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PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language for web development. For anyone interested in learning web development, online PHP course is a good option. PHP is a widely-used open-source language used for general-purpose scripting. It is easy to learn and extremely flexible. The programming in PHP is pretty straight forward and it is compatible to run on any system. This feature is extremely useful for businesses as they can use the existing framework on diverse platforms like Windows, Linux and Unix. PHP has multiple advantages over other web development languages. It is an adaptable language and designers keep on creating and adding more functionalities to the web. The extensions and plug-ins are added advantages for the new web developers. Despite all these benefits, PHP is available free of cost.

Today in the era of digitalization, every business needs to have a website. Having a website is a necessity in the business world. Hence, in the current time and future, web development is going to be one the most sought after careers. PHP has its own special place among other web development languages and it is fast, safe and secure. Multiple benefits make PHP one of the most preferred languages for developing websites and web applications.

PHP developers are always in demand in the programming world's job opportunities. Several new websites are coming up in PHP, and the demand for PHP developers is only going to stay in the future. A skilled PHP developer can also take up freelancing projects.

Eligibility Criteria for PHP

There are no eligibility criteria for learning PHP programming. Anyone with a basic understanding of the computer programming language can go for PHP courses.

Skillset for PHP 

The skill sets which a PHP developer must have are: 

  • Problem Solving Skills: Apart from knowing the technical part of PHP, one must have problem-solving skills to grow in this field.

  • Knowledge of other programming languages: PHP developers must also have a good understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

  • Good communication skills: It helps the PHP developer to work efficiently in a team.

Syllabus for PHP 

PHP Syllabus includes:

Web designing basics and introduction of PHP

Control Structures Framework
XML OsCommerce
AJAX  Working with regular expressions and forms
Introduction to database Cookies 
Handling HTML form with PHP String Manipulation
Working with file system Basic PHP Development
JavaScript (Jquery) Classes and objects
Functions -----

Popular Online PHP Courses

Nowadays online courses are high in demand and for PHP there are various options available. When choosing online courses, it is wise to go for reputable sites and also look for knowledgeable instructors.

Course Name

Online Platform

Takeaway from course

PHP Essential Training

LinkedIn Learning

Perfect for mastering the PHP programming basic skills. It covers PHP overview, data types,
user-defined functions and debugging, embedding PHP code into HTML page, and control structures.

Ultimate PHP Basics for Absolute Beginners


Basics of PHP

Learn PHP Tutorial


Fundamentals of PHP coding.
Variables and functions.
HTML form handling and validation.

Building Web Applications in PHP


Basic structure of web applications.
Basics of HTML and CSS programming.
Learn how web apps interact with servers on the internet.
PHP functions, arrays, modularity and variable scope.

PHP for Beginners


The course mostly focuses on practical lessons.
Code editors and PHP basics.
PHP control structures, data types, and functions.
Creating CMS.
Using MySQL and Object-Oriented Programming.

Getting Started with PHP Unit Testing


Basics of unit testing in PHP
Test-driven development
Running example test
Using PHPUnit

PHP Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

LinkedIn Learning

PHP best practices.
Variable functions.
Array dereferencing.
PHP generators.
Conditional expressions.

PHP: Getting Started


PHP introduction and its version histories.
MySQL database management.
Security and password management.

PHP with Laravel for Beginners


Using PHP with Laravel

Object-Oriented PHP Learning


Building websites using object-oriented programming in PHP.
Fundamentals of PHP and OOP.
Building website using PHP and OOP.

Popular Institutes offering PHP Courses



UPTEC Computer Consultancy Limited


Dr. G.Y. Pathrikar College of Computer Science and IT, Aurangabad
Parul University Vadodara
Shivaji University Kolhapur
IANT - Institute of Advance Network Technology Ahmedabad
Naresh i Technologies Hyderabad
Marwadi University Rajkot
Aptech Computer Education Mumbai
DUCAT Noida Noida
Jeetech Academy Delhi 

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Job opportunities after getting PHP certifications

Some of the job opportunities after one completes PHP certifications:

  • Web Designers

  • Web Architects

  • Webmasters

  • PHP Developer

Top Recruiters for PHP Developers

Some of the topmost companies that hire PHP developers are:

  • ABC

  • CodeClouds

  • Maxgen

  • Xento Systems

  • Webkul

  • Cognizant Technology Solutions

  • IndiaNIC Infotech

  • NeoSOFT Technologies

  • Infosys

  • Hidden Brains Info Tech

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on PHP

Q: Which are the essential PHP Skills?

A: Apart from knowing the PHP programming language, one should also have a problem-solving attitude and must have good communication skills to work in a team. Furthermore, the PHP developer should have a solid understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Q: Who all can do PHP courses? Is there any eligibility criteria?

A: No, there is no such eligibility criteria. One just needs to have a basic understanding of programming languages to learn PHP programming.

Q: What is the PHP syllabus?

A: The PHP syllabus includes :
  • Data types
  • Variables
  • Operators
  • Embedding PHP with HTML and vice versa
  • Writing comments and statements
  • Conditionals and repetition statements
  • Arrays and custom function
  • PHP and MYSQL
  • File handling with PHP

Q: Which are popular PHP colleges in India?

A: Some well-known colleges to learn PHP in India are -
  • Oxford Software Institute, Delhi
  • Linux Learning Centre
  • Compufield Computer Institute (Compufield Mumbai)
  • Thakur Institute of Career Advancement
  • NACE International Institute
  • Parul University
  • SEED Infotech Ltd, Bangalore.

Q: Which are popular online platforms that offer PHP courses?

A: Some reputable online platforms offering PHP courses are :
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • Udemy
  • Codeacademy
  • Eduonix
  • Treehouse
  • Pluralsight

Q: Which are the best online PHP courses and certifications?

A: Few of the most popular online PHP courses and certifications are -
  • PHP Essential Training
  • Ultimate PHP Basics for Absolute Beginners
  • Learn PHP Tutorial
  • Building Web Applications in PHP
  • PHP for Beginners
  • Getting Started with PHP Unit Testing
  • PHP Tips
  • Tricks, and Techniques
  • PHP: Getting Started
  • PHP with Laravel for Beginners
  • Object-Oriented PHP Learning

Q: Why PHP is so popular?

A: Multiple factors make PHP a popular language, these factors include - it is free, simple and easy to learn, PHP can run on a variety of OS like Mac OSX, Unix, Linux, and Windows and it is easier to fix problems on PHP. Other factors include its speed, scalability, integration, and object-oriented programming.

Q: What is the scope of PHP careers in future.

A: Currently and in the coming times, all businesses need a website to function efficiently. Hence, the demand for web developers is only going to increase. PHP is a popular scripting language for websites and web application development. Hence, professionals with PHP skills are going to find multiple job opportunities in future.

Q: Which are the job profiles options available after doing PHP courses?

A: The job profiles options include :
  • Web designers
  • Web architects
  • PHP Developers
  • Webmasters.

Q: Which are popular PHP certifications?

A: Some of the popular PHP certifications are -
  • PHP Certification Course for Intermediate Learners
  • PHP Developer Certification
  • Zend Certified PHP Engineer
  • W3Schools PHP Certification
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Certification Courses

Q: Which career opportunities are available after doing PHP courses?

A: Some of the career opportunities available after PHP courses are -
  • Web Development Careers
  • Server-side Scripting
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Computer Programming
  • Compiler Based Applications
  • Command-line scripting.

Popular Online courses in PHP Colleges in India

Following are the most popular Online courses in PHP Colleges in India. Learn more about these Online courses in PHP colleges (Courses, Reviews, Answers & more) by downloading the Brochure.
9 Courses
24 K - 8 L
16.5 - 21 LPA
1 Course
4.55 L
4.8 LPA
3 Courses
50 K - 2 L
4.5 LPA
40 K - 20.32 L
10 LPA

IT & Software Applications open. Apply Now

95 K - 8 L
12 - 21.6 LPA

Popular Private Online courses in PHP Colleges in India

90 K - 12.72 L

IT & Software Applications open. Apply Now

4.97 L - 14.94 L
1 Course
6.1 L
Only college in India with Animation, VFX & Game production studio
2.7 L - 7.2 L
60 K - 20 L
1.45 L - 2.5 L

Most Popular Courses

Following are the most popular Online courses in PHP courses, based on alumni reviews. Explore these reviews to choose the best course in Online courses in PHP.

Popular Online courses in PHP UG Courses

Following are the most popular Online courses in PHP UG Courses . You can explore the top Colleges offering these UG Courses by clicking the links below.

UG Courses

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