PMP Certification Online: Road To A Lucrative Career In Project Management

PMP Certification Online: Road To A Lucrative Career In Project Management

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Updated on Oct 27, 2023 16:48 IST

Project Management Professional certification is a globally renowned specialized designation presented by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The certification is earned after qualifying an examination based upon Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK). The prerequisites to appear for the examination include a bachelor’s degree, at least 35 hours of education focusing on project management, and 4500 hours of experience in managing and leading projects.


This certification is the most renowned and holds high credibility among project managers. Another significant advantage of PMP certification is that it doesn’t focus only on demographics. PMP acquires a global approach and hence is accepted on the world level. The main reason behind its popularity is that PMP can be implemented in any industry, can be combined with any methodology, and can work in any location.

This is why PMP certified professionals are usually offered better paycheck in comparison to the non-certified but experienced professionals as per the Project Management Salary Survey. As an organization, having a substantial number of PMP professionals helps in accomplishing more projects on time and under budgetary limits along with achieving the desired objectives. There is a huge list of benefits for getting PMP, few most significant ones are as follows:

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Land A Lucrative Career In Project Management With PMP Certification

Let’s begin our blog on – a career in Project Management by taking a look at some benefits of a PMP certification.

Benefits of PMP Certification


There are countless professionals already working or aiming to establish careers in Project Management profiles. PMP certification authenticates the project management skills of a professional and helps both professionals and organizations to allocate appropriate and skilled resources to the project management teams.

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Star Addition to the Resume

As PMP is a globally reputed certification. Earning it and mentioning it on the resume can do wonders when it comes to landing up a project management job with a renowned organization and with the desired pay scale. Research has shown that while recruiting, organizations segregate resumes with and without certifications. That implicates that whether if anyone is even more experienced than what is required to qualify for a PMP certification, it will always be beneficial in terms of the job hunt.

The competition in the project management field is high, making recruiters selective in hiring. But PMP certification enhances the chances of getting hired by companies.

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Lucrative Salary

PMP certified professionals are typically preferred by organizations over non-certified professionals. This provides aspects of higher salary packages for certified professionals. Analysis conducted by experts also depicts that average yearly salaries grow substantially in the project management field after a professional gets Project Management Course.

Robust Communication Offered

If the feedback from PMP-certified professionals is to be believed, PMP certification substantially assists in articulating and communicating various aspects of a project. These aspects include goals, required resources, risks involved, and assumptions to be made and worked upon.

The certification provides a common set of standards. It offers a common language to be spoken in terms of project management to better understand, convey and communicate with customers and vendors and mitigate confusion and miscommunication. All these skills can also be learned without certification and with experience. But formal training gives it an authentication, common standards along with ways of best practices to be implemented.

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Assistance in Preparation for High Demand Project Manager Positions

Millions of Project Management positions are to be filled in the coming years. A substantial percentage of IT organizations are planning to hire PMP certified professionals in near future. Considering the rising demand, getting prepared for a project management profile will provide an edge to professionals.

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Qualifying and obtaining PMP certification is definitely a great step for project management aspirants and professionals. It will help you develop a thought process as per project management standards, utilizing the latest Project Management tools and techniques, implementing best practices, and acquiring current trends. The certification is a formal authentication of skills. It will certainly enhance the worth of working professionals in their relevant organizations and aspiring candidates in the market.

Apart from all these opportunities and prospects, PMP also opens doors for professionals in the project management teaching field. There is a bright career for professionals who can teach project management standards, tools, and techniques to professionals seeking a career in this field. All these promising aspects of a PMP certification make it a must-earn certification. We hope this blog on – career in project management will help you grow in your career.

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