Part time Work Options in UK for International Students

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Anumika Bahukhandi
Study Abroad Expert
Updated on Jul 29, 2023 00:58 IST

Part time work option in UK for international students

Recently the UK relaxed post-study work visa (graduate route visa) rules for international students. This will allow international as well as Indian students to stay in the UK for work after finishing their studies. However, there are certain rules regarding part-time work in the UK for international students who went on a student visa. In case any international student does not comply with the rules laid down by the UKBA, they risk facing deportation. Candidates can work on-campus or off-campus whatever opportunities they get. Following are the restrictions on working part-time while on UK student visa:

  • Maximum of 20 hours per week of paid/unpaid work for those studying at degree level or more. This means that you cannot work for more than 4 hours per day with weekends off
  • Maximum of 10 hours per week of paid/unpaid work during course term for language centre students
  • The Student visa must be valid and issued for a full-time course
  • Full-time work is allowed during vacations
  • Students pursuing part-time courses are not allowed to work in the UK by authorities
  • You can’t work full-time until you have received a work permit (Tier 2)
  • Self-employment, freelance, and contract work are not permitted

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Before taking any part-time job, work placement, internship, unpaid, or volunteer work check that your tier 4 (general) visa status allows you to work in the UK. Working for too many hours can make you feel tired and stressed, which will directly affect your studies. That is why many universities and colleges recommend international students work for a maximum of 15 hours per week. The rationale behind this is maintaining a study-life balance. You need to think about how a job will affect your daily life, and seek help from your tutor or international student support officer if you have any concerns.

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Top Part-time Jobs in the UK for International Students

Job Salary
Teaching Asistant £11.65 per hour
Customer Service Representative £11.13 per hour
Event Planner £14 per hour
Tutor £25 per hour
Baby Sitter £13 per hour
Dog Walker £12.50 per hour
Library Assistant £12 per hour
Barista £10 per hour

Note: There might be variations in the salary amount depending on the employer or organisation norms.

Best Job Sectors for Students Studying in the UK

Finding a part-time job that pays as well is not so easy, so, here is a list of high-paying job sectors that pay more than the regular part-time work to students.


Pay per hour (Approx.)







Health services


Social Care






Children Contact Supervisor


Customer Service




Students can work both on-campus and off-campus. Some of the on-campus jobs include library assistant, bookshop assistance, university health centre trainer, tutor, etc. Some of the off-campus jobs include data entry, delivery services, reception jobs, etc.

Read More: Popular Job Sectors in UK in 2023

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shiva kumar

a year ago

Can I work for part time in SAP MM. during my masters in UK. or any other module so that I came work full time upon completion of my masters since my masters course is Logistics and supply chain management Kindly share your views. Thank You, Shiva

Reply to shiva kumar


Anumika BahukhandiStudy Abroad Expert

3 months ago

Hello Shiva. Yes, you may work part-time while pursuing a master's degree in the UK. To know about the procedure, permitted working hours and part-time work options, read our article -


Plop Plop

a year ago

I am Archak Adhikari. I completed a bachelor's in Computer Science and also am a front-end web developer. If I will be doing master's in the UK can I work as a front-end developer in UK? What kind of work am I allowed to do instead?

Reply to Plop Plop


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hello Archak. Please refer to this article on post-study work permit for UK: For further query, you can contact our experts here:


Navya Maghudia

a year ago

hello my name is navya i am interested in being a musician after 12 whch college you think is best for studying music

Reply to Navya Maghudia


Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hello Navya. For college shortlisting and application process, please contact our experts here:


a year ago

Hello , am Shivam Jain I am interested to do my masters in UK after from India. Can u pls tell me the courses available with it's scope and post study work permit criteria?



Aprant Agarwal

a year ago

Hello Shivam. Please refer to the link for a list of colleges offering MS Pharmacy courses in UK: Please refer to this link for Post-study work permit: To s


Hello, am Vedant Saindane I am interested in Masters course Mobile and satellite communication... I have completed my BCS computer science and now planning to take admission for this course in UK But i am little bit confused about what would be the future scope and job availability Please HELP...

Reply to VEDANT Saindane


Piyush Kohli

a year ago

Hi Vedant, you can go for this course, however, due to current recession it is better to research more on the job prospects.


Piyush Kohli

a year ago

Hi Vedant, you can go for this course, however, due to current recession it is better to research more on the job prospects.

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