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Python is a very popular and pervasive general-purpose computer coding language used in web development. Besides web development, it is also used for software development and programming. It is an easy to learn coding language for both a first-time programmer and someone who is experienced with other programming languages.

Python has multiple impressive features that make it stand apart and useful for complex application development. It includes dynamic binding, dynamic typing, and high-level data structures. It is a universal language and can be extended to run code written in C or C++. Python can be used for software development, Desktop app, mobile app development, and back-end web. Furthermore, it can be used to write system scripts, perform mathematical computations, and process big data.

Eligibility for Python

There are no essential eligibility criteria required for studying python, but it is good to have basic computer knowledge. If we talk about taking admission in python courses, then there is no certain entrance exam for taking admission in the courses. After one completes the 12th class, one can take admission in either offline or online courses based on the interest. Therefore one can do this course after completing their 12th exam. The student needs to have basic computer knowledge, and they can do this course either online or offline.

Required Skillset for Python

Job Profile

Skills Required

Software Engineer

Programming Language and Coding Knowledge
Problem Solving Knowledge
Communication Skills

Python Developer

Communication and Teamwork Skills
Coding Information
Analytical Skills
Machine Learning Skills

Data Analyst

Data Visualisation Techniques
Creating Dashboards
Data Cleaning and Preparation
Data Analysis
Knowledge of Statistics

Software Tester

Understanding of the Business Model and Process
Knowledge of Systems Development Life Cycle
Communication Skills
Alertness and Presence of Mind

Data Scientist

Data Visualisation Techniques
Programming Languages like Python
Communication Skill

Syllabus for Python 

Syllabus for Python
Introduction to Python and Computer Programming Basic Input-Output Operations and Basic Operators
Data Types and Variables Loops, Lists and List Processing
Boolean Values and Conditional Execution Logical and Bitwise Operations
Functions and Tuples Dictionaries and Data Processing
Modules, Packages, String, List Methods and Exceptions The Object-Oriented Approach: Classes, Methods and Objects
Standard Objective Features and Exception Handling Working with Files

Top Institutes Offering Courses in Python

Python courses include python certifications, python diploma, and python degree. One can also do the Python courses online. Various popular edtech platform offers python courses. If one wants to pursue a degree in Python, they can go for engineering courses or BCA/BSc/Btech computer science.

College Name

Course Offered



Linux Learning Centre

Full-time certificate course in Python

2 days

INR 4000

Centre for Development of
Advanced Computing (C-DAC)

Part-time certificate course in Python

6 weeks

INR 6400

Aptech Computer Education

Full-time certificate course in Python

3 months

INR 9000

Institute of Computer Science and Information Technology, NIMS University

Full-time B.Sc and BCA with specialization in Python

3 years

INR 1.8 lakh

Parul University

Online certificate course in Python

3 months

INR 7500

National Institute of Electronics
and Information Technology

Full-time certificate course in Python

80 hours

INR 4840

Top Online Platforms offering Python Courses

The most popular online platforms offering python courses are:

  • Udemy

  • Coursera

  • Harvard University

  • Codecademy

  • edX

  • learnpython

Top Job Profiles for Python

Python language is much in demand, and if one is looking for a promising and exciting career in coding, this is one of the best languages to learn. The main reason why it is so popular and valuable is that though it is a beginner-friendly language, it can handle a wide range of tasks.

Top IT companies are always searching for qualified and skilled Python coders. It is the most versatile programming language which developers use for system development programming and application development. It also ensures better programming through better test performance and much reduced coding effort. As a fresher in Python, one can apply for jobs like front-end software/web developer, software engineer, DevOps engineer, Python developer, or programmer.


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Top Recruiters for Python

Python skills are one of the most sought-after skills in coding. After completing the course, one can apply to multiple top companies. Some of these companies are:

  • Bank of America

  • Allstate

  • CyberCoders

  • Google

  • Adobe

  • Atlassian

  • Sohu.com

  • Cloud Big Data Technologies Group

  • HedgeServ

  • Apexon

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Python

Q. What is the duration of the python course?

A. It depends on what course you are doing. It can range from 2 days to 3 months for a certificate course, and for a degree course, it is a three years long course. Always check these details before taking admission to the course.

Q. Which are the python subjects?

A. After completing the Python course, one can acquire the skills of data science, web applications, and rapid application development. The main python subjects are - 

  • Python fundamentals and programing: It comprises functions, conditional execution, and loops, strings, lists and tuples, scopes and namespaces, modules, dictionaries, and sets

  • Intermediate Python: It includes file handling, object-oriented programming, iterator, generator, decorators, and lambda expressions.

  • Advanced python subjects comprise C code in Python, writing library, closure, method chaining, function factory, building framework, Python in C#, Python in Java, Masterclasses, and introspection.

Q. What is the admission procedure for Python courses?

A. There are no Python exams for taking admission in the course. Anyone who has completed their 12th class and has basic computer knowledge can take admission in a python course. To fill the online admission form, aspirants should visit the institute or college's official website and fill in the details. Once the registration is done, the college will contact the candidates for further information.

Q. From where can I do the certificate courses or python degree courses?

A. There are many online and full-time offline courses. Following is the list of a few colleges for doing a python course:

  • TGC Animation and Multimedia, Delhi

  • Techdata Solution, Pune

  • NIELIT- National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology Delhi

  • Manipal ProLearn, Bangalore

  • Appin Technology Lab

  • ISM- University of Skills

  • IIHT Howrah

  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) Mohali

  • Boston Institute of Analytics, Mumbai

  • NIIT Limited

  • Dr. GY Pathrikar College of Computer Science and IT, Aurangabad

Q. What are python branches?

A. Python contains only one kind of branch, the 'if' statement. If the given predicate is true, it executes a block of code and not execute it if the predicate is false.

Q. What is the usage of Python?

Q. It is a scripting language used in various operating systems and software applications. Python is more efficient and can automate some task series.

Q. What is the fee structure for the Python course?

A. The fee is entirely dependent on the college and course. One can do a certificate course in a few thousand - between INR 2000 to INR 6000. However, the python degree course fees can go in lakhs. 

Q. What is the salary offered to Python professionals?

A. Python is in high demand. The professional can get an excellent job with a high salary. The average salary for certificate holders is between INR 20,000 to INR 50,000. Like any other field, the salary package depends on the skills and experience of the candidate.

Q. What are the various job profiles one can take after pursuing Python?

A. One can join government and private organizations after completing the Python course. The job profiles include data analyst, software programmer, python application engineer, Android software developer, and Python developer.

Q. What is the future of python professionals?

A. The future of python professionals is extremely bright as the IT sector is booming right now. Sophisticated technologies like machine learning, data science, web and API development, and systems automation are all developing at a fast pace and shaping the future. Python is the much-in-demand skill in these fields, so python programmers will automatically get great career options in the future.

Q. Is Python complicated or easy to learn?

A. When compared with other programming languages, it is much simpler to learn.

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