Popular Job Sectors in UK in 2024

Popular Job Sectors in UK in 2024

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UK Jobs for Indians: The United Kingdom is the home of various international communities, so students from foreign nations will be in good and safe company. The UK offers numerous areas where one can find work and make a great career for themselves. With plenty of job sectors to work from no doubt, the UK has been the topmost choice for international students who want to start their careers. 
Popular Jobs Sectors in UK

In this article, we will talk about jobs in the UK for Indians. As per Trading Economics, the UK’s unemployment rate rose up to 4.2% from December 2023 to February 2024. Students get the best education, skills, experience, and opportunities at top-ranking UK universities. The UK also welcomes applicants who are skilled and match the shortage of such skills in its workforce. There are many companies in the UK which are hiring Indians for UK jobs. These applicants hold the Skilled Worker Visa now replacing the Tier 2 work visa. These skills are checked with the ONS occupation-coding tool.

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Highest Paying Jobs in the UK 2024

The table given below provides a list of highest-paying jobs in the UK. Even though no job is less as compared to the other, a few most demanded jobs in UK have been mentioned below:


Median Salary (in £) Per Year

Chief Executives and Senior Officials 

100k - 130k

Legal Professionals

70k - 80k

Marketing and Sales Directors

70k - 80k

IT and Telecommunications Directors

50k - 80k

Medical Practitioners

40k - 90k

Financial Managers and Directors 

45k - 65k


40k - 60k

Advertising and Public Relations Directors

30k - 60k

Senior Professionals of Educational Establishments

25k - 50k

Train and Tram Drivers 

20k - 40k

Fast-Growing Jobs in the UK 2024

According to the survey of the BLS, the United States will introduce almost 11 million jobs through 2030. As per research from a global job site Indeed, demand for IT engineers in the UK grew faster than any other profile over the past few years. There are so many fast-growing jobs as declared by the CNBC report. We have mentioned below some of the popular job profiles with their average salary and increase in demand. Studying in the UK allows international students to get a better job at any of the below-listed profiles.  


Average Salary (in £) Per Year

IT Engineer


Mobile Developer


Recruiting Assistant


Assistant Principal


Product Designer




Conveyancing Assistant


CNC Machinist


Salon Assistant


Note: The figures provided in the table can vary. (Source: CNBC)

Top 10 Jobs in Demand in UK for the Next Decade

The table given below provides details of the top 10 jobs in demand in UK for the upcoming decade.


Median Pay (in £) Per Year

Projected Growth

Wind turbine service technicians



Nurse practitioners



Solar photovoltaic installers






Physical therapist assistants



Information security analysts



Home health and personal care aides



Health services managers



Data scientists



Physician assistants



Note: The figures provided in the table can vary. (Source: CNBC)

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Best Places to Work in the UK

Glassdoor’s annual employers ranking listed Management Consultancy Company ‘Bain & Company’ at the top among the best places to work in the UK in 2023. ServiceNow holds the second position on the list. Apart from this, there are some other top employers in the UK. Check the below list of the best places to work in the UK. Since the UK's services industry constitutes the major chunk of the entire workforce, that is, over 80.2%, it is understood why there is a shortage of the required qualified workforce. These top companies offer the highest-paid jobs in UK. The following is a list of the top 10 companies which hire qualified graduates in bulk annually in the UK.

  • Bain & Company – Management Consultancy
  • ServiceNow – Software Company
  • Boston Consulting Group – Management Consultancy
  • Equinix – Internet Services Company
  • Ocado Technology 
  • Mastercard – Financial Services Company
  • Google – Technology Company
  • Arup – Design Company
  • Salesforce – Software Company
  • Version 1 – IT Service Management Company

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Top 10 Industries by Employment in UK 2024

The data provided by IBISWorld, a comprehensive industry-market research database, recognises the top 10 biggest industries in the UK by employment in 2024.

Industry Number of Employment
UK Supermarkets 1,163,551
UK Charities 981,325
UK Hospitals 903,588
Temporary-Employment Placement Agencies 731,387
Business Process Outsourcing Services 722,238
General Secondary Education 698,757
Direct Selling & Marketing 585,410
Construction Contractors 637,778
Full-Service Restaurants 506,835
UK Universities 478,156

Skilled Worker Visa: Shortage Occupations and their Annual Salary Going Rate

Various job sectors including Education, Scientists, Healthcare, Engineers, Analysts, Programme & Software, Architects, Artists - Dancers, Musicians; Art Officers, Graphic Designers, and Senior Citizens care workers, etc. are included in the shortage occupations and those who are skilled in these sectors can be paid 80% of the job's going rate in the UK. Read on for a brief overview of the ONS occupation-coding tool:        

ONS Occupation Code 

Job Sectors 

Annual Salary

(Going Rate: 80%) 


Healthcare & Education – all jobs 

£30,720 (£15.15 per hour)


Civil Engineers 

£28,000 (£13.81 per hour)


Mechanical engineers – all jobs 

£26,720 (£13.18 per hour)


Design and development engineers 

£27,280 (£13.45 per hour)


IT Business Analysts – all jobs 

£29,280 (£14.44 per hour)


Programmers and software development professionals – all jobs 

£26,640 (£13.14 per hour)



£28,000 (£13.81 per hour)


Web design and development professionals 

£20,800 (£10.26 per hour)

(Source: Gov.uk)

Students are advised to check the requirements for these jobs and the requirements for their spouses and children. Not all benefits are available for skilled work visa applicants in the UK. Students studying in the UK, and international students studying in the UK are all eligible to apply for this visa.

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Popular Job Sectors in UK FAQs

Q. What are some of the highest-paying cities in the UK?

A. The UK is one of the highest paying destinations in the world. London tops the list in the UK for providing better salary packages. Below are the top 5 cities in the UK for highest paying.
  1. London - £2,410 per month
  2. Aberdeen - £2,278 per month
  3. Edinburg - £2,254 per month
  4. Brighton - £2,223 per month
  5. Bristol - £2,210 per month

Q. Do I require an English Proficiency Test to work in the UK?

A. Yes, international students required English Proficiency Test to work in the UK. IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc., are some of the English tests that you can take up.

Q. What are the top companies to work in the UK?

A. The United Kingdom is the home of some top companies in the world. We have listed below the top companies where students can work in the UK.
  1. Amazon
  2. Burberry
  3. Tesco
  4. Bloomberg
  5. Sainsbury’s

Q. Which field has more job opportunities in the UK?

A. Business Management Professionals have more job opportunities in the UK. The following are the top demanding jobs in the UK, along with their National average salary: Operations Manager – £41,981 per year. Store Manager – £28,498 per year. Customer Assistant – £22,000 per year.

Q. What are the five largest industries in the UK?

A. Below are the top five largest industries in the UK.
  1. Supermarkets - $187.6B.
  2. Pension Funding - $155.9B.
  3. Construction Contractors - $121.8B.
  4. New Car & Light Motor Vehicle Dealers - $109.9B.
  5. Hospitals - $106.4B.
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Hi, I'm Sai Krishna from India. I have two years of work experience in Software Development and currently, I'm in a three months internship in Data Analytics, I'm about to complete it. I there any chances for me to get a job in the UK as a Business analyst or in Digital marketing? If not, could you


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i am a secretary and wish to study transport and logistics in the UK what do i need to do and what are the opportunities. i am in Zimbabwe



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Please refer to the following link for university details in the UK: https://studyabroad.shiksha.com/uk/universities



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Hi sir Is mba in supply chain is demand in uk

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Hi Suhail. MBA in Supply Chain Management is definitely a decent choice. Please remember that the choice of your specialization depends on a lot of factors such as your college, your location, your interest, placement opportunities. Please refer to this link as well: https://studyabroad.shiksha.com



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Hi. We provide only academic and study abroad information.