SQL for Data Analysis 

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SQL for Data Analysis

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SQL for Data Analysis

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SQL for Data Analysis
Course details

Skills you will learn
Who should do this course?

Professionals who work with large datasets and need to extract, transform, and analyze data using SQL.

Analysts who need to retrieve and analyze data from databases to support business decision-making.

Engineers and developers who work with databases and need to write SQL queries to interact with data.

What are the course deliverables?
  • Understand the fundamental structure and syntax of SQL queries.
  • Learn to write basic SQL queries to retrieve data from single and multiple tables.
  • Gain proficiency in using SQL to retrieve specific data subsets using SELECT statements.
  • Learn to apply filtering conditions (WHERE clause) to extract relevant data based on specified criteria.
  • Master the use of aggregate functions (e.g., SUM, COUNT, AVG) to perform calculations on data sets.
  • Understand how to use GROUP BY clause to group data and calculate summary statistics.
More about this course

In this course, you'll learn to use Structured Query Language (SQL) to extract and analyze data stored in databases

You'll first learn to extract data, join tables together, and perform aggregations

Then you'll learn to do more complex analysis and manipulations using subqueries, temp tables, and window functions

By the end of the course, you'll be able to write efficient SQL queries to successfully handle a variety of data analysis tasks

SQL for Data Analysis

SQL Basics

Learn to write common SQL commands including SELECT, FROM, and WHERE

Learn to use logical operators in SQL

SQL Joins

Learn to write INNER JOINs to combine data from multiple tables

Learn to write LEFT JOINs to combine data from multiple tables

SQL Aggregations

Learn to write common aggregations in SQL including COUNT, SUM, MIN, and MAX

Learn to write CASE and DATE functions, as well as work with NULL values

Subqueries and Temp Tables

Learn to write subqueries to run multiple queries together

Learn to use temp tables to access a table with more than one query

SQL Data Cleaning

Learn how to perform data cleaning using SQL

Window Functions

Learn to use window functions to tackle more analysis tasks

SQL for Data Analysis
Entry Requirements

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SQL for Data Analysis
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Norah Judith J R
SQL for Data Analysis
Learning Experience: SQL for data analysis issued by udacity was helpful in learning about windows function and advanced queries.It was explained in a way easy to be understood.Also all the topics from very basic was explained.
Faculty: The video lectures were good. They were quizzes in between each section and the solutions were provided in the next section with explanation.
Course Support: It was helpful topic for the domain i am trying to cahnge
Reviewed on 20 Jan 2023Read More
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SQL for Data Analysis

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