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Digital Media Literacy

Create and share information and ideas in a clear, concise, and responsible manner online


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Digital Media Literacy

  • Earn a certificate from IGNOU
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Digital Media Literacy
Course details

What are the course deliverables?
  • Formulate effective research questions
  • Identify and use a variety of information sources
  • Evaluate the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of information
  • Distinguish between scholarly and popular sources
  • Communicate effectively online, using appropriate language and tone
  • Collaborate with others online using digital tools
More about this course
  • The emergence of Web 2.0 technologies has not just transformed the technological advancements in the playfield of media and communications but has also paved the way for consumers to become producers
  • The prowess of information processing as well as content curation and creation is no longer run by the few ones with power and authority but is decentralized in the hands of any and everyone
  • However, with autonomy and agency comes the responsibility to be well-informed about the three fundamentals- access, interpretations and participation
  • These three concepts build to be the frameworks of media and information literacy, which is essential not just for comprehension of knowledge but for imbibing critical thinking skills, along with empowering individuals with the social and cultural competencies to engage and participate in new media spaces in a wholesome manner
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Digital Media Literacy

Week 1

Reading Media and Information Texts

Week 2

The Medium and the Message: Print and Broadcast News

Week 3

From Traditional Media to Digital Media Technologies

Week 4

Uses of New Media Technologies in Society

Week 5

Uses of Interactive Multimedia Tools

Week 6

Young People in the Virtual World

Week 7

Challenges and Risks in The Virtual World

Week 8

Promotion of Alternative Media Through Digital Media

Week 9

Concepts and Applications of Information Literacy

Week 10

Learning Environments and Information Literacy

Week 11

Digital Information Processing

Week 12

Film Genres and Storytelling

Week 13

Advertising, Revenue and Regulation

Week 14

Public Service Announcements

Week 15

Advertising: The Creative Process

Week 16

Targeted Advertising and the Political Arena

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Digital Media Literacy
Faculty details

Prof. K S Arul Selvan
Prof. K S Arul Selvan is a Professor and Director with the School of Journalism and New Media Studies, IGNOU, New Delhi. UNESCO expert in Media and Information Literacy for the past 15 years in various capacities. Member of the curriculum committee of UNESCO on Media and Information Literacy for Teachers (2010 and 2020). Currently coordinating master's degree programmes of SOJNMS – Journalism and Digital Media, Journalism and Mass Communication (Online and Tamil), PG Diploma in Digital Media. Three SWAYAM based MOOC courses are coordinated by Prof. Arul Selvan – Media and Information Literacy for Teachers, Media, Information and Empowerment and Digital Media.

Digital Media Literacy
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    Important Dates

    Jul 15, 2024
    Course Commencement Date

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    Digital Media Literacy

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