Best Platforms For the Best Digital Marketing Courses

Best Platforms For the Best Digital Marketing Courses

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Syed Aquib Ur Rahman
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Updated on Dec 12, 2022 14:02 IST

Which platform offers the best digital marketing courses? Find your answer with this blog.


Upskilling with the best digital marketing certifications from the top course providers can set you apart in the saturated job market. A growing number of MOOC platforms including Coursera, Google Digital Unlocked, etc., provide the most relevant courses in the field in almost every budget. 

But with so many overwhelming options out there, will it not be ideal to get some more direction, where you can conveniently choose from the best options? 

Find out which platform can be better when you are a complete fresher, moving up in your profession or switching jobs. 

Coursera for Digital Marketing Courses

Find the reasons why choosing Coursera’s digital marketing courses is beneficial for you. 

Top Reasons to Choose Coursera

  1. It partners with the top global universities and companies – UC Davis, California, Google, Meta, etc. You can obtain certifications from them after you complete the courses and assignments.
  2. It provides numerous specialisations that cover four or five digital marketing courses into one. 
  3. You get expert mentoring with peer- or instructor-graded assignments and real-world capstone projects.
  4. You can audit the courses for free, if you are considering to just learn without the certification. 

Best Digital Marketing Courses on Coursera

Foundations of Digital Marketing and E-commerce 

Recommended for: Beginners | Ratings: 4.8 | Students Enrolled: 241,955 | Instructor: Google

Skills You Will Learn

Digital Marketing Strategy and Planning Specialization 

Recommended for: Beginners to intermediates | Ratings: 4.6 | Students Enrolled: 8,915 | Instructor: Digital Marketing Institute

Skills You Will Learn
  • Digital marketing strategy development with leadership principles
  • Planning that goes into a digital marketing strategy
  • Understanding the changing consumer behaviour 
  • How to utilise search engine marketing
  • Content marketing best practices

Digital Marketing Strategy with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women 

Recommended for: Beginner Entrepreneurs | Ratings: 4.7 | Students Enrolled: 3720 | Instructor: Goldman Sachs

Skills You Will Learn
  • Using paid and owned media for marketing campaigns
  • How to get started with social listening
  • How to find the right target audience

edX for Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing courses on edX have these following advantages. 

Top Reasons to Choose edX

  1. edX partners with top universities, management schools, and companies to offer digital marketing certifications. University of Edinburgh, Curtin University, State Bank of India, etc., are official partners offering digital marketing courses for professional development. 
  2. Find several advanced digital marketing courses on topics including digital marketing strategies, brand marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, data analytics in digital marketing, etc.
  3. Find industry-standard digital marketing specialisations under their MicroMasters programme or do single courses under them with certificates. This way you have the option to complete a short course that takes two-to-four weeks or jump into the one-year MicroMasters programme. You will also find broader specialisations just as the ones available on Coursera, where you can take one course from the specialisation or choose the option of doing the full specialisation. 
  4. You can audit courses for free on edX. 
  5. Some digital marketing courses come with final projects that help you apply your newly-learned skills in the real world context. 

Best Digital Marketing Courses on edX

Digital Marketing Strategy  

Recommended For: Intermediates | Students Enrolled: 71,518 | Instructor: University of Edinburgh

Skills You Will Learn
  • How technology is changing the market and the competition for digital marketing and how you can leverage this knowledge for your marketing efforts
  • Knowledge of the changing digital policies 
  • How the buyer persona works and what kind of strategy is required for different characteristics

Digital Marketing Analytics: Tools and Techniques 

Recommended For: Intermediates | Students Enrolled: 8,232

Skills You Will Learn

Udemy for Digital Marketing Courses 

Here are some of the top reasons why you must choose digital marketing courses on Udemy

Top Reasons to Choose Udemy 

  1. Find digital marketing courses offered by experts in the field. What this means is that the instructors are not affiliated to universities but have top industry knowledge. It is recommended that you find the number of learners the instructor has taught and their ratings. 
  2. Get lifetime access to the courses once you pay the course fees.
  3. Choose courses on the most trending topics surrounding the current digital marketing landscape. 
  4. The platform offers digital marketing courses ranging from less than three hours to more than 17 hours. This particularly helps when you want to quickly learn a concept and apply to your digital marketing management projects
  5. The digital marketing courses on Udemy are used for training employees in top companies including Volkswagen, Eventbrite, etc. 

Best Digital Marketing Courses on Udemy

The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1 

Recommended for: Intermediates | Ratings: 4.5 | Students Enrolled: 711,469 | Instructors and Rating: Rob Percival (4.5) & Daragh Walsh (4.5)

Skills You Will Learn 

Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z 

Recommended for: Intermediates | Ratings: 4.3 | Students Enrolled: 2451 | Instructors and Rating: Jasmine Wang (4.3) & Cynthia M. Medina (4.3)

Skills You Will Learn 
  • Using the marketing mix
  • Understanding the marketing funnel and creating goals for each stage

upGrad for Digital Marketing 

Here are some reasons why upGrad’s courses on digital marketing are ideal for anyone starting with this career or are in the middle of their careers. 

Top Reasons To Choose upGrad

  1. upGrad has partnered with top marketing and management institutes to offer an advanced digital marketing course. Some notable names are MICA and University of Cambridge Judge Business School, 
  2. By taking its digital marketing course that is offered by an institute partner, you can achieve alumni status of that institute. 
  3. Customise your learning curve with their digital marketing courses. For instance, if you are a complete beginner, you can customise to learning the fundamentals of digital marketing. Or if you are planning to get into a managerial role, you can get into advanced concepts such as running marketing campaigns and analysing their success.  
  4. Showcase the projects sponsored by top companies during your digital marketing course on upGrad to recruiters. 
  5. Get one-on-one mentorship and guidance with your submissions. 

Best Digital Marketing Course on upGrad

Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing and Communication 

Recommended For: Beginners and Intermediates | Students Enrolled: 12000+ | University Certificate: From MICA and upGrad

Skills You Will Learn 
  1. Brand management, search engine marketing, etc
  2. Important digital marketing metrics
  3. Social media marketing with Facebook Ads
  4. Display advertising 
  5. Email marketing with email marketing tools like GetResponse
  6. Running a Google Ads campaign

Executive Program in Strategic Digital Marketing  

Recommended For: Intermediates | University Certificate: Cambridge Judge Business School and upGrad

Skills You Will Learn 

HubSpot Academy for Digital Marketing Courses

Check out why this free certificate provider for all things digital marketing is chosen by freshers to intermediates worldwide. 

Top Reasons to Choose HubSpot Academy

  1. HubSpot Academy courses and certifications are primarily for helping you excel in the various areas of digital marketing. 
  2. These courses are short, that make it ideal for quickly learning important concepts and passing an assessment test to get a certification. 
  3. Learn interactively with quizzes throughout the courses. 
  4. HubSpot Academy certifications are used by professionals worldwide. There are over 250,000 learners with its certifications at this moment. 

Best Digital Marketing Courses on HubSpot Academy

Content Marketing Certification 

Recommended For: Beginners and Intermediates | Instructor: HubSpot Academy experts

Skills You Will Learn 
  • Generating content ideas. Refer to the top 10 blog ideas to get an idea. 
  • How to write blogs that rank well
  • Create pillar pages and topic clusters
  • Analysing your content marketing efforts

SEO Training Course: Building Sustainable Traffic for Business Growth 

Recommended for: Beginners and Intermediates | Instructor HubSpot Academy experts

Skills You Will Learn 
  • Off-page SEO best practices such as link building tactics
  • Creating an SEO strategy for your blogs

Google Digital Unlocked for Digital Marketing 

Google courses are available in the digital marketing domain as well. Find why Google is a top-rated platform for digital marketing courses. 

Top Reasons to Choose Google Digital Unlocked 

  1. Be officially certified by Google upon successful assessment and completion of all the modules related to digital marketing inside Google Digital Unlocked. 
  2. The video tutorials are short and instructors offer example-based teaching.
  3. The instructors are Google staff who are experts in their fields. 
  4. You can complete modules and earn badges to share on your professional network. 

Best Digital Marketing Courses on Google Digital Unlocked

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

Recommended For: Beginners | Students Enrolled: 300,000 | Accredited by: Interactive Advertising Bureau 

Skills You Will Learn 
  • How websites work and the most important do’s and don’t’s of website design
  • Transforming a business from offline to online
  • Basics of search engine
  • How to use Google Search Console
  • How to choose keywords
  • How SEM auction works and understanding the different types of keywords
  • Leveraging local marketing
  • Display advertising on different websites
  • Creating video content 

Parting Thoughts

While this is a list of the top platforms for digital marketing courses, make sure to refer to how to choose the best course in digital marketing. You can also make your own decisions by heading over to our platform and finding the best digital marketing courses from the top course providers based on your experience and time you can devote for learning. 

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