List of Engineering Courses after 12th

List of Engineering Courses after 12th

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Students of Science stream are eligible for engineering courses after 12th if they fulfill the minimum admission criteria. There are numerous branches of Science to study and earn a degree. And, the economic growth in Science domain on global level has created unending demand for professional in this sector. Science and Engineering is the wheel of progress for the humanity. Engineering gives solution to the existing problems and keep advancing to new problems. If you have the curiosity for the unknown and a zeal to contribute to problems of world then pursuing engineering courses after 12th is the right step in the right direction. to help you with this, we have curated a list of engineering courses after 12th.



List of Engineering Courses after 12th


After 12th you have the option of pursuing either a Diploma Program or a Bachelor’s Degree course. For most of the Engineering courses at Bachelor’s level, candidates have to appear for an entrance exam to secure a seat in an Engineering college. Most engineering colleges, including the IITs and IIITs, have JEE Main and JEE Advanced exams as their criteria for admission.

IIT admissions are done on the basis of JEE Advanced and IIIT admissions are done on the basis of JEE Main. JEE Main was conducted by CBSE once a year till 2018. From 2019, the JEE Main exam will be conducted by the NTA twice in a year – in January and in April. JEE Main admit card for the January session will be released in December and for April exam will be released in March. NTA will announce JEE Main Result for January exam at the end of same month. Result of April exam will be announced in the end of the same month, as well.

Here are the degree and diploma course in engineering after 12th:

Bachelors in Engineering / Bachelors in Technology

These are the four-year Bachelor Degree Program for student after class 12th. Most institutes invite for an admission process, including written test, for qualification. Writing the National Level Joint Entrance Exam – the JEE Exam – is the most rational choice.

You can consider the following engineering courses after 12th class:

(NOTE: Science stream in SSC is mandatory)

  • B.Tech. or B.E. Computer Science Engineering: Career option in the field of Computer Science and its related field. This is the most sought engineering course after 12th.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. in Mechanical Engineering: Engineering field pertaining to Machinery and Mechanics.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Electrical Engineering: Engineering field careers in Electronic Technology.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Civil Engineering: Engineering field for Infrastructure Development.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Chemical Engineering: Engineering field pertaining to Chemicals and Metallurgy.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. IT Engineering: Engineering field for Information & Technology field.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. IC and EC Engineering: Engineering courses in the field EC Engineering and IC Engineering
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering: Engineering courses for studying the Technology of Airplanes, Aviation – Building and Operations.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Electronics: Deals with the Engineering Science of Electronic Devices and Technology to make them function.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Telecommunication: Engineering courses for the niche sector of Telecom and its Technology.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Oil &Petroleum: Engineering related to the Fossil Fuels – the technology to find them, and how to extract and use them.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Biotechnology: Engineering courses in the Burgeoning Industry of Biotechnology like GMO.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Genetic: Engineering courses specifically about the Genetic Engineering and useful in health and life.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Power: Engineering courses for fields in Power Generation from Hydro, Fossil Fuel, or Natural Resources.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Food Processing and Technology: Engineering courses related to the Science of Food Processing.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Agricultural: Engineering courses dealing with the subject of Agriculture, dealing with the Technology of Horticulture, Permaculture, etc.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Dairy Technology: Engineering courses related to Dairy Production, Dairy Quality and its Science of Consumption by Humans.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Mining: Engineering courses for Mining and Extraction Technology.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Textile Engineering: Courses for the Technology &Science related to Textile Manufacturing Industry.
  • B.Tech. or B.E. Automobile: Engineering courses for Science and Technology related to Automobile Manufacturing Industry.

More courses in Environment, Plastics, Marine and Naval Architecture Engineering are available for students after 12th examination. Make the all-important decision to take the JEE Exam that is essential to gain admission in the best engineering colleges of India.


Diploma courses in Engineering & Technology


There are numerous 2-3 years diploma certification program in engineering for student after class 12th. Diploma courses are offered in most Science and Technology fields. Admission to diploma courses is direct, but some institute conducts entrance exam for the same.

Diploma courses in Engineering are available for the following verticals:

IT, Computer Science, Agriculture, Aeronautics, Genetic, Animal Husbandry, Electronics, and Biotechnology

Candidates can search for information about the admission criteria to numerous institutes offering diploma certificates on their official websites.


Masters in Technology / Masters in Engineering


Three years Master’s Degree in Engineering is possible after the completion of Bachelors’s in Engineering. Admission criteria for such courses are based on academic performance in Bachelors as well as written test and interview.

Masters in Technology and Engineering degree courses are available for the following domains:

  • Computer Science, Information & Technology,
  • Telecommunications,
  • Mechanics, Electrical and Electronics,
  • Civil and Architecture,
  • Chemical,
  • Power,
  • Petroleum,
  • Fossil Energy,
  • Genetics & Biotechnology,
  • Aeronautical & Airspace,
  • Food Processing,
  • Dairy & Agricultural,
  • Environment, and
  • Automobile

There are many Engineering courses in Science & Tech fields. Please search for the one that best suits your capability.

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