Top 5 Career Advancing Digital Marketing Degrees Online from Best Institutes

Top 5 Career Advancing Digital Marketing Degrees Online from Best Institutes

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Find digital marketing degrees offered by some of the top institutes, check out the learning outcomes, core subjects taught, and decide which will help your career in the long-run. 

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Many confuse learning digital marketing is the gateway to earning big. It’s not, as you may not have access to a professional network and mentor-guided training on real-world simulations. And those clickbaity AI-created reels going viral on Insta teaching you how to earn $$$$/day through overdone digital marketing tactics may not be enough. Consider investing in a good digital marketing degree when serious about learning and career growth.

Today, you will see an overload of online digital marketing courses in a saturated job market. 

For better or worse, that creates huge competition, even at fresher-level roles. 

Regardless, the scope of digital marketing is auto-set to exponential growth. 

As soon as you think about or begin to advance your career here, you need more practical experience creating campaigns and strategies with data-driven insights. 

A digital marketing degree could be one of the best ways to gain such high-level and specialised knowledge, get a good career head start, and secure your future. 

You have a couple of amazing options, too. Well-known international and Indian universities now offer online MBA and M.Sc. programmes in digital marketing. Expect good career mentoring, which is missing from regular online courses on the same subject. 

Have a look below. 

1. Online MBA in Digital Marketing from Amity University Online

Amity University Online offers a popular online MBA in digital marketing. 

You will learn from reputed faculty at international institutes such as the University of Texas, Coventry University, etc. 

This degree programme is ideal for digital marketing managers who want to gain broad knowledge of marketing management, managerial-level economics, business research, and other related subjects. 

From the third semester onwards, you are introduced to these subjects. 

  1. Digital Customer Analytics
  2. Digital Journey with Brand Management
  3. Performance Marketing
  4. Social Media and Technology Marketing
  5. Digital Commerce - Reinventing Business Models

Outcomes of this digital marketing MBA degree include

  • Creating digital marketing strategies adhering to business objectives, market trends, and changing consumer behaviours.
  • Determine realistic metrics (KPIs) that help a business.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in any subject.

Placement Support: Yes, with a network of 500 hiring partners - from Amazon to Walmart

2. MSc in Digital Marketing from the University of Liverpool

As a digital marketing professional focusing on taking the organisation to the next level with the right decisions, consider earning this degree. It infuses leadership development training with the core areas. 

The university’s management school offering this digital marketing degree has the triple crown accreditation - AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA.

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy and Practice
  2. Becoming a Leader
  3. Ethical and Sustainable Business Practice
  4. Finance and Data Analysis for Managers 
  5. Consumer Behaviour
  6. Digital Communications and Social Media Marketing
  7. Brand Creation and Management
  8. Research Methods

You will have to complete the dissertation to acquire the master’s degree certificate.

The learning outcomes for this M.Sc. degree in digital marketing are

  • Applying digital marketing best practices in the ever-changing business environment. 
  • Applying ethical awareness and making business practices sustainable as an organisation-wide strategy

Eligibility: Any degree that is equivalent to a UK graduate degree. IELTS score of 6.5 is needed. 

Placement Assistance: Contact the university website. 

3. Master of Science (MSc) Digital Marketing and Analytics from Dublin Business School

Data-driven digital marketing done in an ethical way is what makes organisations successful. 

You do this either in the synchronous live online mode. Or choose the asynchronous on-demand option for self-paced online learning option. 

This online M.Sc. degree in digital marketing covers the following topics.

  1. Web Marketing Management and Metrics
  2. Digital Design and Development
  3. Strategic Thinking in the Digital Age
  4. Data and Digital Marketing Analytics
  5. Digital Advertising and Online Marketing Communications
  6. Business Intelligence and Visualisation

Master’s students pursuing this degree will be involved in doing 

  1. Applied Research Project 
  2. Dissertation 

Here are some of the learning outcomes of the degree. 

  • Critically analyse digital marketing trends and apply them to real-world situations.
  • Solve marketing problems using data and execute digital marketing strategies.

Eligibility: Professional qualification such as MMII.

Placement Assistance: Yes

4. MSc in Digital Marketing from the University of Roehampton and FutureLearn

This postgraduate degree, offered online, offers in-depth training on aspects such as strategy, analytics, and innovation. 

The core topics include

  1. Business Research Methods
  2. Strategic Marketing
  3. Digital Marketing Practice
  4. Online Consumer Psychology
  5. Social Media and Influencers
  6. Emerging Digital Issues
  7. Data and Analytics for Marketers

Accredited by the Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM), it offers great learning outcomes. Here are some. 

  • Adapt to different marketing roles in big organisations, agencies, SMEs, and large corporations driving digital innovation. 
  • Be able to find sustainable solutions that help organisations grow.

Eligibility: Contact the university through FutureLearn

Placements: Available

5. MSc in Digital and Social Media Strategy from Wilmington University

This postgraduate degree online is part of the broader communication course MS in Digital Communication. 

The topics broadly include

  1. Social Media and Society
  2. Digital Strategy and Campaigns
  3. SEO and Digital Consumers
  4. Strategy and Decision-Making

There are two types of capstone projects, of which you can choose one. 

The learning outcomes include

  1. Navigate legal & ethical frameworks and lead effectively in professional communication. 
  2. Conduct research and craft impactful messages for diverse audiences and needs.
  3. Analyse communication data and leverage technology to inform the public.

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution

Placements: Request information from the official website. 

These were the digital marketing degrees from some of the well-known institutions in the world. See which fits your learning and career needs and pick one. 

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