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Introduction to AutoSAR 

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Introduction to AutoSAR


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Introduction to AutoSAR

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Introduction to AutoSAR
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What are the course deliverables?
  • What you'll learn
  • Learn in depth about the AUTOSAR framework, its architecture, and the guiding concepts that guided its creation
  • Learn about creating software components that follow AUTOSAR guidelines
More about this course
  • This course covers every aspect of automotive software development, including the principles of AutoSAR, more complex AutoSAR ideas, non-AutoSAR use cases, and in-depth ECU abstraction development. You will examine the foundational software of AutoSAR, comprehend the subtleties of runnable, and develop knowledge of interfaces, connectors, and composition. Additionally, you will learn about real-time environments (RTE), such as sender-receiver, client-server, and communication RTE, and gain practical experience in planning events inside the RTE framework. The course also covers non-AutoSAR applications and goes beyond AutoSAR, concentrating on the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL), ARXML configuration, and efficient project setup. By the end of the course, you will have a variety of abilities in automotive software development and be well-equipped to handle challenging automotive software projects, whether inside or outside the AutoSAR framework. This course is helpful for:
  • 1) Engineers who work in creating automotive software, vehicle electronics, and systems engineering and wish to learn more about AUTOSAR and its use should take this course.
  • 2) Software developers who want to embrace AUTOSAR-compliant development practices are responsible for developing software applications and components for automotive systems.
  • 3) Engineers working on embedded systems in automobiles who want to include AUTOSAR principles into their work.
  • 4) Systems Architects: Experts in the design and architecture of automotive systems interested in implementing AUTOSAR-compliant plans.
  • To be successful in this course, you should have a background in programming skills, software engineering, embedded systems, and the fundamentals of automotive technology.
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Introduction to AutoSAR

Introduction to AUTOSAR

Introduction to AUTOSAR - Course Introduction

Introduction to AutoSAR

Need for AutoSAR

Base Software Overview Part 1

Base Software Overview Part 2

AutoSAR Interface

Software Component Example in AUTOSAR

Ports and Interfaces

Understanding Various Interfaces

Connectors and Composition

AUTOSAR - Course Introduction

Introduction to AUTOSAR - Course Syllabus

Introduction to AUTOSAR - Course Introduction

Understanding more on AutoSAR

AutoSAR - More on Interfaces

Introduction to AUTOSAR - Conclusion

Practice Quiz: Introduction to AUTOSAR and Its Importance in Automotive Software

Practice Quiz: Overview of AUTOSAR Architecture and Methodology

Practice Quiz: AUTOSAR Port and Interfaces

Practice Quiz: Understanding AUTOSAR Layers and Software Components

Graded Assessment: Introduction to AUTOSAR

Introduction to AUTOSAR

AUTOSAR Basics and Core Concepts

Runnable elements in AUTOSAR

Events into AUTOSAR

Application Software Summary

Understanding RTE in AUTOSAR

Sender-Receiver RTE in AUTOSAR

Client-Server RTE in AUTOSAR

Communication RTE in AUTOSAR

Scheduling Events RTE in AUTOSAR

Understanding AutoSAR Methodology

AUTOSAR Methodology - Example

AUTOSAR Basics and Core Concepts- Introduction

AUTOSAR Basics and Core Concepts - Conclusion

Practice Quiz: Runnable and Events

Practice Quiz: Application Software Component

Practice Quiz: Runtime Enviornment (RTE)

Practice Quiz: AUTOSAR Methodology

Graded Assessment: AUTOSAR Basics and Core Concepts

AUTOSAR Basics and Core Concepts


Use-case with Non-Autosar Software

MCAL Layer Deployment-Overview

MCAL Layer Deployment-DEMO Part 1

MCAL Layer Deployment-DEMO Part 2

MCAL Layer Deployment-DEMO Part 3

MCAL Layer Deployment-DEMO Part 4

ECU Abstraction Layer-Overview

ARXML Configuration-DEMO Part 1

ARXML Configuration-DEMO Part 2

Creating a Project Setup

AUTOSAR Demo Module - Introduction

AUTOSAR Demo - Conclusion

Practice Quiz: MCAL Layer Deployment-Overview

Practice Quiz: MCAL Layer Deployment-DEMO

Practice Quiz: ECU Abstraction Layer

Practice Quiz: Creating a Project Setup

Graded Assessment: AUTOSAR Demo


AUTOSAR Demo - Final Stage

ARXML - Creating Interface Part 1

ARXML - Creating Interface Part 2

ARXML ECU Abstraction Development Part 1

ARXML ECU Abstraction Development Part 2

CFile - ECU Abstraction Development - Demo - Part 1

CFile - ECU Abstraction Development - Demo - Part 2

ASW Development DEMO

ASW Development Cfile Demo

Composition and RTE-Demo

Course Conclusion - Introduction to AutoSAR

Module Introduction to AUTOSAR Demo - Final Stage

Conclusion to AUTOSAR Demo - Final Stage.

Practice Quiz: ARXML - Creating Interface

Practice Quiz: ECU Abstraction Development

Practice Quiz: CFile - ECU Abstraction Development

Practice Quiz: Composition and RTE

Graded Assessment: AUTOSAR Demo-Final Stage

AUTOSAR Demo-Final Stage

Introduction to AutoSAR
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    May 25, 2024
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    Introduction to AutoSAR

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