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IIM Kozhikode - IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales 

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IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales

You'll learn to leverage data analytics to extract valuable customer insights and translate those insights into actionable marketing and sales strategies


12 months

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31st Jul'24

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2.45 Lakh

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IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales

  • Earn a certificate and alumni status from IIM Kozhikode
  • Easy EMI option available
  • 2 Days campus immersion session
  • Lectures from esteemed faculty & industry experts
  • Access learning materials, assessments, and connect with faculty anytime through Veranda's Cloud LMS
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IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales
Course details

Who should do this course?
  • Eagerness to Acquire New Skill Sets - The program is particularly suited for individuals who are eager to develop new skills and enhance their current competencies
  • Aspirations for Leadership Roles - This program is ideal for those aspiring to take up leadership roles in their organizations or those looking to broaden their expertise to make a strategic shift in their careers
What are the course deliverables?
  • Gain a solid foundation in marketing principles, analytical techniques, and sales methodologies
  • Learn to translate customer insights obtained through data analytics into actionable marketing and sales strategies
  • Develop strong skills in analyzing data to make informed business decisions across all three domains - marketing, analytics, and sales
  • Improve your communication and collaboration skills through an interactive learning environment, crucial for success in today's business landscape
More about this course
  • The Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, renowned for its academic excellence and innovative approach, is proud to present the Mastery in Marketing, Analytics, and Sales (MAS) program
  • This elite course is meticulously designed for forward-thinking executives who are poised to become trailblazers in the business world. In a landscape where adaptability and expertise are key, the MAS program stands as a beacon of advanced learning in the realms of Marketing, Analytics, and Sales
  • The curriculum, crafted by distinguished faculty and industry leaders, offers an immersive experience that fuses theoretical knowledge with practical insights
  • Class Days/Timing: Saturday from 06.45 p.m. to 09.45 p.m. IST

IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales

Section 1: Mastery in Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Foundations of strategic marketing planning

Market opportunity analysis and competitive dynamics

Formulating and implementing sustainable marketing strategies

Integrating marketing strategy with business objectives

Consumer Behaviour

Insights into consumer decision-making processes

Influence of psychological and sociological factors on consumer choices

Effective segmentation, targeting, and positioning strategies

Cultural and ethical considerations in consumer analysis


Principles of modern retail management

Strategies for channel design and retail mix

Emerging trends in retail, including omnichannel approaches

Customer relationship management in a retail context

Product Management

Lifecycle management of new products

Product positioning and differentiation strategies

Managing product portfolios and extensions

Techniques for effective pricing

Brand Management

Techniques for building and sustaining strong brands

Development and management of brand equity and positioning

Strategies for leveraging brand for competitive advantage

Brand communication and reputation management

Digital Marketing

Strategies across digital channels (SEO, SEM, social media, etc.)

Digital marketing analytics and performance measurement

Customer engagement and retention via digital platforms

Role of emerging technologies in digital marketing

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Understanding the B2B market and buyer behaviour

Relationship and network management in B2B marketing

Branding and communication strategies in B2B contexts

Sales management and negotiation in B2B environments

Marketing Communication

Integrated marketing communications planning and execution

Tools and channels for effective communication (advertising, PR, direct marketing, online communication)

Crafting compelling messages and storytelling for brands

Measuring the effectiveness and ROI of communication strategies

Section 2: Mastery in Analytics

Introduction to the world of marketing analytics

Introduction to marketing analytics and its significance in decision-making

Overview of key metrics and analytics tools

Understanding the data-driven marketing landscape

Data Collection and Management

Techniques for collecting quality marketing data

Best practices in data management and governance

Data integration from multiple sources for a holistic view

Customer and Product Analytics

Analysing customer behaviour and segmentation

Customer lifetime value (CLV) calculation and its implications

Predictive modelling for customer acquisition and retention

Generating product insights

Estimating the product potentiality and feasibility

Identifying the right price for product launch

Web and Digital Analytics

Utilizing web analytics tools (like Google Analytics) to track online behaviour

Measuring and optimizing the performance of digital campaigns

Social media analytics for understanding audience engagement and sentiment

Sales Analytics

Analysing sales data to identify trends and patterns

Sales forecasting and optimization techniques

Role of analytics in enhancing sales performance

Market Research and Competitive Analysis

Techniques for conducting market research using analytics

Analysing competitive landscape using data

Gleaning insights from market trends to inform strategy

Marketing Mix Modelling

Understanding the impact of different marketing variables on sales

Developing models to optimize marketing spend across channels

Scenario analysis to predict outcomes of marketing strategies

Data Visualization and Reporting

Techniques for effective data visualization

Tools and best practices for creating insightful marketing reports

Communicating data-driven insights to stakeholders

Section 3: Mastery in Sales

Fundamentals of Sales Management

Overview of sales management and its role in business

Understanding the sales process and cycle

Sales strategies and planning

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Building and maintaining strong customer relationships

Leveraging CRM tools for sales success

Strategies for customer retention and loyalty

Sales Techniques and Skills

Advanced selling techniques and persuasive communication

Negotiation skills and tactics for closing deals

Handling objections and difficult sales situations

Digital Sales and E-commerce

The rise of digital sales channels and e-commerce

Strategies for successful online selling

Utilizing digital tools for enhancing sales

B2B Sales

Strategies and challenges in business-to-business sales

Relationship building in B2B environments

Managing long sales cycles and large accounts

Sales Team Management and Leadership

Building and leading high-performing sales teams

Training and development for sales professionals

Motivation and incentive strategies

Global Sales Strategies

Approaches to international sales and global markets

Cultural considerations and adaptation in global sales

Strategies for managing cross-border sales teams

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IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales
Faculty details

Dr Sreejesh S
Dr. Sreejesh S is currently working as Assistant Professor of Marketing Management Area at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, Kerala, India. His main research interests include brand management, services marketing, online marketing & advertising.
Dr M Geetha
Prof. M.Geetha is an Associate Professor in Marketing Management area at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode. She obtained her PhD in Marketing from Indian Institute of Technology Madras. Her research and teaching interests include Consumer Behavior, Retailing and Branding. She has published in major international journals like European Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Tourism Management etc.

IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales
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IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales
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    Jul 31, 2024
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    IIM Kozhikode - Professional Certificate Program in Mastery in Marketing, Analytics and Sales

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