Apply to India's top education loan providers through Shiksha Study Abroad

Welcome to Shiksha Study Abroad! We have tied up with India’s leading education loan providers. Their experts will assist you in acquiring education loan for pursuing MS, MBA or any other specialised course abroad.

How to apply for education loan?

Sign Up on Shiksha

Enter Loan Requirements

Get Call from Loan Provider

1. How can I apply for Education loan through Shiksha?

Sign up with Shiksha and enter your details. We’ll share your details with our trusted partner, their experts will get in touch with you and guide you for getting an education loan.

2. Who will call me back and when?

Shiksha has tied up with some of the most respected education loan providers in the country. Their experts will call you back within 1-3 business days. In case, you do not receive any call, then please write to us at and mention your unique application id.

3. What is the maximum amount & interest rate of loan can be sanctioned?

Maximum loan amount and interest rate depends on various factors such as your past credit history indicated by CIBIL score, collateral, amount of tuition fee, the university & course that you are going to study etc. Generally, interest rates vary between 9.50% - 13.5% or the rate of interest set by your education loan provider.

4. What will be the loan processing fee?

Please note that does not charge you any separate fees for this facility. However the loan providers usually charge processing fees which will be shared with you by our partners.

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