:

  • ICAI
  • ICSI
  • SAT India
  • CMA Exam
  • CUET 
  • DUET
  • CFA
  • AMU Entrance Test

Direct Taxation Course Skills Required 

To have a career in tax, candidates must possess the required skills for the direct taxation course: 


The candidate must possess communication skills in order to explain complex regulations to non-specialists. Good communication skills also endure confidence. 


One doesn’t have to be a genius as plenty of students from other streams other than commerce gets into tax. One must be comfortable with numbers and have budgeting techniques. 

Time management 

Candidates must have the skill to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines. Candidates must possess the skill to take responsibility and be punctual.   

Commercial awareness 

Candidates pursuing the direct taxation course must have a keen interest in the industry and keep up the work up to date.  

Attention to details 

Candidates must have the ability to interpret the regulations exactly as they mean. The candidate must pay attention to every detail mentioned in the tax law.  


Candidate must be dynamic and must have the ability to face complex tasks.  

Colleges/Institute Offering Direct Taxation Course 

Direct Taxation Courses 

Course Name 

Course Duration 

Mode of Course 

Institute Offering 

Online Certificate Course on GST 

72 hours 



Online Advanced Certificate Course on GST 

40 hours 



Online Certificate Course on TDS 

30 hours 



Online Certificate Course on Income Tax Return Filling 

30 hours 



Advanced Course on GST Audit and Assessment Procedure 

30 hours 



Advanced Course on Income Tax Assessment and Appeal 

30 hours 



Advance Certificate in Direct Taxation 

6 months 


ISBMA, Hyderabad/Bangalore 

Diploma in Direct Taxation 

1 year 


ISBMA, Bangalore 

Certificate in Direct Tax 

9 months 

Full time/ Offline 

Shree Halari Visa Oswal College of Commerce 

Certificate in Direct Taxes (Income Tax) 

3 months 


College of Management Studies & Commerce, Ghansoli   

B.Com. in Tax Procedure and Practice

3 years


Idyllic Institute of Management

Direct Taxation Course Syllabus 

The syllabus for direct taxation varies from course to course. Check the table below to know the various direct taxation courses and syllabus 

Course Name 

Course Content 

Online Certificate Course on GST 

  • Constitutional Background of GST, 
  • Concepts of GST & Definitions in GST. 
  • Classification, HSN, SAC 
  • Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC 
  • Records and Returns 
  • Payment and Refunds 
  • Demands 
  • Penalties and Prosecutions 
  • Job Work 
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports and 
  • Exports 
  • Applicability of TDS and TCS under 
  • GST and Filing of Return 
  • Taxable event, Time of Supply and 
  • Place of Supply, Composite & Mixed supply, Works Contract, Exempted supply 
  • Valuation under GST, Valuation rule 
  • Basic Procedures- Registration, 
  • Invoice, Bill of supply, E way Bills etc. 
  • Annual Return and Assessment 
  • Adjudication and appeal 
  • Advance Ruling and Anti-profiteering 
  • Miscellaneous Provisions and Case studies on specific Chapters involving real life scenarios 

Online Advanced Certificate Course on GST 

  • Introduction 
  • Taxable Event and Type of Supply 
  • Time of Supply and Place of Supply 
  • Classification & HSN and SAC 
  • Valuation Rule 
  • Analytical Approach of Registration, Invoice, Bill of supply, E way Bill 
  • Practical Analysis of GST Returns 
  • Analysis of TDS and TCS under GST 
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports and Exports 
  • E-Invoicing and Reconciliation of Credits and Job Work 
  • Analysis of Annual Return & Assessment 
  • Demands, Adjudication and appeal, Penalties and Prosecutions 
  • Analytical view of Advance Ruling and Anti Profiteering 
  • Miscellaneous Provisions and Case studies on specific Chapters involving real-life scenarios 

Online Certificate Course on TDS 

  • Basics of TDS 
  • Introduction 
  • Features and Overview 
  • Duties and Responsibility for deducting tax at Source 
  • Section-wise in-depth discussion on TDS on different types of payments along with amendments and case law 
  • TDS for Non Residents 
  • Various penalties & consequences 
  • Practical Approach for TDS Return submission and correction in TDS Return 
  • Procedure of TDS Challan generation 
  • Specific Amendments & inclusion under TDS as per the latest Finance Bill and amendments 
  • Some Important Case Laws 

Online Certificate Course on Income Tax Return Filling 

  • Introduction 
  • Concept of Belated Return, Revised Return, Defective Return 
  • Duties and Responsibility for deducting tax at source 
  • Various penalties & consequences 
  • ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3,ITR 4,ITR 5,ITR 6,ITR 7 [Timeline for filling Return and practical approach] 
  • Recent Amendments in Filing of Returns as per Finance Bill 
  • Recent Case Laws for guidance 

Advanced Course on GST Audit and Assessment Procedure 

  • Theoretical and Practical Approach of GSTR 9 
  • Information required for filling up GSTR 9 
  • Theoretical and Practical Approach of GSTR 9C 
  • Proper maintenance of Accounts and Records 
  • Linking between GST and Income Tax 
  • Theoretical Approach of GST Assessment 
  • Duties and Responsibilities of Assessee and Auditor during Assessment 
  • Practical Approach of Appeal under GST (drafting & uploading of the Appeal papers) 
  • Role of CMA in GST, Specially in Audit 
  • Special Audit and Desk Review 

Advanced Course on Income Tax Assessment and Appeal 

  • Brief Filing of Return of Income 
  • Summary Assessment without calling the Assessee u/s 143(1) (including procedure in e-filing response to notice u/s 139(9), withdrawal of response, the procedure followed related to intimation u/s 143(1) 
  • Receipt of different E-Notices & procedures of Filing of Response 
  • Assessment in response to Notice u/s143(2) - Section 143(3) including E- Assessment - Practical aspect such as preparation of pointwise reply to queries raised & filing of the same (Sample copy of reply to Assessing Officer) 
  • Best Judgment Assessment u/s 144 - covering filing of objection before Dispute Resolution panel, 
  • Reassessment u/s 147, Issue of Notice u/s 148 and practical aspect how to defend or reply with sample draft reply. 
  • Search assessment u/s 153A & 153C - include how to appear and related submission of reply 
  • Notice of Demand, Rectification of Mistake, - E process to be followed for response to Notice u/s 154. Drafting of Rectification Application and discussion 
  • Revision u/s 263 & 264 - Provisions and procedural aspect 

Direct Taxation Career Prospects and Job Roles 

Candidates must possess the required skillset to make the money keep running and attain higher positions. Some of the career prospects after completing the direct taxation course are: 

Job roles 


Average Salary 

Financial services 

As a financial service representative, one arrange a meeting with the clients and suggest suitable and services based on the client’s financial goals and ensures client’s satisfaction. 


Chartered Accountant- Direct Taxation 

Chartered Accountant handles all the financial data that the business produces. CA review the reports and analyse the company’s finances.  

INR 7,65,362 LPA 

Senior Manager- Taxation and Accounts 

Senior Tax Manager ensures corporate compliance with state, local, and federal tax obligations. The senior tax manager implements the policies relating to taxation 

INR 24, 39,744 LPA 

Consultant- Direct Tax 

As a tax consultant, one works with the issue of the client related to tax. The tax consultant collects the relevant information about the issue of the client and then helps the client to file the tax return.  

INR 5,20,506 LPA 

Investment banking 

Investment bankers are highly skilled professionals who help companies, organisations, or govt, entities to raise capital. They examine the financial health of the entities and then recommend the strategy to improve.  

INR 9,09,653 

Analyst/Senior Analyst- Taxation 

Tax analyst/Senior tax analyst that the organisation complies with the tax regulations. As a tax analyst, one develops the tax policies, implement them and generate reports on financial impact. 

INR 6,25,536 LPA 

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) 

Chief Financial Officer oversees the financial operations and provides leadership. They work while saving money in every possible way.  

INR 35,09,349 LPA 

Direct Taxation Course: Top Recruiting Companies 

Some of the top recruiting companies for direct taxation courses are: 

  • EY 
  • Deloitte 
  • KPMG 
  • Accenture 
  • Ford Motor Company 
  • Berkadia 
  • PwC 
  • Amazon 
  • Qualcomm 
  • Morgan Stanley 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Direct Taxation Course

Q. At what levels is direct taxation course offered?

A. The direct taxation course is an add-on course that enhances an individual’s skills and salary scale. It is offered at certificate level.  

Q. What is the duration of the direct taxation course?

A. The duration of the direct taxation course is less than a year.  

Q. What is the minimum marks required to obtain direct taxation course certificate?

A. To obtain direct taxation course certificate candidates must secure a minimum of 50% marks.

Q. What is the fee for direct taxation course?

A. The fee for a direct taxation course generally ranges between INR 5,000 to  INR 15,000  

Q. Is direct taxation course conducted online?

A. Direct taxation course is offered online.

Q. Which are the popular institutes for direct taxation course?

Ans. The popular institutes for direct taxation courses are: 
  • ICMAI 
  • Indian School of Business Management and Administration, Hyderabad 
  • Idyllic Institute of Management 
  • Shree Halari Visa Oswal College of Commerce 
  • College of Management Studies & Commerce, Ghansoli  

Q. What are the skills required to pursue a Direct Taxation course?

A. The students interested to pursue a Direct Taxation course should be attentive, good in Mathematics, have sound knowledge of Industry, and preffered Commerce background. 

Q. What are the entrance exams for admission to Direct Taxation course?

A. Some of the popular entrance examinations in Direct Taxation include:

  • ICAI
  • ICSI
  • SAT India
  • CMA Exam
  • CUET 

Q. What are the various job profiles that students can take after completing the course in Direct Taxation?

A. Some of the important positions that can be taken up by students after completing Direct Taxation courses are Chartered Accountant, Consultant, Analyst, Chief Financial Officer and Investment Banker.

Q. Which are the top recruiters in Direct Taxation industry?

A. Companies that are providing recruitment to Direct Taxation students are:

  • EY 
  • Deloitte 
  • KPMG 
  • Accenture 
  • Ford Motor Company 
  • Amazon

Q. What are the salaries available for Direct Taxation students? 

A. The Direct Taxation students income can range from INR 6 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs depending upon the position and experience.

Popular Direct Taxation Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Direct Taxation Colleges in India. Learn more about these Direct Taxation colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
5.9 K
1 Course

#82 Outlook

5.9 K - 7.9 K
1 Course
1.35 L
1 Course

Popular Private Direct Taxation Colleges in India

1 Course
1.35 L
5.9 K
1 Course

#82 Outlook

5.9 K - 7.9 K
1 Course

Popular Direct Taxation UG Courses

Following are the most popular Direct Taxation UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

UG Courses

Popular Exams

Following are the top exams for Direct Taxation. Students interested in pursuing a career on Direct Taxation, generally take these important exams.You can also download the exam guide to get more insights.

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CA Final November 2024 Registration

20 Aug ' 24 - 23 Aug ' 24

CA Final November 2024 Registration with Late Fee

20 Jul ' 24 - 23 Jul ' 24

CA Inter Registration 2024 - September with late ...

24 Jul ' 24 - 26 Jul ' 24

CA Inter Form Correction 2024 - September

Jun '24

CT SET 2024 Counselling Start


Jun '24

CT SET 2024 Result


9 Aug ' 24

SAT India Registration Deadline for August Test

13 Aug ' 24

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