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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach 
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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 

Gain a comprehensive overview of the C++ Programming principles and concepts


6 weeks

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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 

  • Earn a certificate of completion from E & ICT Academy, IIT Kanpur
  • Learn from online lectures with high-quality videos
  • Hands on training for practical exposure
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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 
Course details

Who should do this course?
  • For students who are pursuing professional graduate/post-graduate courses related to computer science or Information Technology
  • For computer science and engineering teachers/faculties
  • For IT professionals, who wish to acquire new skills or improve their existing skills
What are the course deliverables?
  • Understand the syntax and semantics of the C++ programming language
  • Write inline functions for efficiency and performance
  • Create C++ classes for code reuse
  • Implement copy constructors and class member functions
  • Understand the concept of data abstraction and encapsulation
  • Learn how to overload functions and operators in C++
  • Learn how inheritance and virtual functions implement dynamic binding with polymorphism
  • Design and implement generic classes with C++ templates
  • Learn how to Implement SDL graphic libraries to develop a GUI based programs
  • Boost your hireability through innovative and independent learning
More about this course
  • In this course, you will develop a complete program on particle fire explosion, which involves uses of graphics libraries along with fundamental and advanced concepts of C++ programming
  • This course covers the fundamental concepts of C++ programming including working with operators, functions, loops etc
  • Advanced concepts like object-oriented programming are also covered in this course, which includes working with classes and objects, using Inheritance and encapsulation etc
  • In addition to this, the course covers the use of SDL, which is a graphics library, and a vital part in the development of a game or a GUI application
  • The comprehensive use of SDL has been demonstrated to produce an incredible program on particle fire explosion

C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 



Using C++ Source Code File

Hello World

Outputting Text



User Input

Binary Numbers and Memory

Integer Variable Types

C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 
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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 
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Kumar Aditya Raj
C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
Learning Experience: This training organize by college in online mode, I'm am learn student department program on fundamental c++ programming and enjoy
Faculty: Faculty approach is good like 10 out of 10 I like it's a amazing teaching style like everything is easy
Course Support: No, but can get
Reviewed on 10 Sep 2022Read More
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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 

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C++ Programming -A Practical Approach
IIT Kanpur 
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