All That You Need To Know About Computer Courses

All That You Need To Know About Computer Courses

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Everyone needs to keep up with the latest technological advancements and next-generation technology in this digital age. Computer courses are a popular choice among most engineering students.

computer courses On the other hand, computer courses can be divided into several fields. Finding and selecting the right course will make or break your career.

As a result, we will go over computer courses in depth in this article. But, before we begin, let’s go over the topics we’ll be discussing in this blog:

What is a computer course?

Computer courses are those that concentrate on the fundamental concepts of computers. You can use these courses to learn about various types of software on a computer in order to become proficient in any particular course. Computer courses teach students basic to advanced level computer knowledge, emphasizing practical skills rather than theory so that students can become more familiar with and proficient with computers.

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Eligibility for doing computer courses

The minimum qualification required to pursue any computer course is a 10+2 from a recognized board with an aggregate mark of 50%.

Basic computer courses syllabus

The following table lists some of the course contents for the basic computer course syllabus:

Program Things to learn
Computer basics courses Computer fundamentals, characteristics of computers, types of computers, basic components of computer, etc.
Hardware and Software courses
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Computer memory, software, peripherals, input and output devices, and requirements, etc.
MS Word courses Windows interface, Word application, viewing documents, basic and advanced formatting, etc.
MS PowerPoint courses MS PowerPoint introduction, creating presentations, basic and advanced formatting, etc.
Security and Networking courses Introduction to security and networking, file sharing, internet services, p2p networking, etc.
Introduction to Internet, WWW and Web Browsers courses Basic of computer networks; LAN, WAN, applications of Internet, etc.
Operating System courses Basics of Operating System, types of operating system, UI, simple setting, file and directory management, etc.

Basic computer courses list

The basic computer course’s goal is to provide knowledge about basic level computer terms and related software as well as hardware. These courses can prepare a person to use computers in their daily lives, both professionally and personally. Following completion of these courses, the incumbent will be computer literate and able to:

  • Recognize the fundamental computer components and terminology
  • Use word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software to create documents.
  • Understand computer networks and the Internet, etc.

The following table lists some of the course contents for the basic computer course:

Program Description Things to learn
Computer basic courses These courses help you gain knowledge of basic computer terms and related software and hardware. Hardware and software, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Security and Networking, etc.
Software development courses This course will teach you the fundamentals of web application design, development, production, and evaluation. These course helps you to learn about different programming languages and operating systems. Object-Oriented programming constructs
, introduction to algorithms and data structures, database design, etc.
Microsoft Office courses The course teaches you how to write documents, take notes, and create spreadsheets, among other things. Creating professional documents, management and archival of documents, modifying and formatting a worksheet, presenting data using charts, etc.
Operating system courses The course covers fundamental operating system abstractions, concurrent programming, interprocess communication, and an overview of distributed operating systems.
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Introduction to the operating system, process and threads, synchronization, CPU scheduling algorithm, memory management, etc.
Graphic design courses The course emphasizes the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas using visual and textual content.
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Adobe Illustrator, Logo Design, Canva, InDesign, Typography, etc.
Hardware and networking courses These courses provide extensive knowledge and experience in the computer hardware & networking field. Installing, configuring, managing, and troubleshooting a PC, installing & configuring Windows Server OS, protocols and internetworking standards, etc.

Best computer course list after 12th

Because the IT industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors, many students pursue computer courses after graduating high school. After graduating from high school, you can pursue courses in computer science, BCA, BSC, B.Tech, and a diploma in computer application.

The following table lists some of the course contents for the computer course after 12th:

Course Description Things to learn
BCA This course is a three-year (six-semester) full-time course. The candidate must have completed the 12th grade at a reputable school and received a passing grade. Students can pursue this course without math’s and computer in class 12th. Commerce students can also pursue this course. Fundamentals of computers, C programming, operating systems, understanding organizational behavior, data and database management systems, etc.
B.Tech This course is a four-year undergraduate program that focuses on computer programming languages and computer system technologies. This course provides candidates with the necessary skills in the areas of software programs, research & innovation, and programming skills. Calculus, quantum physics and its applications, abstractions and paradigms in programming, data structures and algorithms, machine learning
, etc.
BSc This course is a three-year undergraduate program that can help advance your career. To pursue this course, candidates must have completed grades 10 and 12 at a reputable school in the science stream. Basics of computer science, computer organization, system analysis and design, system programming, introduction to web technology, etc.
BCA Hons This course is a four years graduate degree program; the minimum eligibility is the 10+2 from a recognized school board or its equivalent exam. The course is similar to BCA, except that students will be taught one extra subject every semester. Programming fundamentals using C++, discrete structures, programming in JAVA, software engineering, internet technologies, artificial intelligence, etc.
B.Com This course is a three-year bachelor’s degree program that teaches students computer programming, applications, software development, and business management. This course is designed primarily for students with a background in computer programming and an interest in the business. Principles of accountancy, principles of management,
company law, income tax law, managerial economics, e-commerce, etc.

Top computer courses after graduation

The following table lists some of the course contents for the computer course after graduation:

Course Description Things to learn
MTech The Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering program lasts two years (4 semesters). The course gives curious minds a great opportunity to explore the world of computer science and technology through practical knowledge and theory. Computer networks, computer architecture
, advanced operating system, advanced cloud computing, advanced computer programming, embedded systems, etc.
MCA MCA is a two-year professional post-graduate program designed for candidates who want to delve deeper into computer application development by learning modern programming languages.
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Elements of basic communication, Unix and Windows lab, oral and wireless networking, computer communication networks, network programming, etc.
MSc M.Sc. in Computer Science is a two-year post-graduate program to develop human resources with core competencies in various computer science thrust areas. Software engineering, system development, natural computation, mathematical foundations, artificial intelligence etc.

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Top 10 computer courses in demand

There are both short-term and long-term online computer courses available. It is critical to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and skills before selecting the best computer course to advance your career.

The table below lists some of the course contents for the popular computer course:

Program Description Things to learn
Networking courses The courses cover core networking skills that organizations’ networking professionals need to develop, troubleshoot, and protect their critical computer systems.
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Performance analysis and measurement, protocol mechanisms, network control, sequencing and simulation, advanced network architecture, network security, etc.
Data science courses The courses will teach you the fundamentals of data interpretation, analysis, and understanding and communicating actionable insights.
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Probability & statistics, multivariate calculus & linear algebra, data wrangling, database management, data visualization, machine learning, cloud computing, etc.
Cybersecurity courses The courses teach you to defend against cyber attacks on computer operating systems, networks, and data.
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Cloud security, computer forensics skills, blockchain security, networking, cryptography and its types, programming, IoT security, etc.
Web designing courses The courses teach you how to use all of the necessary design and programming tools for the job and understand the end users. HTML essentials, forms, tables, CSS essentials, responsive design, advanced layouts, etc.
Big data analysis courses The courses will assist you in expanding your knowledge of big data analytics and improve your programming and mathematical abilities. These classes will also teach you how to use critical analytic tools. Apache Hadoop, Hive, data mining, data visualization, data structure and algorithms, differences between SQL and NoSQL, etc.
VFX and animation courses The courses teach you various tools and methods to create animated visuals and high-quality graphics for games, movies, and television shows, among other things. Designing, lighting, modelling, animation, visual effects, life drawing, layering, rendering, 3D animation and design, etc.
Web development courses The courses cover the coding and programming aspects of website development. It can range from a simple HTML text page to complex, feature-rich applications.
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HTML, CSS, JS, Git, GitHub, browser DevTools, API, authentication, cloud platforms, etc.
Big Data courses The courses teach you how to recognize trends, customer preferences, and patterns that can be used in the future.
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Basics of programming, Object-Oriented design, testing and version control, ETL and data ingestion, NoSQL databases, hive and querying, etc.
Search engine optimization (SEO) courses The courses cover every aspect of SEO, such as website optimization, link building, keyword research, and much more.
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Search engine optimization, content marketing, web analytics, keyword management and research, website management and optimization, URL management, etc.

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Top computer courses in demand in India

The Indian IT industry is expected to reach 350 billion dollars by 2025. This demonstrates that the demand for IT professionals such as cloud architects, Full-Stack developers, and so on will only increase in the coming years.

The table below lists some of the course contents for the top computer course in demand in India:

Program Description Things to learn
Full Stack courses The courses teach you how to deal with both front-end and back-end issues. You also learn about several technologies that aid in developing a robust tech product and thus play a significant role in company decision-making. Node, React, Angular, MongoDb, Express.js, JavaScript, html, CSS, etc.
Programming courses The courses provide in-depth knowledge about various computer operating systems and languages. It also assists you in understanding how to set up operating systems to work with multiple types of hardware.
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Python, C, C++, Java, C#, Golang, Shell script, Ruby on Rails, swift, R, etc.
Business Intelligence (BI) courses The courses teach you how to gather insights into what your contenders are doing and to end up making educated and informed decisions about your plans. Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Kibana, SAS, etc.
Internet of Things (IoT) courses The courses teach you through the architecture of an IoT network, covering sensors, devices and analysis, device communication, streaming data processing, and scalability.
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IoT designs, development considerations, IoT frameworks, IoT architectures, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.
Robotics courses The courses teach you the fundamental techniques for representing real-world robots that perform physical tasks. The courses also cover the basics of robotics, emphasizing the mind and the body.
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Multiple science, linear math, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, design and engineering, etc.
DevOps courses The courses teach agile development, continuous integration, and continuous delivery concepts. Still, it also emphasizes the social aspect of IT by emphasizing the importance of collaboration across development, operations, support, and management teams.
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Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, Spark, Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana, etc.
Cloud computing courses The courses teach how to host some or all network resources in the cloud. This includes virtual firewalls, routers, network management software, bandwidth, and other similar services.
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AWS, Azure, GCP, DevOps and Containers, Cloud Migration, etc.
Digital marketing courses The courses teach you the fundamentals of the current digital marketing landscape. It also provides a new set of concepts, and tools for keyword research, marketing automation, customer relationship management.
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Video marketing, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, content marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc.
Ethical hacking courses The courses teach you the fundamentals of ethical hacking course, how to set up a hacking lab and perform penetration testing to improve network security.
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Linux, programming, basic hardware knowledge, reverse engineering, cryptography, database, etc.

Top online computer course

You can study various online computer courses in various specializations such as computer science, networking, programming, cyber security, and much more. There are numerous online vendors, including Coursera, Udemy, FutureLearn, upGrad, edX, IIT Kanpur, Stanford and others.

Some of the popular computer courses are:

Top free online computer courses with certificates

The table below lists some of the top free computer courses:

Free Course Description
Artificial Intelligence courses This course teaches various topics, such as AI concepts, workflows, machine learning, deep learning fundamentals, etc.
Cloud Computing courses These courses teach you important concepts and technologies of cloud computing, such as introduction to cloud computing, evolution of cloud computing, characteristics of cloud computing, load balancing in cloud computing, virtualization in cloud computing, deployment models, hypervisor in cloud computing, and so on.
Python courses These courses cover all the basic and advanced concepts, such as abstraction in python, functions, memory management in python, comparison operators in python, etc.
Java courses These courses teach you many important java concepts, such as OOPS concepts, basic Java constructs like loops and data types, string handling, collection framework, multithreading, exception handling, generics, synchronization, etc.
C courses These courses cover all the basic and advanced concepts related to c programming, such as For Loop, variable declaration, data types, storage classes, operators, preprocessor, arrays & strings, etc.
DevOps courses These course equip you with the key concepts, such as agile development, scrum methodology, cloud native architecture, zero downtime deployments, deploying application code, automating software release processes, Amazon CloudWatch, etc.
Digital Marketing These courses cover various important concepts related to digital marketing, such as fundamentals of digital marketing, digital marketing tools, B2B digital marketing strategy, traditional marketing vs digital marketing, etc.

Top colleges for doing computer courses and their overall fee

The table below lists some of the top colleges for doing computer courses and the average cost:

College Description Overall Fee (INR)
IIT Madras The country’s top-ranked IIT, IIT Madras collage, has taken a unique initiative to make its high-quality computer courses available to everyone. Core computer science courses include programming, data structures, computer organization, and algorithms. ₹ 8.08 LPA
IIT Delhi The computer science and engineering program at IIT Delhi is well-known and regarded as one of the most exciting fields to pursue an undergraduate degree. The curriculum is intended to prepare you for work in technology firms while contributing to global computer science research. ₹ 2.24 LPA
DA-IICT The computer science course at DA-IICT has an excellent curriculum that covers all of the courses required for a successful career. The computer science faculty is very good in terms of teaching ability, experience, and ability to solve students’ problems on the spot. ₹ 3.4 LPA
IIT Bombay IIT Bombay’s computer science program is regarded as one of the best in the country. This course will teach you unparalleled skills, and you’ll have the chance to learn from the leaders in the market. ₹ 8.33 LPA
Bits Pilani This college is the best for computer science engineering in terms of placements, facilities, and everything else. Cut-offs for the computer science field are also very high and rising year after year. ₹ 8.55 LPA
IIT Kanpur The collage is one of India’s oldest and most prestigious centers for computer-related research. The college curriculum is extensive and follows a slew of rules. The curriculum is constantly evolving in response to the advancement of new technologies. ₹ 2.15 LPA

Career prospects and average salary

Career prospects Description Average salary (INR)
Data Scientist In 2022, data scientists will be the most popular and well-paid IT professionals. They have strong programming skills and have received training to interpret complex data, allowing businesses to provide the best customer experience possible. ₹ 10.5 LPA
DevOps Engineer DevOps engineers implement procedures, tools, and techniques to balance requirements across the software development process, from writing code and implementation to system maintenance. ₹ 6.0 LPA
Big Data Engineer Big Data engineers use zettabytes of data created daily to forecast previously unknown market trends. They are in charge of creating, establishing, checking, and maintaining complex data processing systems that deal with large amounts of data. ₹ 7.7 LPA
Machine Learning Engineer A machine learning engineer is someone who studies, builds, and designs self-running artificial intelligence systems to automate predictive models. ₹ 7.2 LPA
AI/ML Architect AI/ML architects use a variety of research methodologies to create machine learning models. They are also responsible for selecting the most up-to-date technology frameworks to provide the most satisfactory service to customers. ₹ 28.8 LPA
Cloud Architect The cloud architect is in charge of a company’s cloud computing strategy, which includes cloud adoption plans, cloud application design, and cloud management and monitoring. ₹ 20.0 LPA
Blockchain Developer Blockchain developers create applications for existing blockchain platforms and are in charge of front-end and back-end development, design, and maintenance. ₹ 6.5 LPA
Full Stack Developer A full-stack developer is responsible for both front-end and back-end development processes. They are also in charge of designing, developing, and maintaining fully functional platforms that include databases or servers. ₹ 6.5 LPA
AR/VR Developer AR/VR developers are in charge of designing, testing, and developing virtual or augmented reality software and applications. ₹ 9.6 LPA

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Computer is one of the most important subjects to study if you want to start your own business. These days, computer courses are in high demand and can also lead to rewarding job opportunities.


What is a computer science course?

Computer science is a vast subject that encompasses studying computer systems, computational thinking and theory, and designing software programs that use the hardware's power to process data.

Which computer course is best?

Courses related to DevOps, Cloud computing, ML, and AI are the best as there is a huge demand for IT professionals knowing these fields. The pay scale of these fields is also very large compared to other IT jobs.

Which computer course is best for a high salary?

AI/ML Architect and Cloud Architect courses are best for high salaries. The average salary of an AI/ML Architect is u20b9 28.8 LPA, and the average salary of a Cloud Architect is u20b9 20.0 LPA.

Which computer course is the best for jobs?

AI/ML Architect and Cloud Architect courses are best for jobs. The number of jobs available on for an AI/ML Architect as on 7/28/2022 is 10726, and the jobs available for a Cloud Architect are 13678.

What is the 'O' level computer course?

DOEACC society's 'O' level course is a foundation course in the field of information technology. The course will last one year. Candidates who have completed the NIELIT 'O' Level certification are eligible for employment opportunities in the federal and state governments.

Is BSc computer science a good course?

One of the most popular IT programs is BSc Computer Science (B.Sc CS). This area has the potential to advance your career. It is a rapidly expanding field with numerous job opportunities both in India and abroad. In India, the average salary of a professional who has completed this course is around 6 LPA.

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