Popular Job Sectors in US 2023: Top Sectors, Average Salary

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Technology and healthcare were the two industries with the most job openings and highest emoluments. As an international student, it is important to know about the job and employment opportunities that exist in the chosen academic field. If we consider US jobs by sector, Tech and IT, Energy, Lifesciences, Marketing/Creative, Healthcare, E-commerce, Retail, and Business Services are the popular job sectors in the USA in 2022. By looking at the data, it is clear that Medicine, Computer Science, Law, and Business Management are the most popular jobs in the USA. The average salaries of various universities also indicate the same.

Being a Physician/doctor is the most prestigious and well-paying job in the US with a base salary starting from $212,000 per year. However, medical studies are tough, and passing USMLE is mandatory to get the ‘license to practice’ in the US. Number two most popular job is the Pharmacy Manager, but it has a comparatively smaller number of job openings per year. The third most popular high-paying job is that of the Software Architect. Lawyers too earn a median salary above $125,000. So clearly those students looking for careers in Medicine, Computer Science, Law, and Business Management benefit the most in the US after they finish their courses.

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Popular Jobs in the USA

The following is a list of popular jobs that are opted widely by students after studying from US universities:

Jobs in USA

Average base salary



Front-end engineer


Management Consultant


Java Developer


Data Scientist


Product Manager


Devops Engineer


Data Engineer


Software Engineer


Business Development Manager


Financial Consultant


Nursing Manager


Finance Manager


Accounting Manager


Clinic Manager


Physical Therapist


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Popular Job Sectors in the USA

Check out the popular job sectors in the USA, which have high demands for applicants and offer a good number of jobs.

Information Technology

The IT industry has played a key role in the economic recovery and has influenced other industries as well with digitalization and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Placements have been lucrative for Computer Science students. The information technology job sector has made tremendous progress as technology has become a more integral component of the economy. Important job sectors including health, retail, education, and professional services make use of technology on a large scale. The necessary skills required in the information technology job sector are data analysis, analytical thinking, and research. Employment in the IT and computer sector is expected to grow 11% between 2019 to 2029.


The healthcare sector has made considerable progress due to new technologies and a demand for increased products and services due to the growing and ageing population. The healthcare job sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors due to the availability of new medical treatments and technologies. An increasing and ageing population also adds to the growth of the health industry. This has helped the United States to recover from the financial crisis of 2008. The sector added almost 3 million jobs between 2006 and 2016.

Real Estate

Real estate development is also a growing industry. As the population grows, the need for infrastructure grows exponentially. Additionally, as new businesses open, real estate developers require additional property. The real estate development industry is more than just buying and selling real estate property. As per the Census Bureau, construction spending stood at $1.45 trillion in 2022. Real estate requires few business skills like verbal and nonverbal communication, sales, and planning.


Retail trade accounts for 6% of the nation's GDP. According to World Atlas, the retail industry is the largest employer in the United States and 10% of total employment is in the retail sector. Online retailers such as Amazon and eBay, and brick-and-mortar establishments are the major players in this sector.


Education is also one of the popular job sectors of the US as it is responsible for developing the skills of the nation’s future working individuals. Education is crucial to the U.S. economy because it develops the future workforce. Crucial skills that are required in the education sector include teamwork, communication, organization, research, and creativity.

In short, it can be concluded that there are ample opportunities for international students in the USA. Students can either work part-time in US while studying or apply for a post-study permit after graduating to work full-time.

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Gopi Aslaliya

4 days ago

Is a physiotherapy is good to study in usa?

Reply to Gopi Aslaliya


Gopi Aslaliya

4 days ago

What about physiotherapy?

Reply to Gopi Aslaliya


Guvvala Vaishnavi

4 months ago

Is masters in analytics and masters in information systems same?

Reply to Guvvala Vaishnavi


Aishwarya BhatnagarStudy Abroad Expert

4 months ago

No, they are not the same courses, they are offered separately or as a dual degree in the US. If you wish you can check out the Muma College of Business - University of South Florida which offers a dual MS in Analytics & Information Systems. Or get in touch with our counsellors for free counselling



Vishnu Reddy

3 years ago

do master in business analytics comes under stem subject in usa

Reply to Vishnu Reddy


Piyush Kohli

3 years ago

Dear Vishnu, not all Business Analytics programs are considered as STEM as it depends on the university to university. It depends on the university to get it verified as a STEM by USCIS. So, please check with the school where you are applying whether the BA course offered by them is recognized as ST



Ramya sri

3 years ago

Is three year bachelor degree accepted in us,uk,australia for ms in computer science.

Reply to Ramya sri


Piyush Kohli

3 years ago

Dear Ramya, previous qualification for pursuing engineering should be 12+4 years which is 16 years in total. Also, you can check with the specific requirements of the schools where you are applying and move ahead accordingly.

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