Business Statistics by NPTEL 

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Business Statistics by NPTEL

Offered by Maharani?s Women?s Commerce and Management College, Mysore and NPTEL


12 weeks

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Business Statistics by NPTEL

  • Offered by Dr Manju S
  • Final score comprises of 25% for weekly assignment and 75% of the weightage for final exam
  • Eligible for Certificate after scoring minimum 40% in Final Exam
  • Enrollments start from 06 July 2020
  • Course conducted by Dr Manju S (Maharani?s Women?s Commerce and Management College alumni)
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Business Statistics by NPTEL
Course details

What are the course deliverables?
  • What you'll learn:
  • concepts of statistics
  • Data collection, classification and presentation
  • tools and techniques available for data analysis
  • data analysis and interpretation
  • informed decision making in the corporate sector
More about this course
  • The course is highly relevant in 21st century of data as it enables the learners acquire various skills required for data management ranging from collection to data analysis and interpretation. The course content has wider applications in various fields where specialists can play a vital role in converting data into wealth. It has a lot of employment potential such as data analysts and consultants.

Business Statistics by NPTEL

Week 1: Introduction To Statistics

Functions Of Statistics

Collection Of Data

Presentation Of Data

Week 2: Tabulation Of Data

Charting Of Data

Introduction To Excel/Spss

Graphs In Excel

Week 3: Measures Of Central Tendency- Mean

Median - Meaning And Computation

Mode- Meaning And Computation

Weighted Average Mean

Week 4: Geometric Mean And Harmonic Mean

Measures Of Dispersion

Types Of Dispersion

Standard Deviation

Week 5:Co-Efficient Of Variation

Karl Pearson Co-Efficient Of Skewness

Bowley?s Co-Efficient Of Skewness


Week 6: Karlpearson?s Co-Efficient Of Correlation

Rank Correlation Coefficient

Regression Analysis

Regression - Arithmetic Mean

Week 7: Regression-Assumed Mean

Regression Coefficients

Multiple Correlation And Regression

Index Number- Introduction

Week 8: Methods Of Constructing Index

Weighted Index Numbers

Fisher's Ideal Method

Tests For Perfection

Week 9: The Chain Index Numbers

Consumer Price Index Numbers

Testing Of Hypothesis-Meaning- Types

One-Tailed And Two Tailed Tests

Week 10: Methods Of Testing Of Hypothesis

Z Test, - Meaning And Computation

One Sample Test-Meaning And Computation

Chi Square Test-Meaning And Computation

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Business Statistics by NPTEL
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M Umesh
Business Statistics by NPTEL
Learning Experience: Lot of insights about business statistics
Faculty: Instructors taught well Curriculum was relevant and comprehensive
Course Support: No career support provided
Reviewed on 1 Jun 2022Read More
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Business Statistics by NPTEL

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