7 Ways to Speak in English Effectively and Fluently

7 Ways to Speak in English Effectively and Fluently

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Rashmi Karan
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Updated on Sep 8, 2023 09:44 IST

Learning a foreign language isn’t a matter of just a few days. You would need to invest a lot of time and effort to be a pro at anything. The same applies to English, a globally spoken language that has become essential for students and professionals. It is among the most sought-after foreign language courses for learning. As they say: ‘Practice makes one perfect’; these English speaking easy tips will help you to improve your English speaking skills and be more comfortable and confident while you speak in English and learn how to speak English fluently.


Start Thinking in English


The most common mistake that people often make is translating their native language to another language before speaking. If you are doing so, stop it immediately, as it will never help you. Start thinking in English rather than switching between languages. Basics first: If you think you will speak in English using complex sentences in the early stages, you are wrong. Observe your surroundings, think about your day-to-day tasks, and frame simple sentences. For example –

  • I will have my lunch at 2 o’clock today
  • I should go for a walk with my friend
  • This place is very good; I should visit it more often

Taking up any of the widely popular language courses can also help you to think and communicate in English effectively.

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Enrich Your Vocabulary

You won’t be comfortable speaking in English if you don’t have a strong vocabulary. Learn 10 new words daily, write them in your notebook, and revise them regularly. Trust me; there is no better way to improve your vocabulary. You can also use online dictionaries to learn new words. Use your earphones to learn the pronunciation and incorporate those words into your sentences. The more you use the words, the richer is your vocabulary.

Focus On Grammar

You must have read this at many places that you should focus on fluency and not on grammar. This is crap! How will you communicate properly if your basics are not strong? It is imperative to have a good command of English grammar and follow grammar rules when you speak in English so that you do not sound like an idiot when blabbering anything in the wrong English. Take any basic-level English course, brush up your grammar, and then work on your spoken English.

Learn Through Media to Speak in English

Media is one of the smartest mediums to learn English. Watch English movies, listen to English songs, read newspapers, read online blogs and stuff that interests you. You can also seek the help of social media to build or join an English-speaking community and benefit. Another good idea is to watch English programs and documentaries on YouTube. Learning through media helps to build vocabulary and learn pronunciation. These are the easiest methods to learn English; you can do it while sitting in the comfort of your home or on the go.

Use Strong Learning Methods

Gone are the days when conventional methods could only work to improve communication. Experts suggest following strong learning methods like Deliberate Practice to strengthen the learning process of a foreign language. This methodology is about a purposeful and systematic practice that improves focus and attention span and aims to improve performance. Deliberate Practice involves spotting any mistakes and making changes every time you commit those mistakes.

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Don’t be afraid of committing mistakes; they will happen when you learn something. The same is the case with English; if you will be too worried about making mistakes, you will never be confident about it. When you practise it well, your confidence will certainly boost. If you think you are stuck somewhere, panic is unnecessary. Just take a deep breath and start over. Don’t rush to speak in English; talk slowly, and always think about your next sentence.

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If you are ready to do whatever it takes to learn English, then the key is to keep practising. It doesn’t matter how much you have learned if you are not practising, all in vain. Talk to yourself in English in front of a mirror. This will boost your confidence. Find out some interesting and fun ways to practice what you have learned. Taking the help of online worksheets and quizzes is an interesting way to learn more. Listen. Read. Write. Speak. Repeat. This cycle is important to help you brush up on your communication skills. Make it a habit to follow this.


Are you still wondering how to go about it? If you cannot gain the confidence to work out things on your own, seek the help of any language coach or take up any English-speaking course; it will help you in your quest – how to speak in English easily. Remember, Rome was not built in a day; similarly, you can’t have a command over a foreign language in a few weeks. Give yourself some time and be focused. Learn to leave your comfort zone and keep pushing your boundaries. You can surely do it!

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How can I improve my English speaking skills?

You can improve by practising regularly, conversing with native speakers, watching English movies/shows, listening to podcasts, and using language learning apps.

What are some tips for building confidence in English speaking?

You can boost confidence by starting with simple conversations, practising pronunciation, focusing on clarity rather than perfection, and embracing mistakes as learning opportunities.

Are there any specific techniques to improve my pronunciation?

Yes, record yourself speaking and compare it to native speakers, listen to authentic audio materials, practice tongue twisters, and consider taking accent reduction courses.

Can watching movies or TV shows help with English fluency?

Absolutely! Watching content in English exposes you to natural conversations, different accents, and colloquial language, helping you understand context and improve your listening skills.

How can I overcome the fear of making mistakes when speaking?

Understand that mistakes are a natural part of learning. Embrace them as opportunities for growth, and remember that most people appreciate your effort to communicate in their language.

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